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Peer-reviewed and accepted

Berlach, Natalia (2009) Organic agriculture certification as factor of proper development of Ukraine AIC. Organic agriculture certification as factor of proper development of Ukraine AIC.

Bhatta, G.D. and Doppler, W. (2010) Farming Differentiation in the Rural-urban Interface of the Middle Mountains, Nepal: Application of Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP)Modeling. Journal of Agricultural Science, 2 (4), pp. 37-51.

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Gattinger, Andreas; Müller, Adrian; Haeni, Matthias; Skinner, Colin; Fließbach, Andreas; Buchmann, Nina; Mäder, Paul; Stolze, Matthias; Smith, Pete; El-Hage Scialabbad, Nadja and Niggli, Urs (2013) Reply to Leifeld et al.: Enhanced top soil carbon stocks under organic farming is not equated with climate change mitigation. PNAS, 110 (11), E985.

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Mattausch, Nancy (2010) Impact of sustainable development principles on the food service and hospitality sector in the Western Cape (South Africa). Masters thesis, Fachhochschule Münster - University of Applied Sciences. . [Submitted]

Moeskops, Bram; -, Sukristiyonubowo; Buchan, David; Sleutel, Steven; Herawaty, Lenita; Husen, Edi; Saraswati, Rasti; Setyorini, Diah and De Neve, Stefaan (2010) Soil microbial communities and activities under intensive organic and conventional vegetable farming in West Java, Indonesia. Applied Soil Ecology, 45 (2), pp. 112-120.

Moghaddam, Ali; Raza, Amir; Johann, Vollmann; M.Reza, Ardakani; Wolfgang, Wanek; Gabriela, Gollner and Juergen K., Friedel (2013) Carbon isotope discrimination and water use efficiency relationships of alfalfa genotypes under irrigated and rain-fed organic farming. European Journal of Agronomy, 50, pp. 82-89.

Moghaddam, Ali; Vollmann, Johann; Wanek, Wolfgang; Ardakani, M. Reza; Raza, Amir; Pietsch, Gabriele and Friedel, Juergen K. (2012) Suitability of drought tolerance indices for selecting alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) genotypes under organic farming in Austria. Crop Breeding Journal, 2 (2), pp. 79-89.

Myaka, F. M.; Sakala, W. D.; Adu-Gyamfi, J. J.; Kamalongo, D.; Ngwira, A.; Odgaard, R.; Nielsen, N. E. and Høgh-Jensen, H. (2006) Yields and accumulations of N and P in farmer-managed intercrops of maize-pigeonpea in semi-arid Africa. Plant and Soil, 285, pp. 207-220.

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Pophiwa, Nedson (2012) Training them to catch fish? Farmer education and training programmes in Uganda’s organic agricultural subsector. Policy Briefing , no. Number 70 2012 , Sustainable Development , Africa Institute of South Africa .

Raza, Amir; Friedel, Juergen K.; Moghaddam, Ali; Ardakani, M.Reza; Loiskandl, Willibald; Himmelbauer, Margarita and Bodner, Gernot (2013) Modeling growth of different lucerne cultivars and their effect on soil water dynamics. Agricultural Water Management, 119, pp. 100-110.

Rembiałkowska, Ewa (2004) The impact of organic agriculture on food quality. Agricultura (3), pp. 19-26.

Schultz, Kristina (2006) Schafft der Bio-Markt den Sprung aus der Nische? Eine Marktanalyse. [The german whole food product market: can a niche become a norm? - A market analysis.] Thesis, Universität Passau. . [Unpublished]

Not peer-reviewed

Berner, Alfred; Böhm, Herwart; Brandhuber, Robert; Braun, Josef; Brede, Uwe; Colling-von Roesgen, Jean-Louis; Demmel, Markus; Dierauer, Hansueli; Doppler, Georg; Ewald, Bernd; Fisel, Thomas; Fließbach, Andreas; Fuchs, Jacques; Gattinger, Andreas; Häberli, Hansueli; Heß, Jürgen; Hülsbergen, Kurt-Jürgen; Köchli, Martin; Kolbe, Hartmut; Koller, Martin; Mäder, Paul; Müller, Adrian; Neessen, Peter; Patzel, Nikola; Pfiffner, Lukas; Schmidt, Harald; Weller, Stefan and Wild, Melanie (2012) Grundlagen zur Bodenfruchtbarkeit - Die Beziehung zum Boden gestalten. FiBL-Merkblatt. Forschungsinstitut für biologischen Landbau (FiBL), Bio Austria, Bioland Beratung GmbH, Bio Suisse und IBLA Luxemburg , CH-Frick, A-Linz, D-Mainz, CH-Basel und L-Munsbach.

Hartmann, Marco; Khalil, Saad; Bernet, Thomas; Ruhland, Felix and Al Ghamdi, Ayman (2012) Organic Agriculture in Saudi Arabia - Sector Study 2012. Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GmbH), Saudi Organic Framing Association (SOFA), Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL) and Ministry of Agriculture of Saudi Arabia (MoA), Riyadh, KSA.

Li, Tzu-Ying and Chu, KIathy Yuchi (2002) The study of consumption patterns and expectations of organic catering consumers in Taiwan. In: Powell, Jane and et al., (Eds.) Proceedings of the UK Organic Research 2002 Conference, Organic Centre Wales, Institute of Rural Studies, University of Wales Aberystwyth, pp. 337-338.

Manojlovic, M.; Cabilovski, R. and Kalentic, M (2011) Soil Fertility: Organic vs. Conventional Farming Systems in Vojvodina, northern Serbia. In: Migliorini, Paola; Minotou, Charikleia; Lusic, Drazen; Hashem, Yousry and Martinis, Aristotelis (Eds.) Book of Abstract. International Conference on ORGANIC AGRICULTURE and AGRO-ECO TOURSIM in the Mediterranean, DIO.

Messmer, Monika; Berset, Estelle; Zimmer, Steffi; Haase, Thorsten; Habekuss, Antje; Paláez, Sarah; Hertenstein, Florian; Thonar, Cécile; Salomé, Clémence; Ordon, Frank; Hess, Jürgen and Wilbois, Klaus-Peter (2012) Breeding for improved soybean-Bradyrhizobia symbiosis for cool growing conditions in Central Europe. Poster at: 10th European Nitrogen Fixation Conference (ENFC), Munich, Germany, 2. - 5. September, 2012.

Reinbrecht, Dr. Carsten; Barth, Dr. Susanne; von Witzke-Ehbrecht, Dr. Sabine; Khan, Muhammad Awais; Becker, Prof. Dr. Heiko C.; Kahnt, Prof. Dr. Günter and Claupein, Prof. Dr. Wilhelm (2004) Evaluierung von Saflor-Akzessionen für den Ökologischen Landbau. [Evaluation of accessions of safflower for a use in organic farming.] In: Hammer, Prof. Dr. Karl and Becker, Prof. Dr. Heiko C. (Eds.) On-farm-Management von pflanzengenetischen Ressourcen im Rahmen der Pflanzenzüchtung, Gesellschaft für Pflanzenzüchtung e. V., 62, Vorträge für Pflanzenzüchtung, pp. 101-103.

Schnug, E; Haneklaus, S; Kratz, S and Fan, X (2006) Aspects of phosphorous fertilisation in organic farming. In: Atkinson, C; Ball, B; Davies, D H K; Rees, R; Russell, G; Stockdale, E A; Watson, C A; Walker, R and Younie, D (Eds.) Aspects of Applied Biology 79, What will organic farming deliver? COR 2006, Association of Applied Biologists, pp. 277-281.

Sternfeld, Eva (2008) Organic Trends 12 - Newsletter for Organic farming and food development in China. Organic Trends - Newsletter for Organic farming and food development in China, 12 (12), pp. 1-12. [Unpublished]

Sternfeld, Eva (2007) 您好,请看 ‘有机’的潮流 通讯第七期。祝 艾娃 国家环保总局宣教中心 中国环境与可特续发展资料研究中心 育慧南路 1号 北京 朝阳区 100029. Organic Trends. Organic Trends, 7.

Sternfeld, Eva (2007) Organic Trends 8. Organic Trends, 8. [Unpublished]

Sternfeld, Eva (2005) Organic Trends. Newsletter for Organic Farming and Food Development in China.

Zimmer, Steffi; Messmer, Monika; Haase, Thorsten; Mindermann, Anke; Schulz, Hannes; Wilbois, Klaus-Peter and Heß, Jürgen (2012) Eignung von Bradyrhizobien-Impfpräparaten zur Inokulation von Sojabohnen. In: Pekrun, C.; Wachendorf, M.; Müller, T.; Utermann, J. and Düker, A. (Eds.) Mitteilungen der Gesellschaft für Pflanzenbauwissenschaften Band 24 Bodenfruchtbarkeit – Bedeutung und Bestimmung in Pflanzenbau und Bodenkunde, Verlag Liddy Halm, Göttingen, Deutschland, pp. 341-342.

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