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Diversifood (editor): Rey, Frederic and Chable, Véronique (Eds.) (2018) Innovative approaches to embed diversity in food systems: DIVERSFOOD outcomes from field to plate. Diversifood Booklets, no. #6. ITAB.

Alkemade, Joris; Messmer, Monika; Vögele, Ralf T.; Finckh, Maria R. and Hohmann, Pierre (2020) Genetic diversity of Colletotrichum lupini and its virulence on white lupin (Lupinus albus). Speech at: 15th European Conference on Fungal Genetics, Rome, 17. - 20. february 2020.

Bocci, Riccardo; Andersen, Regine; Bartha, Béla; Platzer, Emil and Rivière, Pierre (editor): Rey, Frederic (Ed.) (2019) Promoting an Enabling Environnement for Agrobiodiversity in Europe. Diversifood Booklets, no. 4. INRA.

Chable, Véronique; Nuijten, Edwin; Costanz, Ambrogio; Goldringer, Isabelle; Bocci, Riccardo; Oehen, Bernadette; Rey, Frédéric; Fasoula, Dionysia; Feher, Judit; Keskitalo, Marjo; Koller, Beate; Omirou, Michalis; Mendes-Moreira, Pedro; van Frank, Gaëlle; Kader Naino Jika, Abdel; Thomas, Mathieu and Rossi, Adanella (2020) Embedding cultivated diversity in society for agro-ecological transition. sustainability, 12 (3), p. 784.

Collective publication, (2017) 9 Schlüsselkonzepte für eine Vielfalt von Lebensmitteln. [9 key-concepts for food diversity.] DIVERSIFOOD project . [Completed]

Costanzo, Ambrogio; Seroplay, Ester and Rey, Frederic (editor): Rey, Frederic (Ed.) (2019) A guide to participatory experiments with underutilised genetic resources. Diversifood Booklet, no. #2. ITAB.

Feher, Judit; Padel, Susanne; Rossi, Adanella; Drexler, Dora and Oehen, Bernadette (2019) Diversified food system: Policy to embedding crop genetic diversity in food value chains. Diversifood Booklet, no. #5. ITAB.

Goldringer, Isabelle and Rivière, Pierre (editor): REY, Frederic; Goldringer, Isabelle and Rivière, Pierre (Eds.) (2018) Methods and Tools for decentralized on farm breeding. Booklet, no. 3. Diversifood .

Holzherr, Philipp; Förster, Iris and Oehen, Bernadette (2018) Embedding Diversity: Communication and Label Concept for Underutilized Crops – Checklist for your First Evaluation. Deliverable 5.3 of DIVERSIFOOD Project .

Meier, C.; Holzherr, P. and Oehen, B. (2019) Evaluation matrix for products from underutilized crops. Factsheet, no. 22. DIVERSIFOOD Project .

Meier, Claudia and Oehen, Bernadette (2018) Consumer preferences for farmers’ varieties. Poster at: Cultivating diversity and food quality. DIVERSIFOOD Final Congress, Rennes, France, December 10 - 12, 2018. [Completed]

Messmer, Monika M.; Raghuwanshi, Shivraj; Ramprasad, Sana; Verma, Rajeev; Joshi, Tanay; Deshmukh, Surendr; Ashok, Kumar; Vikram, Raghuwanshi; Adinath, Paslawar; Mondal, Ashis; Shastry, Prakash; Ambatipudi, Arun; Vonzun, Seraina and Riar, Amritbir (2018) Seeding the Green Future - Participatory organic cotton breeding. In: Proceedings of the DIVERSIFOOD Congress 2018, "Cultivating Diversity and Food Quality", 12-12 December 2018, Rennes, France, p. 94.

Oehen, B. and Meier, C. (2019) Consumers and Food. Factsheet, no. 21. DIVERSIFOOD Project .

Oehen, B.; Meier, C.; Holzherr, P. and Förtser, I. (2018) Strategies to valorise agrobiodiversity. In: Book of Abstracts. 13th European International Farming Systems Association (IFSA) Symposium, Farming systems: facing uncertainties and enhancing opportunities, 1-5 July 2018, Chania, Crete, Greece, ISFA, pp. 1-11.

Oehen, Bernadette; Padel, Susanne and Rossi, Adanella (2019) Guidance Document and Considerations for the Marketing of Biodiverse Food Products. Diversifood Booklet, no. #7. ITAB.

Padel, Susanne; Rossi, Adanella; D'Amico, Simona; Sellars, Anna and Oehen, Bernadette (2018) Case studies of the marketing of products from newly bred lines and underutilized crops. Diversifood Project Reports, no. D 5.1. Embedding crop diversity and networking for local high quality food systems. EU H2020, Grant Agreement n°: 633571. .

Rey, F.; Drexler, D.; Bocci, R.; Oehen, B.; Constanzo, A.; Goldringer, I.; Padel, S. and Chable, V. (2018) Cultivating diversity and food quality. Proceedings of Diversifood EU Forum, Brussels, 11 April 2018. .

Rossi, A.; D'Amico, S.; Oehen, B. and Kovács, T. (2018) Building Valorisation Strategies for Biodiverse Products - Case Studies. Factsheet, no. 13. DIVERSIFOOD Project .

Rossi, A.; D'Amico, S.; Oehen, B. and Kovács, T. (2018) Building valoristaion strategies for biodiverse products - the approach. Factsheet, no. 12. DIVERSFOOD Project .

Serpolay, Estelle; Nuijten, Edwin; Rossi, Adanella and Chable, Véronique (editor): Rey, Frederic (Ed.) (2018) Toolkit to foster multi-actor research on agrobiodiversity. Booklet, no. 1. Diversifood.

Véronique, Chable; Morel, Jean-Martial and Leroy, Gwénolé (2020) Cauliflower and Cabbage participatory breeding in Brittany. Keynote presentation at: 10th Organic Seed Growers Conference, Corvallis, Oregon, February 12-15, 2020.

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