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Items affiliated to "Consumer research"

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Frehner, A.; Cardinaals, R.; De Boer, I.; Müller, A.; Schader, C.; van Selm, B.; Herrero, M. and van Zanten, H. (2022) 1s2: Can dietary recommendations of animal source food align with circular production principles? In: Circular@WUR 2022: 1. Biosphere: Rethinking our food and bio-based systems, Wageningen University & Research.

Frehner, A.; van Zanten, H.H.E.; Schader, C.; de Boer, I.J.M.; Pestoni, G.; Rohrmann, S. and Müller, Adrian (2021) How food choices link sociodemographic and lifestyle factors with sustainability impacts. Journal of Cleaner Production, 300 (126896), pp. 1-14.

Hartmann, Christina; Lazzarini, Gianna; Funk, Angela and Siegrist, Michael (2021) Measuring consumers’ knowledge of the environmental impact of foods. Appetite, 167 (105622), pp. 1-12.

Kopainsky, Birgit; Frehner, Anita and Müller, Adrian (2020) Sustainable and healthy diets: Synergies and trade-offs in Switzerland. Systems Research and Behaviour Science, online, pp. 1-20.

Korner, Angela and Stolz, Hanna (2022) Bio-Konsum - Nachfragetrends und Hintergründe. [Consommation Bio - Tendances de la demande et contexts.] Mediengespräch, online, 1. März 2022. [Completed]

Korner, Angela; Stolz, Hanna; Bolliger, Conradin; Richter, Sebastian and Meier, Claudia (2022) Bio-Konsum – Nachfragetrends und Hintergründe. Marktbericht Bio, no. März 2022. Bundesamt für Landwirtschaft, Fachbereich
Marktanalysen, CH-Bern .

Korner, Angela; Stolz, Hanna; Bolliger, Conradin; Richter, Sebastian and Meier, Claudia (2022) Consommation de bio – évolutions de la demande et contextes. Bulletin du marché bio, no. Mars 2022. Office fédéral de l'agriculture (OFAG), secteur Analyses du marché, CH-Berne .

Korner, Angela; Stolz, Hanna; Bolliger, Conradin; Richter, Sebastian and Meier, Claudia (2022) Consumo di prodotti bio – tendenze nella domanda e contesti. Rapporto del mercato bio, no. Marzo 2022. Ufficio federale dell'agricoltura UFAG, Settore Analisi del mercato, CH-Berna .

Meier, Claudia; Harms, Eugenia; Früh, Barbara; Stoffers, Helena; Bee, Giuseppe; Hartig Hugelshofer, Diana; Quander-Stoll, Nele and Stolz, Hanna (2021) The effect of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) and organic labeling on Swiss consumers’ acceptance of pork salami. Organic Agriculture, online, pp. 1-19.

Meier, Claudia; Lupatsch, Moritz and Oehen, Bernadette (2022) Konsumentenbefragung: Lupinen für die Humanernährung – Bekanntheit und Akzeptanz in der Schweiz. Forschungsinstitut für biologischen Landbau FiBL, CH-Frick .

Meier, Claudia; Stolze, Matthias; Bhullar, Umesh; Moakes, Simon; Grovermann, Christian; Sakamma, Srinivasaiah and Quiédeville, Sylvain (2018) Consumer's WTP for enhanced bioavailability of iron in finger millet - experimental evidence from South India. Paper at: Organics and Mittets 2018 International Trade Fair, Bengaluru Palace, India, January 19-21, 2018. [Completed]

Meier, Claudia; El Benni, Nadja; Sakamma, Srinivasaiah; Moakes, Simon; Grovermann, Christian; Quiédeville, Sylvain; Stolz, Hanna; Stolze, Matthias and Umesh, K. Basegowda (2020) Are non-farming consumers willing to pay "a good market price" for iron-biofortified finger millet? Evidence from experimental auctions in Karnataka, India. Journal of Agribusiness in Developing and Emerging Economies, 10 (5), pp. 751-779.

Müller, Adrian; Pfeifer, Catherine; Stolze, Mathias; Schader, Christian; Oehen, Bernadette and Sanders, Jürn (2022) Für krisentauglichere Ernährungssysteme: weniger tierische Produkte, weniger Abfälle. Agrarforschung Schweiz, 2022 (13), pp. 177-183.

Stolz, Hanna (2022) Biobarometer Schweiz. Paper at: Fachtagung VELDES, Sursee, Schweiz, 23.11.2022. [Completed]

Stolz, Hanna (2022) Biobarometer Schweiz macht Konsumtrends sichtbar. Forschungsinstitut für biologischen Landbau FiBL, CH-Frick . Online at https://www.bioaktuell.ch/aktuell/meldung/neue-webseite-zum-biobarometer-schweiz, accessed on: 2022.

Stolz, Hanna (2022) La durabilité influence de plus en plus les décisions d’achat. Bioactualités, 2022 (2), pp. 22-23.

Stolz, Hanna (2021) Biobarometer Schweiz 2020. Paper at: Biosymposium Bern, Bern, Schweiz, 18.11.2021. [Completed]

Stolz, Hanna and Jahrl, Ingrid (2021) Manual for conducting focus groups and consideration on the marketing of "Green Infrastructure". Praxisleitfaden. Research Institute of Organic Agriculture FiBL, CH-Frick .

Stolz, Hanna and Jahrl, Ingrid (2021) Praxisleitfaden zu Gruppendiskussionen und zur Vermarktung von Produkten und ‐Dienstleistungen der «Grünen Infrastruktur». Praxisleitfaden. Forschungsinstitut für biologischen Landbau FiBL, CH-Frick .

Stolz, Hanna and Meier, Claudia (2019) Das Biobarometer fühlt den Puls der Bevölkerung. Bioaktuell, 2019 (4), p. 39.

Stolz, Hanna; Meier, Claudia; Richter, Sebastian; Steiner, Vera and Lupatsch, Moritz (2022) Biobarometer Schweiz 2020 –Teil 1. Forschungsinstitut für biologischen Landbau FiBL, CH-Frick . [Completed]

Zander, Katrin; Hüppe, Ronja; Koch, Karlotta; Meier, Claudia; Stolz, Hanna and Borghoff, Lisa (2020) Careful, Gentle, Minimal - What are the principles of organic processing? Consumer perspectives. Keynote presentation at: BioFach 2020, Nuremberg, Germany, 13 February, 2020. [Completed]

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