November 2004 No. 1


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EcoWiki – a tool for co-operative work

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QLIF-training workshop February, 2005

EcoWiki - a tool for co-operative work

EcoWiki is a website for co-operative web work on organic agriculture, food systems and related issues. EcoWiki is a free website that offers a platform for development of ideas and projects. At the moment, there is e.g. a discussion on rewriting the principles of organic agriculture and the QLIF research project is expected to contribute to this debate.

Online collaboration and communication

EcoWiki is targeted towards organic agriculture and food systems, but is part of the worldwide Wiki System, a system for many different purposes.

A Wiki system is an "open-editing" system designed as a tool to support easy, collaborative authoring and maintenance of web sites rather than the simple browsing or viewing of them. The basic concept of a Wiki system is that (generally) anyone can edit any page and this allows multiple people to edit a common set of pages via the Internet.

The system can be used as a cheap and rapid way to establish a homepage for a new project and furthermore, as pages can be edited and amended, the system acts as a combination between e-mails and traditional homepages - allowing participants to work on joint documents and to see the result as Internet pages.

EcoWiki presents excellent opportunities for the communication and collaboration among researchers in the QLIF project. Complex and rich communities for online collaboration and communication have already developed in other projects.

Try using EcoWiki

EcoWiki is free and easy to use for anyone. Try it by visiting the EcoWiki homepage at www.ecowiki.org. You can create your own workplace or just visit already existing workgroups. It is also possible to practise editing by using the WikiSandbox.

Visit EcoWiki