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Journal paper

Anli, Mohamed; Symanczik, Sarah; El Abbassi, Abdelilah; Ait-El-Mokhtar, Mohamed; Boutasknit, Abderrahim; Ben-Laouane, Raja; Toubali, Salma; Baslam, Marouane; Mäder, Paul; Hafidi, Mohamed and Meddich, Abdelilah (2021) Use of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus Rhizoglomus irregulare and compost to improve growth and physiological responses of Phoenix dactylifera ‘Boufgouss’. Plant Biosystems - An International Journal Dealing with all Aspects of Plant Biology, 155 (4), pp. 763-771.

Anli, Mohamed; Baslam, Marouane; Tahiri, Abdelilah; Raklami, Anas; Symanczik, Sarah; Boutasknit, Abderrahim; Ait-El-Mokhtar, Mohamed; Ben-Laouane, Raja; Toubali, Salma; Ait-Rahou, Youssef; Ait Chitt, Mustapha; Oufdou, Khalid; Mitsui, Toshiaki; Hafidi, Mohamned and Meddich, Abdelilah (2020) Biofertilizers as Strategies to Improve Photosynthetic Apparatus, Growth, and Drought Stress Tolerance in the Date Palm. Frontiers in Plant Science, 11, p. 516818.

Cicek, Harun; Topp, Emmeline; Plieninger, Tobias; Blanco-Moreno, José M.; Gultekin, Irfan; Cheikh Mohamed, Hatem and El Gharras, Oussama (2023) A critical assessment of conservation agriculture among smallholders in the Mediterranean region: adoption pathways inspired by agroecological principles. Agronomy for Sustainable Development, online, pp. 1-17.

Diop, Massamba; Beniaich, Adnane; Cicek, Harun; Ouabbou, Hassan; Bamouh, Ahmed; El Gharras, Oussama; Dahan, Rachid; El Abidine, Aziz Zine; El Gharous, Mohamed and El Mejahed, Khali (2024) Short-term residual effects of occasional tillage on crop performance, soil water, and water-use efficiency in a 10-year no-till system under a dry Mediterranean climate. Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems, 8, pp. 1-17.

Hilali, Rania El; Bouamri, Rachid; Crozilhac, Patrice; Calonne, Maryline; Symanczik, Sarah; Ouahmane, Lahcen and Declerck, Stéphane (2021) In vitro colonization of date palm plants by Rhizophagus irregularis during the rooting stage. Symbiosis, 84, pp. 83-89.

Hilali, Rania El; Symanczik, Sarah; Said, kinany El; Oehl, Fritz; Ouahmane, Lahcen and Bouamri, Lachid (2022) Cultivation, identification, and application of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi associated with date palm plants in Drâa-Tafilalet oasis. Rhizosphere, 22 (100521), pp. 1-8.

Ou-Zine, Mohamed; Symanczik, Sarah; el Kinany, Said; Aziz, Larbi; Fagroud, Mustapha; Abidar, Ali; Mäder, Paul; Achbani, El Hassan; Haggoud, Abdellatif; El Hilali, Rania; Abdellaoui, Mustapha and Bouamri, Rachid (2023) Effect of PGPR and mixed cropping on mycorrhizal status, soil fertility, and date palm productivity under organic farming system. Research Square, xx, x-x. [In Press]

Toubali, Salma; Tahiri, Abdelilah; Anli, Mohamed; Symanczik, Sarah; Boutasknit, Abderrahim; Ait-El-Mokhtar, Mohamed; Ben-Laouane, Raja; Oufdou, Khalid; Ait-Rahou, Youssef; Ben-Ahmed, Hela; Jemo, Martin; Hafidi, Mohamed and Meddich, Abdelilah (2020) Physiological and Biochemical Behaviors of Date Palm Vitroplants Treated with Microbial Consortia and Compost in Response to Salt Stress. Applied Sciences, 10 (23), p. 8665.

Viti, Carlo; Bellabarba, Agnese; Daghio, Matteo; Mengoni, Alessio; Mele, Marcello; Buccioni, Arianna; Pacini, Gaio Cesare; Bekki, Abdelkader; AZIM, Khalid; Hafidi, Majida and Pini, Francesco (2021) Alfalfa for a sustainable ovine farming system: Proposed research for a new feeding strategy based on alfalfa and ecological leftovers in drought conditions. Sustainability, 13 (7), p. 3880.

Conference paper, poster, etc.

AZIM, Khalid; OUYIHYA, Khalid ; AMELLOUK, Aomar; PERISSOL, Claude; THAMI ALAMI, Imane and SOUDI, Brahim (2014) Dynamic composting optimization through C/N ratio variation as a startup parameter. In: Rahmann, G. and Aksoy, U. (Eds.) Building Organic Bridges, Johann Heinrich von Thünen-Institut, Braunschweig, Germany, 3, Thuenen Report, no. 20, pp. 787-790.

EL JIATI, Abdelazize (2008) A non-chemical method for monitoring adult olive weevil populations in Tadla-Azilal plain in Morocco. Paper at: IFOAM OWC 2008, Modena, Italy, 18-20 June 2008. [Submitted]

Fischer, V.; Baresel, Jörg Peter; Charrois, A.; Köckeis, M. and Udupa, S. M. (2017) Screening New Legume Species for Use as Cover Crop in Southern Germany. In: Wolfrum, Sebastian; Heuwinkel, Hauke; Wiesinger, Klaus; Reents, Hans Jürgen and Hülsbergen, Kurt-Jürgen (Eds.) Ökologischen Landbau weiterdenken: Verantwortung übernehmen, Vertrauen stärken, Dr. Köster, Freising, pp. 186-187.

Tabrika, Ilyass; Azim, Khalid; Mayad, El Hassan and Zaafrani, Mina (2018) Composting of tomato wastes and sheep manure: An eco-friendly waste valorisation for enhancing the environmental sustainability in Souss Massa region (Morocco). In: Rahmann, Gerold; Olowe, Victor Idowu; Olabiyi, Timothy Ipoola; Azim, Khalid and Olugbenga, AdeOluwa (Eds.) Ecological and Organic Agriculture Strategies for Viable Continental and National Development in the Context of the African Union's Agenda 2063. Scientific Track Proceedings of the 4th African Organic Conference. November 5-8, 2018. Saly Portudal, Senegal, pp. 215-220.

Udupa, S.M.; Elhaddoury, J.; Krimi Bencheqroun, S.; Thami-Alami, I.; Henkrar, F.; Baresel, J.P. and Finckh, M.R. (2012) Optimising Subsidiary Crop Applications in Rotations (OSCAR): A Perspective for the North Africa Region. In: Second edition of the international congress: "Microbial Biotechnology for Development".

Udupa , S. M.; Elhaddoury , J.; Krimi Bencheqroun , S; Thami-Alami , I.; Henkrar , F.; Baresel , J.P. and Finckh , M.R. (2014) Towards identification of novel legume species of potential interest as cover crops and living mulches for the North Africa region. In: 2nd International Conference of Plant Biodiversity.


Symanczik, S.; Bouamri, R.; Rachidi, F. and Mäder, P. (2018) Mycorrhizal fungi as natural bio-fertilizers: How to produce and use. Technical Handbook. Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL) & Ecole National d’Agriculture (ENA), Frick & Meknes .

Project description

{Project} Bio4Food: Hochqualitative und nährstoffreiche Lebensmittel durch aus Gemüseabfällen gewonnene Biostimulanzien und Biopestiziden. Runs 2020 - 2023. Project Leader(s): Pleissner, Dr. Daniel, Institut für Lebensmittel- und Umweltforschung e.V. .

{Project} OSCAR: Optimise Subsidiary Crop Application in Rotations. Runs 2012 - 2016. Project Leader(s): Finckh, Prof. Dr. Maria, Universität Kassel .

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