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Alföldi, Thomas (2018) Alternating grazing to control parasites in young cattle (Video). Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL), CH-Frick .

Benoit, Marc; Bernes, Gun; Destruel, Marie; Dumont, Bertrand; Lang, Elise; Martin, Guillaume; MOERMAN, Marie; Parsons, David; Primi, Riccardo; Schanz, Lisa; Steinmetz, Lucille; Ulukan, Defne and Winckler, Christoph (2020) A toolkit to assess the sustainability and robustness of mixed livestock farms. .

Experton, Catherine (2018) Dissemination Plan of the Core Organic project MIX-ENABLE. ITAB .

Fuselier, Manon (2019) Studying mixed livestock farming systems in Languedoc Roussillon: connecting innovations, adapting capacities and territory embeddedness. Masters thesis, Université Paris-Saclay - AgroParisTech . .

Martin, Guillaume; Barth, Kerstin; Benoit, Marc; Brock, Christopher; Destruel, Marie; Dumont, Bertrand; Grillot, Myriam; Hübner, Severin; Magne, Marie-Angélina; Moerman, Marie; Mosnier, Claire; Parsons, David; Ronchi, Bruno; Schanz, Lisa; Steinmetz, Lucille; Werne, Steffen; Winckler, Christoph and Primi, Riccardo (2020) Potential of multi-species livestock farming to improve the sustainability of livestock farms: A review. Agricultural Systems, 181, pp. 102821-00.

Martin, Guillaume; Barth, Kerstin; Blanc, Mathilde; Dumont, Bertrand; Hübner, Severin; Magne, Marie-Angélina; Mosnier, Claire; Primi, Riccardo; Schanz, Lisa; Werne, Steffen and Winckler, Christoph (2019) Diversified farming systems for improved sustainability of agriculture: potentialities and challenges. Speech at: 6th Farming Systems Design Symposium, Montevideo, 18-21 August 2019.

Meischner, Tabea and Brock, Christopher (2019) MIXEd livestock farming for improved sustaiNABiLity and robustnEss of organic animal production (MIX-ENABLE) WP 6.1. Map of agricultural consultants active in organic mixed farming. Forschungsring e.V., D-Darmstadt .

MISCHLER, PIERRE (2019) Effects of livestock species diversity on the economic performance of commercial farms compared to specialized ruminant farms. Institut de l'élevage (IDELE) .

MORAINE, Marc; Fuselier, Manon and MOERMAN, Marie (2020) Pathways of sustainability in organic mixed livestock farms are based on local embeddedness: case studies in France and Belgium. In: Organic Animal Husbandry systems – challenges, performance and potentials, -111.

Schanz, Lisa; MOERMAN, Marie and Winckler, Christoph (2020) Animal welfare on organic mixed livestock farms across seven European countries. In: Organic Animal Husbandry systems – challenges, performance and potentials, -111.

Vanwindekens, Frederic and Moerman, Marie (2019) Mix-Enable database. Walloon Agricultural Research Centre, Gembloux, Belgium.

Werne, S.; Bam, J.; Holinger, M.; Steiner, A.; Thüer, S.; Leubin, M. and Leiber, F. (2020) Young steers do not benefit from short term sequential grazing with lambs. In: Book of Abstracts of the 71st Annual Meeting of the European Federation of Animal Science, 1st-4th December, 2020, Virtuel Meeting, p. 334.


Hübner, Severin and Barth, Kerstin (2020) Ein Broilerleben unter Rindern. [Life as a broiler among cattle.] Naturland Nachrichten, December 2020 (6), pp. 54-55.

Schanz, Lisa; MISCHLER, PIERRE and Winckler, Christoph (2021) Spezialisierung oder gemischte Bio-Tierhaltung? LANDWIRT bio, March 2021, pp. 64-67.

Schanz, Lisa and Winckler, Christoph (2021) Bio-Betriebe mit mehreren Tierarten. BIO AUstria, February 2021, pp. 18-19.

Schanz, Lisa and Winckler, Christoph (2018) Fragenbogen für österreichische Betriebe. . [Completed]

Schanz, Lisa; Winckler, Christoph and Martin, Guillaume (2018) Poster: MIX-ENABLE Nachhaltige gemischte Bio-Tierhaltung. Poster at:

Schanz, Lisa; Winckler, Christoph and Martin, Guillaume (2018) Flyer MIX-ENABLE. . [Completed]

Simon, Georg; Seidel, Julia; Müller, Jürgen; Kälber, Tasja; Barth, Kerstin and Hübner, Severin (2019) Gemeinsame Weidenutzung durch Jungrinder und Broiler. [Mixed grazing of cattle and free ranged broilers.] In: Mühlrath, Daniel; Albrecht, Joana; Finckh, Maria R.; Hamm, Ulrich; Heß, Jürgen; Knierim, Ute and Möller, Detlev (Eds.) Innovatives Denken für eine nachhaltige Land- und Ernährungswirtschaft. Beiträge zur 15. Wissenschaftstagung Ökologischer Landbau, Kassel, 5. bis 8. März 2019, Verlag Dr. Köster, Berlin.

Werne, Steffen (2019) Wechselweide bringt Jungrindern keinen Vorteil. Bioaktuell, 2019 (8), p. 17.


Destruel, Marie (2019) Évaluation de l’intégration des élevages en polyculture-polyélevage en agriculture biologique. [Evaluation of the integration in organic multi-species livestock farms.] Masters thesis, INPT ENSAT and INRA . .

Lang, Elise (2019) Caractérisation des facteurs de durabilité des exploitations de polyculture polyélevage en agriculture biologique. [Characterization of sustainability factors in organic multi-species livestock farms.] Masters thesis, INRA and INPT ENSAT . .

MOERMAN, Marie (2020) Introduire la diversité dans les ateliers d’élevage, une enquête menée dans 16 fermes wallonnes. [Introducing diversity in livestock production farms, a survey conducted in 16 Walloon farms.] Le Sillon belge, 13 August 2020 (3927), pp. 6-7.

MOERMAN, Marie (2019) Comment l'élevage contribue à réduire le gaspillage ? En réduisant sa consommation ! [How does livestock farming help reduce waste? By consuming more efficiently!] Poster at: Foire agricole de Battice, Battice, Belgium, 05 & 06/09/2019.

MOERMAN, Marie (2019) Comment l'élevage contribue à réduire le gaspillage ? En valorisant les co-produits! [How does livestock farming contribute to reducing waste? By recovering co-products!] Poster at: Foire agricole de Battice, Belgium, Battice, 05 - 06/09/2020.


Bernes, Gun; Parsons, David and Blanc, Mathilde (editor): Bernes, Gun (Ed.) (2019) Flera djurslag på gården? Nytt från institutionen för norrländsk jordbruksvetenskap, no. 5. Department of Agricultural Research for Northern Sweden, Umeå, Sweden.

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