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Items affiliated to "Africa"

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Peer-reviewed and accepted

Anyango, John; Bautze, David; Fiaboe, Komi K.M.; Lagat, Zipporah; Muriuki, Anne; Stöckli, Sibylle; Riedel, Judith; Onyambu, Gladys; Musyoka, Martha W.; Karanja, Edward N. and Adamtey, Noah (2020) The impact of conventional and organic farming on soil biodiversity conservation: a case study on termites in the long-term farming systems comparison trials in Kenya. BMC Ecology, 20, p. 13.

Bossi, Elisa; Fromm, Ingrid; Andres, Christian and Schneider, Monika (2020) Analysis of Dynamic Agroforestry Systems and Cocoa Plant Health in in Western Ghana. In: Proceedings Tropentag "Food and nutrition security and its resilience to global crises", 9-11 September 2020, Virtual Conference, p. 131.

Doumbia, Salif; Dembele, Sidiki Gabriel; Sissoko, Fagaye; Samake, Odiaba; Sousa, Fernando; Harun, Cicek; Adamty, Noah and Fliessbach, Andreas (2020) Alley Cropped Gliricidia sepium (Jacq.) Kunth ex. Walp. Enhance Soil Fertility and Yields of Cotton, Maize and Sorghum in Mali. International Journal of Food Science and Agriculture, 4 (3), pp. 301-313.

Githongo, M. W.; Kiboi, M. N.; Ngetich, K. F.; Musafiri, C. M.; Muriuki, A. and Fliessbach, A. (2021) The effect of minimum tillage and animal manure on maize yields and soil organic carbon in sub ‐Saharan Africa: A meta-analysis. Environmental Challenges, 5 (100340), pp. 1-9.

Heidenreich, Anja; Grovermann, Christian; Kadzere, Irene; Egyir, Irene S.; Muriuki, Anne; Bandanaa, Joseph; Clotty, Jospeh; Ndungu, John; Blockeel, Johan; Müller, Adrian; Stolze, Matthias and Schader, Christian (2022) Sustainable intensification pathways in Sub-Saharan Africa: Assessing eco-efficiency of smallholder perennial cash crop production. Agricultural Systems, 195, p. 103304.

Kamau, Juliet Wanjiku; Schader, Christian; Biber-Freudenberger, Lisa; Stellmacher, Till; Amudavi, David M.; Landert, Jan; Blockeel, Johan; Whitney, Cory and Borgemeister, Christian (2021) A holistic sustainability assessment of organic (certified and non-certified) and non-organic smallholder farms in Kenya. Environment, Development and Sustainability, online, pp. 1-38.

Karanja, Edward N.; Fliessbach, Andreas; Adamtey, Noah; Kambura, Anne Kelly; Musyoka, Martha; Fiaboe, Komi and Mwirichia, Romano (2020) Diversity and structure of prokaryotic communities within organic and conventional farming systems in central highlands of Kenya. PLosONE, 15 (8), e0236574.

Karanja, Edward N.; Fliessbach, Andreas; Adamtey, Noah; Kambura, Anne Kelly; Musyoka, Martha; Fiaboe, Komi and Mwirichia, Romano (2020) Fungal diversity within organic and conventional farming systems in Central Highlands of Kenya. African Journal of Microbiology Research, 14 (6), pp. 242-258.

Kiboi, M. N.; Ngetich, K. F.; Fliessbach, A.; Muriuki, A. and Mugendi, D. N. (2020) Nutrient release from organic resources in Nitisols of the Central Highlands of Kenya. Geoderma Regional, 21, e00287.

Nderitu Mwangi, Edwin; Nyambura Ngamau, Catherine; Mwibanda Wesonga, John; Nderitu Karanja, Edward; Wangu Musyoka, Martha; Matheri, Felix; Mbi Tanga, Chrysantus; Kouma Mokpokpo Komi, Fiaboe; Bautze, David and Adamtey, Noah (2021) Improving Phosphate Rock Use Efficiency In Organic Farming. Paper at: Organic World Congress 2021, Science Forum: 6th ISOFAR Conference co-organised with INRA, FiBL, Agroecology Europe, TP Organics and ITAB, Rennes, France, 8 - 10 September, 2021. [Completed]

Nicolay, Gian L.; Chikopela, Louis; Diarra, Boubacar and Fliessbach, Andreas (2020) Modelling farm behaviour on soil fertility with the policy variable: a case from Africa. Organic Agriculture, 10, pp. 43-56.

Notenbaert, An; Groot, Jeroen C.J.; Herrero, Mario; Birnholz, Celine; Paul, Birthe K.; Pfeifer, Catherine; Fraval, Simon; Lannerstad, Mats; McFadzean, Jamie; Dungait, Jennifer A.J.; Morris, Joanne; Ran, Ylva; Barron, Jennie and Tittonell, Pablo (2020) Towards environmentally sound intensification pathways for dairy development in the Tanga region of Tanzania. Regional Environmental Change, 20 (138), pp. 1-14.

Pfeifer, Catherine; Morris, Joanne; Ensor, Jonathan; Quédraogo-Koné, Salifou; Multau, Dawit W. and Wakwyo, Mekonnen (2021) Designing sustainable pathways for the livestock sector: the example of Atsbi, Ethiopia and Bama, Burkina Faso. International Journal of Agricultural Sustainability, 19 (5-6), pp. 509-524.

Not peer-reviewed

Kadzere, I.; Muriuki, A.W.; Schader, C.; Heeb, M. and Herter-Aeberli, I. (2020) Nutrition and health: farming women in Kenya’s Murang’a speak out. Rural 21 - International Journal for Rural Development, 54 (3), pp. 29-31.

Rebholz, Theresa; Huber, Beate and Bautze, David (2021) «Eine andere Art von Biolandbau». Bioaktuell, 2021 (10), pp. 16-17.

Schader, Christian; Heidenreich, Anja; Kadzere, Irene; Egyir, Irene; Muriuki, Anne; Bandanaa, Joseph; Clottey, Joseph; Ndungu, John; Grovermann, Christian; Lazzarini, Gianna; Blockeel, Johan; Borgemeister, Christian; Müller, Adrian; Kabi, Fred; Fiaboe, Komi; Adamtey, Noah; Huber, Beate; Niggli, Urs and Stolze, Matthias (2021) How is organic farming performing agronomically and economically in sub-Saharan Africa? Global Environmental Change, online, p. 102325.

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