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Abeler, Anne (2010) Lösungsansätze für die Bildung eines deutschlandweiten CSA-Netzwerkes. [An Approach to the Development of a pan-Germany CSA-network.] Bachelorarbeit (B.Sc. Oecotrophologie) thesis, Fachhochschule Münster, Oecotrophologie. . [Submitted]

Adler, Steffen; Fung, Stephanie; Huber, Gwendolyn and Young, Lee (2003) Learning our way towards a sustainable agri-food system Three cases from Sweden: Stockholm Farmers market, Ramsjö Community Supported Agriculture and Järna Initiative for Local Production. Ekologiskt lantbruk, no. 38. Centre for Sustainable Agriculture.

Allaire, Gilles and Bellon, Stéphane (2014) L'AB en 3D : diversité, dynamique et dessein de l'agriculture biologique. [Organics in 3D: diversity, dynamics and design of organic agriculture.] Agronomie Environnement & Sociétés, 4, pp. 79-90.

Anderson, Fergal (2014) Reclaiming the Right to live from the Land: Developing local food sovereignty alliances to normalise peasant agriculture in the 21st century. Paper at: IFOAM Organic World Congress 2014, Istanbul, Turkey, 13-15 October 2014. [Completed]


Bär, Markus (2011) Ich bin ein Brückenbauer. bioaktuell, 1, pp. 28-29.

Barbosa, Íris do S.; Andrade, Leonaldo A. de and Almeida, José A. P. de (2009) Zoneamento agroecológico do município de Lagoa Seca, PB. [Agroecological zoning of the municipal district of Lagoa Seca, PB.] Revista Brasileira de Engenharia Agrícola e Ambiental, 13 (5), pp. 623-632.

Baumgart, Lukas and van Elsen, Thomas (2007) Sichtweisen und Problemwahrnehmungen von Landwirten, Forschern und Naturschützern im Projekt „Die Integration von Naturschutzzielen in den Ökologischen Landbau – am Beispiel der Hessischen Staatsdomäne Frankenhausen“. [Attitudes and perception of problems of farmers, scientist and nature conser-vancy people within the project ‘The integration of nature conservation into organic farming  the Hessian State Domain Frankenhausen as an example’.] Paper at: Zwischen Tradition und Globalisierung - 9. Wissenschaftstagung Ökologischer Landbau, Universität Hohenheim, Stuttgart, Deutschland, 20.-23.03.2007.

Baumgart, Lukas and van Elsen, Dr. Thomas (2009) Fallstudie über die partizipative Zusammenarbeit von Landwirten und Wissenschaftlern in einem Naturschutzprojekt – am Beispiel der Hessischen Staatsdomäne Frankenhausen. Paper at: 10. Wissenschaftstagung Ökologischer Landbau, Zürich, 11.-13. Februar 2009.

Beckie, Mary Anne; Midmore, Peter and Foster, Carolyn (2002) The role of marketing initiatives in rural development. In: Powell, Jane and et al., (Eds.) Proceedings of the UK Organic Research 2002 Conference, Organic Centre Wales, Institute of Rural Studies, University of Wales Aberystwyth, pp. 317-321.

Bellon, Stéphane; Santiago de Abreu, Lucimar and Valarini, Pedro J. (2005) Relationships between social forms of organic horticultural production and indicators of environmental quality: a multidimensional approach in Brazil. Paper at: Researching Sustainable Systems - International Scientific Conference on Organic Agriculture, Adelaide, Australia, September 21-23, 2005. [Unpublished]

BLANC, J. (2009) Organic sheep breeding on the Causse Méjan: challenges and drawbacks of organic breeding in a national park in France. [Elever des agneaux à l’herbe sur le causse Méjan : enjeux et défis d’une production « Bio » dans un Parc national français.] Carrefours de l'Innovation Agronomique, 4, pp. 409-415.

Blanc, Julien (2009) Family farmers and major retail chains in the Brazilian organic sector: assessing new development pathways. A case study in a peri-urban district of Sao Paulo. Journal of Rural Studies. [In Press]

Blume, Steffen (2013) Close cooperation between cropland, farm supply and mills - Interview by Peer Grupe. Økologisk Planteavlsberetning 2013, 5 November 2013, 13, pp. 22-24.

Borges, Marlene (2000) A percepção do agricultor familiar sobre o solo e a Agroecologia. [Perception of the family farmer on soil and Agroecology.] Masters thesis, Universidade de Campinas - UNICAMP, Faculdade de Engenharia Agrícola - FEAGRI. , Campinas.

Bouagnimbeck, Herve; Ugas, Roberto and Villanueva, Jannet (2014) Preliminary Results Of The Global Comparative Study On Interactions Between PGS and Social Processes. In: Rahmann, G. and Aksoy, U. (Eds.) Building Organic Bridges, Johann Heinrich von Thünen-Institut, Braunschweig, Germany, 2, Thuenen Report, no. 20, pp. 435-438.


Carneiro, Maria Gerlândia Rabelo; Camurça, Andréa Machado; Esmeraldo, Gema Galgani Silveira Leite and Sousa, Natália Ribeiro de (2013) Quintais produtivos: contribuição à segurança alimentar e ao desenvolvimento sustentável local na perspectiva da agricultura familiar (O caso do assentamento Alegre, município de Quixeramobim/CE). [Productive backyards: contribution to food security and sustainable local development in the perspective of family farming (The case of the Alegre settlement, town of Quixeramobim/CE).] Revista Brasileira de Agroecologia, 8 (2), pp. 135-147.

Clerc, Maurice (2014) Biowinzer haben wenig Interesse an einem nationalen Verband. bioaktuell, 2014, 4, p. 14.

Corsten, Frank (2011) Community-Supported Financing / how transparency on the web promotes good food production. Bachelor of Science thesis, University of Gastronomic Sciences, Pollenzo, Italy. .


Davies, Gareth and Schmutz, Ulrich (2007) Measuring your Garden Footprint. Working paper, Research Department, Garden Organic. [Unpublished]

Delmotte, Sylvestre; Lacombe, C; Couderc, Vincent; Mailly, F; Mouret, J.C.; Lopez-Ridaura, S and Barbier, J.M. (2013) Obstacles, levers and impacts of organic farming development in Camargue. [Freins, leviers et impacts du développement de l’agriculture biologique en Camargue.] Innovations Agronomiques, 32, pp. 213-226.

Dezsény , Zoltán; Balázs, Bálint and Réthy, Katalin (2014) ALTERNATIVE DEVELOPMENT ON THE ORGANIC SECTOR HORIZON COMMUNITY SUPPORTED AGRICULTURE IN HUNGARY. In: Rahmann, G. and Aksoy, U. (Eds.) Building Organic Bridges, Johann Heinrich von Thünen-Institut, Braunschweig, Germany, 2, Thuenen Report, no. 20, pp. 587-590.

Dissing, Inge Lis (2008) God rådgivning virker også i Afrika. Små penge - stor effekt. [Good advice also works in Africa. Small money - big effect.] In: Hansen, Jesper (Ed.) Økologisk Planteavlsberetning 2008. Økologisk Rådgivning, chapter 8, pp. 13-14.

Dockès , Anne-Charlotte; Boisdon, Isabelle; Experton , Catherine and Fourdin, S. (2013) Creation of innovative tools for the development of organic dairy production in mountain areas. [Mise au point de méthodes et outils innovants pour développer l’élevage laitier biologique en zones de piémont et montagne.] Innovations Agronomiques, 32, pp. 243-257.

Drexler, Dora (2013) International Conference on Organic Agriculture Sciences - Book of Abstracts. Workshop at: ICOAS - International Conference on Organic Sciences, Budapest, Eger, 9-13th October 2013.

Dritsas, Kostas (2013) Maintaining Integrity in a rapidly developing world – The “Grassroots Theory” for defending the future of Organic Agriculture. Keynote presentation at:


Egelyng, H. (2007) Kina spiser grønt. Den Ny Verden - Tidsskrift for internationale studier, 40, pp. 57-66.

Egelyng, H. (2007) Udviklingens metermål. Fra omsætningsvækst til ægte fremskridt? Den Ny Verden. Tidsskrift for Internationale Studier., 40, pp. 19-26.

Egelyng, H.; Vaarst, M.; Hermansen, J.E. and Høgh-Jensen, H. (2008) Afrika – Fremtidens Økologiske Kontinent? Analyse, October 2008.

Empacher, Claudia (2003) Was kommt auf den Teller? Lebensstile und nachhaltige Ernährung. [What is served? Lifestyle and sustainable nutrition.] Paper at: aid-Forum „Nachhaltig ackern und essen - Praxisfähige Modelle für Ernährung und Landwirtschaft“, Bonn, 27.5.2003. [Unpublished]

Escosteguy, Angela and Bossardi, Melissa (2011) Evaluation of three family farms producing organic eggs in southern Brazil: animal welfare and biosecurity. [Avaliação de três famílias de produtores orgânicos de ovos no sul do Brasil: bem estar animal e biosegurança.] Lecture at: 17th IFOAM Organic World Congress, Republik of Korea, Sep. 26 - Oct. 5, 2011.


Fomsgaard, Saki Ichihara (2006) Organic Agriculture Movement at a Crossroad - a Comparative Study of Denmark and Japan. Working paper from Department of Economics, Politics and Public Administration, Aalborg University, no. 2006:6, Department of Economics, Politics and Public Administration, Aalborg University.

Frederiksen, Pia and Langer, Vibeke (2008) Patterns of resource use on Danish organic farms - aspects of farm based rural development. International Journal of Agricultural Resources, Governance and Ecology, 7 (1-2), pp. 96-109.

Frederiksen, Pia and Langer, Vibeke (2005) Økologiske brug skaffer indtægt fra mange slags aktiviteter. [Income on organic farms comes from many different sources.] FØJOenyt.


Gichure, Josphat Njenga; Wahome, Raphael Githaiga; Karuri, Edward and Karantininis, Kostas (2014) TRACEABILITY AMONG SMALLHOLDERS IN ORGANIC FRESH PRODUCE VALUE CHAINS: CASE OF NAIROBI. In: Rahmann, G. and Aksoy, U. (Eds.) Building Organic Bridge, Johann Heinrich von Thünen-Institut, Braunschweig, Germany, 3, Thuenen Report, no. 20, pp. 779-782.

Giovannucci, Daniele (2007) The New Local: Linking Geographical Indications and Organics. Paper at: 1st IFOAM International Conference on 'Marketing of Organic and Regional Values', Germany, August 26 - 28, 2007. [Unpublished]

Gothe, Dorle and Schoene, Florian (2002) Regionale Bio-Lebensmittel im Handel - Situation, Perspektiven, Handlungsempfehlungen [Regional organic food in the retail: current situation, perspectives and recommended actions]. NABU, Deutscher Verband für Landschaftspflege.

Günther, Amelie and van Elsen, Thomas (2007) Natur- und Landschaftspflege als Arbeitsbereich in landwirtschaftlichen Suchthilfeeinrichtungen. [Nature and landscape care by social farms for drug addicted clients in Germany.] Paper at: Zwischen Tradition und Globalisierung - 9. Wissenschaftstagung Ökologischer Landbau, Universität Hohenheim, Stuttgart, Deutschland, 20.-23.03.2007.


Hauck, Julia; Wolfrum , Sebastian and Hülsbergen, Kurt-Jürgen (2014) LANDSCAPE AESTHETICS AS AN INDICATOR FOR SOCIAL SUSTAINABILITY OF CROP ROTATIONS. In: Rahmann, G. and Aksoy, U. (Eds.) Building Organic Bridges, Johann Heinrich von Thünen-Institut, Braunschweig, Germany, 2, Thuenen Report, no. 20, pp. 527-530.

Helmle, Simone (2003) Shopping im Bioladen! Produkt oder Lebensgefühl? [Shopping in the bio-store! Product or life sentiment?] Paper at: 7. Wissenschaftstagung zum Ökologischen Landbau, Ökologischer Landbau der Zukunft, Wien, 24.-26. Februar 2003.

Helmle, Simone (2001) Tagwerk - eine Erzeuger-Verbrauchergemeinschaft im Spiegelbild ihrer Ideen. [Tagwerk - A Reflexion of the Ideas of an Association of Producers and Consumers.] In: Reents, Hans-Jürgen (Ed.) Von Leit-Bildern zu Leit-Linien, Köster Verlag, Berlin, pp. 79-82.

Helmle, Simone (2001) Von Ideen und Symbolen zum Handeln - Fallstudie über eine Initiative im Bedürfnisfeld Ernährung. [Of Ideas and Symbols to Act - A Case Study on an Initiative in the Food Sector.] In: Krappitz, U.; Kunze, W. and Rojas, A. (Eds.) Selbstbestimmung statt Fremdsteuerung im ländlichen Raum. TUM/DSE, Hemau, pp. 55-69.

Helmle, Simone and Suda, Prof. Dr. Michael (2003) Entwicklung zielgruppenspezifischer Maßnahmen zur Etablierung von Ökolebensmitteln im Konsum privater Haushalte Seminar zur Umweltsoziologie im November 2002. [Development of target group specific measures in order to increase the consumption of organic products in private households Environmental-sociological Seminar, November 2002.] Schule und Beratung, V-1-V-7. [Submitted]

Hoffmann, Heide and Marx, Grit (1999) Die Entwicklung des Ökologischen Gartenbaus in der Obstbausiedlung Eden. [The Development of organic Horticulture in the fruit-growing settlement of Eden.] In: Hoffmann, Heide and Müller, Susann (Eds.) Beiträge zur 5. Wissenschaftstagung zum Ökologischen Landbau, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Landwirtschaftlich-Gärtnerische Fakultät, pp. 345-349.

Høgh-Jensen, Henning; Oelofse, Myles and Egelyng, Henrik (2010) New challenges in underprivileged regions calls for people-centred research for development. Society and Natural Resources, 23, pp. 908-915.


Ingemann, Jan Holm (2010) Den postagrare ruralitet og den rådne banan - et institutionelt, økonomisk perspektiv. Working paper, Department of Ecnomics, Politics and Publice Administration, Aalborg University.

Ingemann, Jan Holm (2008) Landbrug og landdistrikter før og nu. Økologisk Jordbrug, 412.

Inhetveen, Prof. Dr. Heide; Schmitt, Dr. Mathilde and Spieker, Dr. Ira (2005) Loheland – lebensreformerische Fraueninitiative und ökologische Forschungsstätte. [Loheland - an alternative settlement founded by women.] In: Heß, J and Rahmann, G (Eds.) Ende der Nische, Beiträge zur 8. Wissenschaftstagung Ökologischer Landbau, kassel university press GmbH, Kassel.


Julia, Lernoud (2014) Young Farmers, Young Consumers, Great Future. The future is here, and we need to work for it. We all wish an organic and sustainable world and is in our hands to build it. Paper at: IFOAM Organic World Congress 2014, Istanbul, Turkey, 13-15 October 2014. [Completed]


Kaiblinger, Karin and Zehetgruber, Rosemarie (2006) Diätzusammensetzung und Veränderungen im Lebensstil: Interaktionen mit der biologischen Produktion. [Diet composition and lifestyle changes: interactions with organic production.] Paper at: 6. Europäische Sommerakademie für Biolandwirtschaft, Lednice na Moravé, CZ, 29.06. - 01.07.2006. [Unpublished]

Kettnerova, Miloslava and Valeska, Jan (2012) Komunitou podporované zemědělství. [Agriculture supported by community.] Zemědělec, 2012, 2012 (44), p. 25.

Kjeldsen, Chris (2004) Modernitet, tid, rum og økologiske fødevarenetværk. [Modernity, time, space and organic food networks.] PhD thesis, Aalborg Universitet, Institut for Økonomi, Politik og Forvaltning. .

Kjeldsen, Chris and Ingemann, Jan Holm (2010) The Danish Organic Movement: From Social Movement to Market Mainstream and Beyond...? In: Fuller, Duncan; Jonas, Andrew E.G. and Lee, Roger (Eds.) Interrogating Alterity - Alternative Economic and Political Spaces. Ashgate, chapter 11, pp. 175-190.

Kledal, Paul Rye (2008) Organic farming - an opportunity for Developing countries? Speech at: Rural Economic Development, Danish Development Research Network, Copenhagen, Denmark, 8-9 April 2008.

Klöble, Ulrike (1998) Entscheidungshilfen durch regionale Gruppen im ökologischen Landbau - eine Felduntersuchung von Gruppenentscheidungsprozessen. [Decision support through regional groups in organic farming - field research of group decision processes.] Thesis, Universität Hohenheim, Institut für Landwirtschaftliche Beratungslehre. Schriftenreihe des Bundesministeriums für Ernährung, Landwirtschaft und Forsten, no. Reihe A: Angewandte Wissenschaft Heft 467. Bundesministerium für Ernährung, Landwirtschaft und Forsten, Bonn.

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Kraiß, Katharina and van Elsen, Thomas (2011) Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Ein nachhaltiges Konzept für ländliche Räume. [Community Supported Agriculture (CSA): a sustainable concept for rural areas.] Poster at: 11. Wissenschaftstagung Ökologischer Landbau, Gießen, 15.-18. März 2011.

Kratochvil, R.; Fromm, E.; Heß, J. and Freyer, B. (2000) Ökologischer Kreislauf Moorbad Harbach: Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) for Agricultural Plant Production and Transportation. In: Alföldi, T.; Lockeretz, W. and Niggli, U. (Eds.) Proceedings 13th International IFOAM Scientific Conference., vdf Hochschulverlag, Zürich, p. 169.

Kratochvil, R.; Lindenthal, T.; Heß, J. and Freyer, B. (1999) Versuch der monetären Bewertung ökologischer Leistungen des Biologischen Landbaus im Bereich Grund- und Trinkwasser am Beispiel des Einzugsgebietes der Fernwasserversorgung Mühlviertel/OÖ. In: Hoffmann, H. and Müller, S. (Eds.) Beiträge zur 5. Wissenschaftstagung zum Ökologischen Landbau., Köster, Berlin, pp. 247-251.

Kærgård, N.; Rasmussen, M.M. and Egelyng, H. (2007) At måle udvikling. Hvordan økonomer måler nytte, bæredygtighed og lykke. Den Ny Verden. Tidsskrift for Internationale Studier, 40, pp. 27-38.


LAMINE, C. ; VIAUX, P. and MORIN, J.-M. (2009) Developement dynamics of organic farming : elements for debate. [Dynamiques de développement de l’agriculture biologique : éléments de débat.] Carrefours de l'Innovation Agronomique, 4, pp. 307-312.

Lamine, Dr. Claire (2008) Local food networks and the change of the agrofood system. Poster at: Cultivating the Future Based on Science: 2nd Conference of the International Society of Organic Agriculture Research ISOFAR, Modena, Italy, June 18-20, 2008.

Latruffe, Laure; Nauges, Céline and Desjeux, Y. (2013) Motivations et freins à la conversion en agriculture biologique des producteurs laitiers et légumiers : Résultats d’une enquête à grande échelle en Bretagne et en Pays de la Loire. Working paper, INRA - AgriBio3. [Completed]

Laursen, Klaus Brønd (2014) The paradox of organic food systems: Inclusion through exclusion. Speech at: Dansk Sociologikongres, Copenhagen, 23-24/1 2014. [Completed]

Lee, Brian S. (2013) Sustenance Local Community via Youth Program of Organic Agriculture. Paper at: IFOAM Organic World Congress 2014, Istanbul, Turkey, 13-15 October 2014. [Completed]

Lehner, Matthias (2009) Hindrances local organic farmers are facing in the Turkish organic agricultural sector. Masters thesis, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), Department of Crop Production Ecology. , Uppsala, Sweden.

Leitner, Heidi; Lindenthal, Thomas and Freyer, Bernhard (2005) Welche Rolle spielt der Biolandbau bei Schülerinnen und Schülern in den landwirtschaftlichen Schulen in Österreich? [Which is the importance of Organic Farming of scholars in agricultural schools in Austria?] In: Heß, J and Rahmann, G (Eds.) Ende der Nische, Beiträge zur 8. Wissenschaftstagung Ökologischer Landbau, kassel university press GmbH, Kassel.

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Lukas, Martin and Cahn, M. (2008) Organic agriculture and rural livelihoods in Karnataka, India. Poster at: Cultivating the Future Based on Science: 2nd Conference of the International Society of Organic Agriculture Research ISOFAR, Modena, Italy, June 18-20, 2008.


Madaleno, I. (2008) Ancestral Livelihoods in Amazon River Floodplains. Paper at: Cultivating the Future Based on Science: 2nd Conference of the International Society of Organic Agriculture Research (ISOFAR), Modena, Italy, June 18-20, 2008.


Meidlinger, Shadée and van Elsen, Dr. Thomas (2009) Milcherzeugung und Soziale Arbeit - Arbeitsplätze für Menschen mit Behinderung in ökologisch wirtschaftenden Milchviehbetrieben. Poster at: 10. Wissenschaftstagung Ökologischer Landbau, Zürich, 11.-13. Februar 2009.

Monteiro, Denis and Mendonça, Marcio Mattos de (2004) Quintais na cidade: a experiência de moradores da periferia do Rio de Janeiro. [City backyards: inhabitant's practices of Rio de Janeiro boundary.] Revista Agriculturas: experiencias em agroecologia, 1, pp. 29-31.

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Moschitz, Dr. Heidrun and Darnhofer, Dr. Ika (2009) Bio für alle? Der Beitrag gemeinschaftlich getragener Landwirtschaft (Workshop). Paper at: 10. Wissenschaftstagung Ökologischer Landbau, Zürich, 11.-13. Februar 2009. [Unpublished]

Moudry, Jan; Moudry, Jan (Jr.); Konvalina, Petr and Kalinova, Jana (2007) Marketing bioprodukce. [Marketing of organic production.] Jihočeská univerzita v Českých Budějovicích, Zemědělská fakulta, Jihočeská univerzita v Českých Budějovicích, Ekonomická fakulta, ediční středisko.


Nelson, Erin; Gomez Tovar, Laura; Schwentesius Rindermann, Dr. Rita and Gomez Cruz, Dr. Manuel Angel (2008) Participatory Guarantee Systems: New Approaches to Organic Certification - The Case of Mexico. Poster at: Cultivating the Future Based on Science: 2nd Conference of the International Society of Organic Agriculture Research ISOFAR, Modena, Italy, June 18-20, 2008.

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Nicolay, Gian L. (2012) Rapport intermédiaire - Syprobio - 2012. Institut de recherche de l'agriculture biologique (FiBL), CH-Frick.

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Pilar , Reagan (2014) Organic agriculture in Palimbang. Reviving the bayanihan spirit for food and peace. Paper at: IFOAM Organic World Congress 2014, Istanbul, Turkey, 13-15 October 2014. [Completed]

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TRIANTAFYLLIDIS, ALESSANDRO (2014) Local Governance through Organic Farming. The bio-district of the Vara Valley, a private/public partnership to assure vitality to a rural area. Paper at: IFOAM Organic World Congress 2014, Istanbul, Turkey, 13-15 October 2014. [Completed]

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