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Journal paper

Birkhofer, Klaus; Bezemer, TM; Bloem, J; Bonkowski , M; Christensen, S.; Dubois, David; Ekelund , F; Fließbach, Andreas; Gunst, Lucie; Hedlund , K; Mäder, Paul; Mikola , J; Robin , C; Setälä, Heikki; Tatin-Froux , F; Van der Putten , WH and Scheu, Stefan (2008) Long-term organic farming fosters below and aboveground biota: Implications for soil quality, biological control and productivity. Soil Biology & Biochemistry, 40 (9), pp. 2297-2308.

Bloemhof, S.; Mathur, P. K.; Knol, E. F. and van der Waaij, E. H. (2013) Effect of daily environmental temperature on farrowing rate and total born in dam line sows. Journal of Animal Science, 91, pp. 2667-2679.

Lammerts van Bueren, E.T.; Backes, Gunter; de Vriend, H.C. and Østergård, H. (2010) The role of molecular markers and marker assisted selection in breeding for organic agriculture. EUPHYTICA, 175 (1), pp. 51-64.

Leenhouwers, J. I. and Merks, J.W.M. (2013) Suitability of traditional and conventional pig breeds in organic and low-input production systems in Europe: Survey results and a review of literature. Animal Genetic Resources, online, pp. 1-16.

Leenstra, Ferry; Maurer, Veronika; Galea, Fabien; Bestman, Monique; Amsler-Kepalaite, Zivile; Visscher, Jeroen; Vermeij, Izak and van Krimpen, Marinus (2014) Laying hen performance in different production systems; why do they differ and how to close the gap? Results of discussions with groups of farmers in The Netherlands, Switzerland and France, benchmarking and model calculations. [Leistung von Legehennen in unterschiedlichen Produktionssystemen – wo liegen die Unterschiede und wie kann man sie reduzieren? Resultate von Gruppendiskussionen mit Legehennenhaltern in den Niederlanden, der Schweiz und Frankreich, Vergleich von Eckdaten und Modellrechnungen.] European Poultry Science, 78, pp. 1-10.

Mäder, Paul; Fliessbach, Andreas; Dubois, David; Gunst, Lucie; Fried, Padrout and Niggli, Urs (2002) Organic Farming and Energy Efficiency. FiBL response to the letter of Zoebl in Science Vol 298. Science, 298 (5600), pp. 1890-1891.

Rist, Lukas; Mueller, André; Barthel, Christiane; Snijders, Bianca; Jansen, Margje; Simões-Wüst, Paula; Huber, Machteld; Kummeling, Ischa; von Mandach, Ursula; Steinhart, Hans and Thijs, Carel (2007) Influence of organic diet on the amount of conjugated linoleic acids in breast milk of lactating women in the Netherlands. British Journal of Nutrition (97), pp. 735-743.

Simões-Wüst, Paula; Rist, Lukas; Mueller, André and Steinhart, Hans (2013) Biodynamische Milch und Muttermilch. [Biodynamic Milk and breast Milk.] Lebendige Erde, 2, pp. 42-45.

Weller, M. M. D. C. A.; Alebrante, L.; Campos, P. H. R. F.; Saraiva, A.; Silva, B. A. N.; Donzele, J. L.; Oliveira, R. F. M.; Silva, F.F.; Gasparino, E.; Lopes, P.S- and Guimarães, S.E.F. (2013) Effect of heat stress and feeding phosphorus levels on pig electron transport chain gene expression. Animal, online, pp. 1-9.

Newspaper or magazine article

Bestman, Monique and Boosten, M. (2013) Buitenlust. [Pleasure Outside.] Pluimveehouderij, 6 September 2013, 43, pp. 26-27.

Deru, Joachim; van der Burgt, Geert-Jan; van Eekeren, Nick and Wientjes, Harm (2010) Maïsteelt en mestscheiding: Langetermijneffecten op organische stof. [Growing maize and manure separation: Long-term effects on soil organic matter.] V-focus, December 2010, pp. 20-22.

Finke, E. and Wit, J. de (2010) De harde cijfers uit de strategiegroep. [Hard figures from the strategy group.] Natuurweidekrant, July 2010, pp. 5-8.

Simões-Wüst, Paula; Rist, Lukas; Mueller, André; Steinhart, Hans; Huber, Machteld and Thijs, Carel (2011) Milchprodukte aus biologisch-dynamischer Herkunft führen zu einer vorteilhafteren Fettzusammensetzung der menschlichen Muttermilch. [Dairy products of biodynamic origin lead to a more favourable fat composition of human milk.] Der Merkurstab, 2011, 64 (4), pp. 298-301.

Znaor, Darko (1997) What Future for Sustainable Agriculture? Danube Watch, 1997, 3 (2), pp. 2-3.

Working paper

Monteny, Ir. Arjan and Noorduyn, Ir. Leonore (2005) Sales higher thanks to efficient organic chains. Working paper, Stichting Agro Keten Kennis. [Unpublished]

Conference paper, poster, etc.

Bloemhof, S.; Mathur, P.K.; van der Waaij, E.H.; Leenhouwers, J.I. and Knol, E.F. (2012) Genetic aspects of heat stress in pigs expressed in fertility traits. Paper at: 14 Seminar of the FAO-CIHEAM Subnetwork on Sheep and Goat Nutrition and 2nd Lowinputbreeds Symposium, Hammamet, Tunesia, 15-18 May 2012. [Completed]

Driessen, Ir. Ronald G. (2006) Breeding and Production of Organic seeds, The Rijk Zwaan view. Paper at: Joint Organic Congress, Odense, Denmark, May 30-31, 2006.

Fliessbach, Andreas; Amador, Manuel; Meirelles, Ana; Schwank, Othmar; Verhagen, Jan and Garibay, Salvador (2007) Climate Change and Organic Farming in Developing Countries. Speech at: BioFach Kongress 2007, Nürnberg Messe Convention Center, Nuremburg, Germany, February 15-17, 2007.

Heckendorn, Felix; Maurer, Veronika; Häring, Dieter; Langhans, Wolfgang and Hertzberg, Hubertus (2007) Tanniferous forage plants with anthelmintic properties: the example of sainfoin (Onobrychis viciifolia). In: Claerebout, E. and Vercruysse, J. (Eds.) From EPG to Genes - 21st International Conference of the World Association for the Advancement of Veterinary Parasitology (WAAVP), Proceedings, WAAVP, Conference Proceedings, p. 136.

Huber, Machteld; Coulier, Leon; Wopereis, Suzan; Savelkoul, Huub; Nierop, Dré and Hoogenboom, Ron (2012) Enhanced catch-up growth after a challenge in animals on organic feed. Poster at: International Conference on Nutrition & Growth, Paris, France, March 1-3.

Klinkert, Heleen and van Bree, Miriam (2014) From soy to egg: Solidarity in the poultry sector. Taking the next step towards social soy production. oral presentation at: IFOAM Organic World Congress 2014, Istanbul, Turkey, 13-15 October 2014. [Completed]

Meijs, Dr.Ir. J.A.C.; Teenstra, Ing. MIM. E.D. and Regouin, MSc E.J.M. (2009) Dutch stakeholders set the organic research agenda. Paper at:

Tiemens-Hulscher, M.; Lammerts van Bueren, E. T.; Osman, A.; Jeuken, J.; Groenen, R. and de Heer, R. (2006) Participatory plant breeding: a way to arrive at better-adapted onion varieties. Paper at: workshop ECO-PB, France, june 2006.

Van Asseldonk, Drs. Tedje and Beijer, Helen (2006) Herbal folk remedies for animal health in the Netherlands. In: Ertug, Dr. Z. Füsun (Ed.) Proceedings of the IVth International Congress of Ethnobotany (ICEB 2005) Istanbul, pp. 257-263.


HELVETAS , Hivos, ICEA, IFOAM, FiBL (Eds.) (2014) Organic family farming and fair trade for rural development. . Proceedings of Pre-Conference on "Orgnaic family farming and fair traide for rural development" at the Organic Wolrd Congress 2014, Istanbul, Turkey, 12th October 2014. [Completed]

van de Vijver, Lucy P.L. (Ed.) (2007) Measuring food quality: concepts, methods and challenges - Proceedings seminar February 2007. . Proceedings of 3rd QLIF training and exchange workshop “Measuring food quality: concepts, methods and challenges”, Louis Bolk Institute, Driebergen, The Netherlands, February 12-14, 2007.


Bestman, Monique; Cuijpers, Willemijn and Baars, Ton (2003) Zelfmedicatie door varkens in de biologische veehouderij: Deskstudie naar een nieuw concept voor diergezondheidszorg. Ideeën voor praktijk en onderzoek. [Self-medication by pigs in organic livestock farming.] Louis Bolk Instituut Publications, no. LV50. Louis Bolk Instituut and Agro Eco Consultancy, Livestock production.

Brouwer, Gerjan and Timmermans, B.G.H. (2012) Bemesting biologische fruitteelt. [Organic fruit fertilization.] Louis Bolk Instituut , Driebergen.

Koopmann, Regine; Dämmrich, Michaela and Ploeger, Harm (2011) Unterstützung der betrieblichen Endoparasitenbekämpfung der Wiederkäuer im Ökolandbau - Entscheidungsbaum für Rinder / Schafe / Ziegen. [Supporting the control of internal parasites in ruminants by decision trees.] Johann Heinrich von Thünen-Institut (vTI) - Bundesforschungsinstitut für Ländliche Räume, Wald und Fischerei, D-Westerau, Institut für Ökologischen Landbau.

Luske, Boki and van der Kamp , Joris (2009) Carbon sequestration potential of reclaimed desert soils in Egypt. Louis Bolk Instituut / Soil and more.


Stefanova, Vyara; Hart, Kaley; Znaor, Darko and Kazakova, Yannka (Eds.) (2012) Farmers and Nature Together: High Nature Value Farming and Agri-Environment Payments for the Republic of Macedonia. Avalon Foundation, Wommels.

Timmermans, B.G.H.; Eekeren, N. van and Bos, M (2010) Fosfaat uitmijnen op natuurpercelen met gras/klaver en kalibemesting: Handreiking voor de praktijk. [Phosphate extraction on natural plots with grass / clover crop and potassium fertilization: Guide for practice.] Louis Bolk Instituut, Driebergen.

Wagenaar, Jan-Paul; Janmaat, Leen; Bestman, Monique; Leenstra, Ferry; van Krimpen, M.M.; Verwer, C; Groot, Maria; Asseldonk, Tedje van and Paardekooper, R. (2012) Biologisch Ondernemen Legpluimvee. [Organic business: poultry.] Louis Bolk Instituut, Driebergen.

Book chapter

Znaor, Darko (2012) Partnering for Farmland Biodiversity Conservation: Civil Society and Farmers Working Hand-In-Hand. In: Stefanova , V; Hart, K; Znaor, D and Kazakova, Y (Eds.) Farmers and Nature Together: High Nature Value Farming and Agri-Environment Payments for the Republic of Macedonia. Avalon Foundation, Wommels, pp. 55-58.

Research facility description

{Facility} Rusthoeve: FACILITY: Experimental Farm Rusthoeve. Facility Leader(s): Heijboer, T., Stichting Proefboerderij Rusthoeve.

{Facility} Kollummerwaard: FACILITY: Regional Research & Information Centre Kollummerwaard. Facility Leader(s): Kristelijn, Ing. C.W., Experimental Farms Northern Agriculture Foundation (SPNA).


Bus, Michiel and Hospers-Brands, A.J.T.M. (2014) BioWad Newsletter PlantyOrganic November 2014. Louis Bolk Instituut.

van Hamont, Jos (2011) Aardbeien: uitdaging voor de biologische teler. [Strawberries: challenge for organic growers.] biokennis, Wageningen.

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