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Items affiliated to "Univ. Catania"

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{Project} FertOrtoMedBio: Produzione ed utilizzo di substrati per la vivaistica, miglioramento delle teniche di gestione del suolo e delle strategie di fertilizzazione dei sistemi ortofrutticoli mediterranei da reddito condotti con il metodo dell' agricoltura biologica. [Production and utilization of nursery substrates, improvement of soil management techniques and fertilization strategies of Mediterranean fruit and vegetable production systems managed with organic farming method.] Runs 2006 - 2008. Project Leader(s): Sequi, P.; Canali, S. and Tittarelli, F., CRA - ISNP .

Gravador, Rufielyn S.; Jongberg, Sisse; Andersen, Mogens L.; Luciano, Giuseppe; Priolo, Alessandro and Lund, Marianne N. (2014) Dietary citrus pulp improves protein stability in lamb meat stored under aerobic conditions. Meat Science, 97 (2), pp. 231-236.

Inserra, L.; Priolo, A.; Biondi, L.; Lanza, M.; Bognanno, M.; Gravador, R. and Luciano, G. (2014) Dietary citrus pulp reduces lipid oxidation in lamb meat. Meat Science, 96 (4), pp. 1489-1493.

Katsoulas, N.; Loes, A-K.; Andrivon, D.; Cirvilleri, G.; de Cara, M.; Kir, A.; Knebl, L.; Malinska, K.; Oudshoorn, F. W.; Willer, H. and Schmutz, U. (2020) Current use of copper, mineral oils and sulphur for plant protection in organic horticultural crops across 10 European countries. Organic Agriculture, online, pp. 1-13.

Lanza, M.; Scerra, M.; Bognanno, M.; Buccioni, A.; Cilione, C.; Biondi, L.; Priolo, A. and Luciano, G. (2015) Fatty acid metabolism in lambs fed citrus pulp. Journal of Animal Science, 93, pp. 3179-3188.

López-Andrés, P.; Luciano, G.; Vasta, V.; Gibson, T.M.; Scerra, M.; Biondi, L.; Priolo, A. and Mueller-Harvey, I. (2014) Antioxidant effects of ryegrass phenolics in lamb liver and plasma. Animal, 8 (1), pp. 51-57.

Luciano, G.; Biondi, L.; Pagano, R.I.; Scerra, M.; Vasta, V.; López-Andrés, P.; Valenti, B.; Lanza, M.; Priolo, A. and Avondo, M. (2012) The restriction of grazing duration does not compromise lamb meat colour and oxidative stability. Meat Science, 92, pp. 30-35.

UCat, Italy and INRA, France (2019) D 5.1 Report : Selection of the sources of plant bioactive compounds. .

Vasta, Valentina; Italo Pagano, Renato; Luciano, Guiseppe; Scerra, Manuel; Caparra, Pasquale; Foti, Francesco; Cilione, Caterina; Biondi, Luisa; Priolo, Alessandro and Arvondo, Marcella (2012) Effect of morning vs. afternoon grazing on intramuscular fatty acid composition in lamb. Meat Science, 90 (1), pp. 93-98.

Vasta, Valentina; Ventura, Valentina; Luciano, Guiseppe; Andronico, Valeria ; Pagano, Renato ; Scerra, Manuel ; Biondi, Luisa; Arvondo, Marcella and Priolo, Alessandro (2012) The volatile compounds in lamb fat are affected by the time of grazing. Meat Science, Available online 17 September 2011, Online, ---.

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