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Hohmann, Pierre; Trognitz, Friederike and Messmer, Monika M. (Eds.) (2019) 2nd EUCARPIA workshop booklet. . Proceedings of 2nd EUCARPIA Workshop on Implementing Plant-Microbe Interactions in Plant Breeding, Tulln, Vienna, 6 Dec 2019.

Forschungsinstitut für biologischen Landbau, ECO-PB (Eds.) (2018) Invitation and proceedings of LIVESEED, ECO-PB, CPVO workshop on Heterogeneous Material and Organic Varieties. . Proceedings of Workshop on Heterogeneous Material and Organic Varieties directly after the annual Meeting of Examination Offices MEO, Terra Botanica, Angers, France, 6.12.2018. [Completed]

Bacanovic, Jelena; Dennenmoser, Dominic and Finckh, Maria R. (Eds.) (2018) Symposium on breeding for diversification. . Proceedings of EUCARPIA - A Joint Meeting of the EUCARPIA Section Organic and Low - Input Agriculture, ECO - PB, DIVERSify, INSUSFAR, HealthyMinorCereals, LIVESEED, ReMIX and Wheatamix, Witzenhausen, 19. - 20. February 2018.

Alkemade, Joris; Arncken, Christine; Voegele, Ralf T.; Finckh, Maria R.; Hohmann, Pierre and Messmer, Monika (2018) Vorstufenselektion auf Anthraknosetoleranz bei Weisser Lupine. Poster at: Nationale Bioforschungstagung, FiBL, Frick, Switzerland, 24.11.2018. [Completed]

Alkemade, Joris; Messmer, Monika M.; Finckh, Maria R.; Vögele, Ralf T. and Hohmann, Pierre (2018) Quantifying resistance and lifestyle assessments of Colletotrichum in lupin. Poster at: PSC symposium, ETH, Zurich, Switzerland, 05-12-2018. [Completed]

Almenar, L.; Cifre, H.; Gonzálves, V. and Maixent, F. (2018) Promoviendo el uso de semillas ecológicas procedentes de cultivos ecológicos adaptados. Proyecto Liveseed. In: Sociedad Espanola de Agricultura Ecológica / Sociedad Espanola de Agroecología (SEAE) (Ed.) Resúmenes: 13th Congreso SAEA "Sistemas alimentarios agroecologicos y cambio climatico", p. 157.

Arncken, Christine; Hohmann, Pierre and Messmer, Monika (2018) Breeding for Mixed Cropping and Anthracnose Resistance of Lupins. Paper at: EUCARPIA Symposium on BreedingforDiversification, Germany, Witzenhausen, 19-21 February 2018. [Completed]

Awater-Esper, Stefanie (2018) Biobauern und konventionelle Landwirte teilen Probleme und Lösungen. [Organic and conventional farmers share common Problems and solutions.] TOP Agrar, 21 February 2018, pp. 1-3.

Bickler, Charlotte (2018) Organic heterogeneous material – opportunities and challenges. Paper at: Biofach Congress, Nürnberg, Germany, 13. - 16. February 2019.

Friedli, Michael and Messmer, Monika (2019) Apple variety testing under organic condition and market introduction in Switzerland. Paper at: LIVESEED apple task workshop at BIOFACH 2019, Nuremberg, Germany, 15.02.2019. [Completed]

Fuss, Alexandra; Kovács, Tina; Mariegaard Pedersen, Tove; Raaijmakers, Maaike; Schäfer, Freya; Gatzert, Xenia; Brühl, Katharina; Petitti, Matteo and Bocci, Riccardo (editor): Petitti, Matteo; Bocci, Riccardo; Moeskops, Bram; Fuss, Alexandra and Messmer, Monika (Eds.) (2018) How to implement the organic regulation to increase production & use of organic seed. Policy recommendations for national and regional authorities. IFOAM EU, SEGES, ÖMKI, ITAB, FiBL, Rete Semi Rurali, IUNG and AEGILOPS .

Gil-Marqués, M.A.; Figueroa, M.; Hurtado, R.; Ballester, R.; Figueroa-Núnez, M.; Aguilar, F.; Durán-Salguero, O.; Macias-González, F.; Raigón, M.D. and Rodríguez-Burruezo, A. (2018) Programa de fitomejoramiento participativo en tomate en Valencia y Cádiz: Proyecto LIVESEED. In: Sociedad Espanola de Agricultura Ecológica / Sociedad Espanola de Agroecología (SEAE) (Ed.) Resúmenes: XIII Congreso SEAE "Sistemas alimentarios agroecologicos y cambio climatico", p. 134.

Gonzálvez, V.; Cifre, H. and Raigón, M.D. (2018) El proyecto Liveseeds, las semillas tradicionales y los huertos urbanos ecológi. In: Sociedad Espanola de Agricultura Ecológica / Sociedad Espanola de Agroecología (SEAE) (Ed.) Resúmenes: III Congreso Estatal de Huertos Ecológicos Urbanos y Periurbanos "Ciudades que alimentan", p. 53.

Gutzen, Kaja (2019) Organic Variety Testing - Qualitative content analysis approach to assess organic variety testing, case study of Germany. Masters thesis, Aarhus University , Agrobiology. . [Submitted]

Hohmann, Pierre; Wille, Lukas; Studer, Bruno; Bodenhausen, Natacha and Messmer, Monika (2017) Breeding for microbiome-mediated disease resistance. In: International Symposium on Microbe-assisted crop production – opportunities, challenges & needs, p. 48.

Hohmann, Pierre; Wille, Lukas; Studer, Bruno and Messmer, Monika (2016) Rhizosphere microbiome and disease resistance - Project presentation. In: Proceedings of the 3rd Thünen Symposium on Soil Metagenomics, pp. 198-199.

Hsung, Ming-Hui; Hartmann, Martin; Bodenhausen, Natacha; Haug, Benedikt; Messmer, Monika and Hohmann, Pierre (2019) Exploring fungal diversity associated with pea and barley in intercropping and pure cropping systems. Speech at: GDC Symposium, Zurich, Switzerland, 11 September 2019. [Completed]

Koustis, Kostas; WARLOP, FRANCOIS; Bolinger, Niklaus; Parveaud, Claude-Eric; Steinemann, Beatrice; REY, Frederic; Rodriguez Burruezo, A; Mended Moreira, P and Messmer, Monika (2018) Perspetiva europeia de melhoramento e propagação de macieira em agricultura biológica no âmbito do projeto LIVESEED. [European perspective on the improvement and propagation of apple trees in organic farming under the LIVESEED project.] Poster at: 4o Simpósio Nacional de Fruticultura, Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia da Universidade do Algarve, 29-30 November 2018.

Koutis, Konstantinos; Francois, Warlop; Nicolaus, Bollinger; Steinemann, Beatrice; Rodriguez Buruezzo, Adrian; Mendes Moreira, Piedro and Messmer, Monika (2018) Perspectives on European organic apple breeding and propagation under the frame of LIVESEED Project. In: Proceedings of the 18th International Conference on Organic Fruit -Growing from February 19 to February 21, 2018 at Hohenheim, Germany, pp. 104-107.

Koutis, Kostas; Warlop, Francoise; Bolliger, Niklaus; Parveaud, Claude E.; Steinemann, Beatrice; REY, Frederic; Burruezo, Adrian Rodriguez; Moreira, Pedro Mendes and Messmer, Monika (2018) Perspetiva europeia de melhoramento e propagacao de macieira em agricultura biológica no âmbito do projeto LIVESEED. Poster at: 4º Simpósio Nacional de Fruticultura, Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia da Universidade do Algarve, Faro, 29 e 30 de novembro 2018. [Completed]

Kovács, Tina and Pedersen, Tove Mariegaard (editor): REY, Frederic; Messmer, Monika and Costanzo, Ambrogio (Eds.) (2019) Overview on the current organizational models for cultivar testing for Organic Agriculture over some EU countries. LIVESEED project lead by IFOAM EU.

Lammerts van Bueren, E.T. (2019) Commitment of organic value chain for marketing phytophthora resistant potato varieties by 2020. Speech at: Biofach Messe LIVESEED Workshop, Nürnberg, Germany, 12. February 2019.

Lammerts van Bueren, Edith T.; Struik, Paul C.; Eekeren, Nick van and Nuijten, Edwin (2018) Towards resilience through systems-based plant breeding. A review. Agronomy for Sustainable Development, 38 (42), pp. 1-21.

Ločmele, Indra; Legzdina, Linda; Piliksere, Dace; Gaile, Zinta and Kronberga, Arta (2019) Assessment of Spring Barley Populations in Comparison to Homogenous Varieties. Speech at:

Messmer, Monika (2018) LIVESEED - Boosting organic seed and Plant breeding across Europe 2017-2021. Paper at: BRESOV Kickoff Meeting, Catalania, 26.6.2018. [Completed]

Messmer, Monika (2018) Organic Plant Breeding. Paper at: Forum for the Future of Agriculture (FFA) Dinner Talk Brussels, Brussels, Belgium, 29.05.2018. [Completed]

Messmer, Monika; Schäfer, Freya and Winter, Eva (2019) Need for integrated approach for Organic Plant Breeding to secure integrity of organic food. Paper at: LIVESEED workshop on Organic plant breeding in a systems-based approach and integration in value chain partnerships, Biofach Messe, Nuremberg, Germany, 12. February 2019. [Completed]

Forschungsinstitut für biologischen Landbau (Ed.) (2018) Vorträge an der ersten Biopflanzenzüchtungstagung am FiBL Schweiz. . Proceedings of 1. Biopflanzenzüchtungstagung, Forschungsinstitut für biologischen Landbau FiBL, CH-Frick, 19. Juli 2018. [Completed]

Mikó, P.; Megyeri, M.; Molnár-Lang, M.; Rakszegi, M. and Vida, G. (2018) Selection of winter cereals for organic agriculture. Paper at: EUCARPIA Cereal section meeting and 2nd International Wheat Innovation workshop, March 19th - 22th, 2018, Polydôme, Clermont-Ferrand, France, Polydôme, Clermont-Ferrand, France, 19.-22. 2018.

Mikó, P.; Vida, G.; Rakszegi, M.; Lafferty, J.; Lorentz, B.; Longin, F. and Megyeri, M. (2017) Performance and selection of winter durum wheat genotypes in different European conventional and organic fields. In: Cereal Research Communications, 45 (Suppl.), pp. 51-52.

Mohanapriya, Gunasekaran; Bharadwaj, Revuru; Neceda, Carlos; Costa, José Hélio; Kumar, Sarma Rajeev; Sathishkumar, Ramalingam; Thiers, Karine Leitao Lima; Macedo, Elisete Santos; Silvia, Sofia; Annicchiarico, Paolo; Groot, Steven P.C.; Kodde, Jan; Kumari, Aprajita; Gupta, Kapuganti Jagadis and Arnholdt-Schmitt, Birgit (2019) Alternative Oxidase (AOX) Senses Stress Levels to Coordinate Auxin-Induced Reprogramming From Seed Germination to Somatic Embryogenesis—A Role Relevant for Seed Vigor Prediction and Plant Robustness. frontiers in Plant Science, 10 (1134), pp. 1-11.

Nuijten, Edwin (2019) System-based breeding approach. Speech at: Biofach Messe LIVESEED Workshop, Nürnberg, Germany, 12. February 2019.

Rillig, Matthias C.; Aguilar‐Trigueros, Carlos A.; Camenzind, Tessa; Cavagnaro, Timothy R.; Degrune, Florine; Hohmann, Pierre; Lammel, Daniel R.; Mansour, India; Roy, Julien; van der Heijden, Marcel G.A. and Yang, Gaowen (2019) Why farmers should manage the arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis. New Phytologist, Letter, pp. 1-5.

Rodríguez-Burruezo, A.; Gonzálvez, V.; Cifre, H.; Moreno, JL.; Raigón, MD and Fita, A (2017) Fitomejoramoento participativo: Proyecto EU Liveseed. In: Sociedad Española de Agricultura Ecológica / Sociedad Española de Agroecología (SEAE) (Ed.) Actas XXVI Jornadas Técnicas SEAE - X Seminario Agroecología, C. Climático y Agroturismo. “INNOVACIÓN AGROECOLÓGICA Y CAMBIO CLIMÁTICO”, 19 - 20 octubre 2017, Orihuela (Alicante) Spain, p. 245.

Rossmanith, Gebhard (2019) Better market access for organic varieties. Biofach Congress, Nürnberg, Germany, 13. - 16. February 2019.

Rossmanith, Gebhard (2019) Involving the food chain in Organic Breeding. Biofach Messe LIVESEED Workshop, February 14th 2019.

{Tool} Resistant varieties for fruit growers - Malidae group. [Ellenálló fajták gyümölcstermesztők részére – Almatermésűek.] Creator(s): Szani, Zsolt and Papp, Orsolya. Issuing Organisation(s): OMKI. (2014)

Verriere, Pauline (2019) Seeds in the new organic regulation. What will change the new organic regulation regarding seed? Biofach Congress, Nürnberg, Germany, 13. - 16. February 2019.

Weinhappel, M. (2017) LIVESEED - A project boosting varieties and seeds in organic farming funded by EU. In: Vereinigung der Pflanzenzüchter und Saatgutkaufleute Österreichs (Ed.) Tagungsband der 68. Jahrestagung der Vereinigung der Pflanzenzüchter und Saatgutkaufleute Österreichs, 20.-22. November 2017, Raumberg-Gumpenstein, p. 63.

Wille, Lukas; Studer, Bruno; Messmer, Monika; Bodenhausen, Natacha and Hohmann, Pierre (2018) Resistance screening of pea against a complex of root-rot pathogens. Poster at: DIVERSIFOOD Final Congress: Cultivating diversity and food quality, Rennes, Frances, 10. - 12.12.2018.

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