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Items affiliated to "Functional agrobiodiversity"

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Peer-reviewed and accepted

Alignier, Audrey; Solé-Senan, Xavier Oriol; Robleño, Irene; Baraibar, Bàrbara; Fahrig, Lenore; Giralt, David; Gross, Nicolas; Martin, Jean-Louis; Recasens, Jordi; Sirami, Clélia; Siriwardena, Gavin; Bosem-Baillod, Aliette; Bertrand, Colette; Carrié, Romain; Hass, Annika; Henckel, Laura; Miguet, Paul; Badenhausser, Isabelle; Baudry, Jacques; Bota, Gerard; Bretagnolle, Vincent; Brotons, Lluis; Burel, Françoise; Calatayud, François; Clough, Yann; Georges, Romain; Gibon, Annick; Girard, Jude; Lindsay, Kathryn; Miñano, Jesús; Mitchell, Scott; Patry, Nathalie; Poulin, Brigitte; Tscharntke, Teja; Vialatte, Aude; Violle, Cyrille; Yaverscovski, Nicole and Batáry, Péter (2020) Configurational crop heterogeneity increases within-field plant diversity. Journal of Applied Ecology, 57 (4), pp. 654-663.

Ciaccia, Corrado; Armengot, Laura; Testani, Elena; Leteo, Fabrizio; Campanelli, Gabriele and Trinchera, Alessandra (2020) Weed Functional Diversity as Affected by Agroecological Service Crops and No-Till in a Mediterranean Organic Vegetable System. Plants, 9 (6), p. 689.

Fried, Guillaume; Armengot, Laura; Storkey, Jonathan; Bourgeois, Bérenger; Gaba, Sabrina; Violle, Cyrille and Munoz, Francois (2020) Do ecological specialization and functional traits explain the abundance–frequency relationship? Arable weeds as a case study. Journal of Biogeography, 48 (1), pp. 37-50.

Meier, Claudia and Oehen, Bernadette (2019) Consumers’ Valuation of Farmers’ Varieties for Food System Diversity. Sustainability, 11, p. 7134.

Munoz, Francois; Fried, Guillaume; Armengot, Laura; Bourgeois, Bérenger; Bretagnolle, Vincent; Chadoeuf, Joel; Mahaut, Lucie; Plumejeaud, Christine; Storkey, Jonathan; Violle, Cyrille and Gaba, Sabrina (2020) Ecological Specialization and Rarity of Arable Weeds: Insights from a Comprehensive Survey in France. Plants, 9 (7), p. 824.

Not peer-reviewed

Ackermann, Nadine (2008) Biolandbau und Naturschutz sind ein Paar mit Potential. bioaktuell, 2008, 7/08, pp. 14-15.

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