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Eilertsen, Aleksander; Aursand, Marit and Carvajal, Ana Karina (Eds.) (2017) Project Cycle 2013-2017: Total utilization of raw materials in the supply chain for food with a bio-economical perspective. SINTEF Ocean AS, Trondheim, Norway.

{Project} SusOrganic - Development of quality standards and optimised processing methods for organic produce. Runs 2015 - 2017. Project Leader(s): Sturm, Dr. Barbara; Bantle, Dr. Michael; Esper, Dr. Albert; Gebresenbet, Dr. Grima; Badulescu, Dr. Liliana; Pittia, Dr. Paola and Massantini, Dr. Riccardo.

Adler, Steffen A.; Løes, Anne-Kristin; Rommi, Katarina; Kambestad, G and Albrektsen, Thor-Erik (2016) Case Produsentpakkeriet.Improving the utilisation of co-streams in potato and vegetable processing. Poster at: NoRest conference, Copenhagen, October 26-27, 2016. [Unpublished]

Adler, Steffen A.; Løes, Anne-Kristin; Slizyte, Rasa; Misimi, Ekrem; Carvajal, Ana; Bar, Eirin; Tveit, Guro M.; Wold, Jens Petter; Vikman, Minna; Wikberg, Hanne; Honkapää, Kaisu; Egelyng, Henrik; Alvestrand, Heidi and Nordal, John (2016) Case Nortura/Norilia.Improving the utilisation of co-streams in poultry processing. Poster at: NoRest conference, Copenhagen, October 26-27, 2016. [Completed]

Adler, Steffen A.; Slizyte, Rasa; Honkapää, Kaisu and Løes, Anne-Kristin (2018) In vitro pepsin digestibility and amino acid composition in soluble and residual fractions of hydrolyzed chicken feathers. Poultry Science, 97, pp. 1-15.

Bantle, M.; Kopp, C. and Claussen, I.C. (2019) Improved process control by surface temperature-controlled drying on the example of sweet potatoes. In: Proceeding of Eurodrying 2019, July 10-12, 2019, Torino, Italy.

Bantle, M.; Nordtvedt, T.S.; Claussen, I.C. and Indergård, E. (2016) State of the Art: Superchilling in the Food Processing Industry. In: 4th IIR International Conference on Sustainability and the Cold Chain - Proceedings, International Institute of Refrigeration.

Bantle, Michael (2017) Thermal properties examples. SINTEF, Norway .

Bantle, Michael; Claussen, Infrid Camilla and Tolstorebrov, Ignat (2016) Superchilling of organic food. Part 1: Concept, State-of-the-art and Potential for small scale implementation. SINTEF Energy Research, Norway .

Bantle, Michael and Claussen, Ingrid Camilla (2018) Superchilling: risultati della sperimentazione. SINTEF Energi AS, Dep. of Thermal Energy, Trondheim, Norway .

Bantle, Michael; Claussen, Ingrid Camilla and Tolstorebrov, Ignat (2016) Superchilling of organic food. Report. SINTEF, Trondheim, Norway .

Bantle, Michael; Kvalsvik, Karoline H. and Tolstorebrov, Ignat (2016) Performance simulation of a Heat Pump Drying System using R744 as refrigerant. In: Proceedings of the 12th IIR Gustav Lorentzen Conference on Natural Refrigerants GL2016, 21-24 August 2016, Edinburgh, UK.

Bantle, Michael and Tolstorebrov, Igant (2017) Thermal Properties of Organic Foods. SINTEF Energy Research and Norwegian University of Sciences and Technology .

Blomstrand, Berit Marie; Ptochos, Sokratis; Enemark, Heidi; Thamsborg, Stig Milan; Aasen, Inga Marie; Steinshamn, Håvard and Athanasiadou, Spiridoula (2018) In vitro anthelmintic effects of bark extracts from Picea abies and Pinus sylvestris against sheep nematodes. Poster at: Cost Action COMBAR Combatting anthelmintic resistance in ruminants 2018, Leon, Spain, September 26th-27th, 2018.

Claussen, Ingrid C. and Bantle, Michael (2018) Module 7.1 Superchilling- General aspects/Superchilling-Verfahren - Generelle Aspekte und Potential der Technologie/Superchilling: Aspetti generali e potenziale della tecnologia. [Module 7.1 Superchilling- General aspects.] SINTEF Energi AS + Thermal energy, Trondheim, Norway .

Claussen, Ingrid Camilla and Bantle, Michael (2018) Superchilling: Aspetti generali e potenziale della tecnologia. SINTEF Energi AS, Dep. of Thermal Energy, Trondheim, Norway .

Claussen, Ingrid Camilla; Gullsvåg, Per Egil; Bantle, Michael; Tolstorebrov, Ignat and Kvalsvik, Karoline H. (2017) Superchilling of organic food. Part 2: Storage test with superchilled organic salmon and pork chops. SINTEF Energy Research, Norway .

Jokiel, M.; Bantle, M.; Kopp, C.; Claussen, I.C. and Tolstorebrov, I. (2019) Design of a CO2 heat pump drier with dynamic modelling tools. In: Proceedings of the 25th International Congress of Refrigeration, August 24-30, 2019, Montréal, Québec, Canada.

Kopp, Christian and Bantle, Michael (2018) Module 4.4 Smart Drying/Möglichkeiten zur Überwachung der Produktqualität und Anpassung der Trocknungsbedingungen /Monitorare la qualità di un prodotto durante la disidratazione. [Module 4.4 Smart Drying.] SINTEF Energi AS + Thermal energy, Trondheim, Norway .

Kopp, Christian and Bantle, Michael (2018) Monitorare la qualità di un prodotto durante la disidratazione (Module 4.4). SINTEF Energi AS + Thermalenergy, Trondheim, Norway .

Løes, Anne-Kristin (2017) Laying-hens for soil fertilization. NORSØK Report. Norwegian Centre for Organic Agriculture (NORSØK), Tingvoll, Norway.

Løes, Anne-Kristin (2017) Høner som gjødsel? [Chopped laying hens for fertilization?] Fjørfe, 8-2017, pp. 34-37.

Løes, Anne-Kristin; Sandquist, Judit and Meyer, Gregor (2017) Elemental composition and phosphorus availability in hydrochars from seaweed and organic waste digestate. Acta Agriculturae Scandinavica, Section B — Soil & Plant Science, 68 (1), pp. 57-66.

Morken, John; Briseid, Tormod; Hovland, Jon; Lyng, Kari-Anne and Kvande, Ingvar (2017) Veileder for biogassanlegg - mulighetsstudie, planlegging og drift. REALTEK Rapport, no. 56. Norges miljø- og biovitenskapelige universitet , Realfag og teknologi.

Özkan Gülzari, Şeyda; Lind, Vibeke; Aasen, Inga Marie and Steinshamn, Håvard (2019) Effect of supplementing sheep diets with macroalgae species on in vivo nutrient digestibility, rumen fermentation and blood amino acid profile. animal, 13 (12), pp. 2792-2801.

Ramin, Mohammad; Franco, Marcia; Roleda, Michael Y.; Aasen, Inga Marie; Hetta, Mårten and Steinshamn, Håvard (2019) In vitro evaluation of utilisable crude protein and methane production for a diet in which grass silage was replaced by different levels and fractions of extracted seaweed proteins. Animal Feed Science and Technology, 255, p. 114225.

Steinshamn, Håvard; Sørheim, Kristin; Blomstrand, Berit Marie; Ptochos, Sokratis; Athanasiadou, Spiridoula; Woolsey, Ian; Enemark, Heidi; Aasen, Inga Marie and Mahnert, Karl-Christian (2018) Newsletter Barkcure No. 2. [Nyhetsbrev Barkcure nr 2.] NORSØK.

Sturm, B. (2018) SusOrganic - Development of quality standards and optimised processing methods for organic produce - Final report. .

Sturm, B.; Moscetti, R.; Crichton, S.O.J.; Raut, S.; Bantle, M. and Massantini, R. (2018) Feasibility of Vis/NIR spectroscopy and image analysis as basis of the development of smart-drying technologies. In: Editorial Universitat Politecnica de Valencia (Ed.) Proceedings of the IDS 2018, 21st International Drying Symposium, September 11-14, 2018, Valencia, Spain, pp. 171-178.

{Tool} Processing and Quality Guidelines for Organic Food Processing. Creator(s): Sturm, Barbara; Esper, Albert; Gebresenbet, Girma; Bosona, Techane; Bantle, Michael; Claussen, Ingrid C.; Tolstorebrov, Ignat; von Gersdorff, Gardis; Shrestha, Luna; Md. Saleh, R.; Pittia, Paola; Neri, L.; Santarelli, V.; Faieta, M.; Rocchi, R.; Massantini, R.; Moscetti, R.; Ferri, Serena; Raponi, Flavio and Bedini, Giacomo. Issuing Organisation(s): University of Kassel, Department for Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering, Meridian Fruchthandelsgesellschaft mbH, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, SINTEF Energy Research, University of Teramo, Department of Food Science and Technology, University of Tuscia, Department for Innovation in Biological, Agro-food and Forest System. (2019)

Thomsen, Mette G.; Riley, Hugh; Molteberg, Eldrid L.; Johansen, Tor J.; Løes, Anne-Kristin; Wold, Anne Berit; Heltoft, Pia; Asalf, Belachew; Indergård, Erlend; Hermansen, Arne and Guren, Gerd (2019) Lagringskvalitet i gulrot - kan noe gjøres? [Storage Quality of carrots- can we do something about it?] Gartneryrket, September 2019, 2019 (9), pp. 30-33.

Tolstorebrov, Ignat; Eikevik, Trygve Magne and Bantle, Michael (2017) Low Temperature Drying and Thermo-Physical Properties of Brown Seaweeds (Saccharina Latissima). In: Second Nordic Baltic Drying Conference, 7-9.June 2017, Hamburg, Germany : Proceedings.

Tveit, Guro M.; Carvajal, Ana; Slizyte, Rasa; Rustad, Turid and Løes, Anne-Kristin (2017) Fra restråstoff til verdifulle råvarer. [From food co-streams to valuable food ingredients.] Fjørfe, 9-2017, pp. 35-37.

Wibe, Atle; Røyset, Arne and Ebbesvik, Martha (2019) Utvikling av ny insektfelle for jordbærsnutebillen. NORSØK Rapport, no. (4) 4. NORSØK, Tingvoll.

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