November 2004 No. 1


Introducing the QLIF research project

Advancing research collaboration in organic food and farming

Mediating QLIF research

Organic Eprints – an open archive

EcoWiki – a tool for co-operative work

International organic congress

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Evidence on higher vitamin levels in organic food will be presented

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Underlying Principles in Organic and “Low-Input Food” Processing

New tendencies on the organic food market

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Identifying challenges and possible solutions for organic processing

The Result of Open Call for experiments on dairy management

QLIF-training workshop February, 2005

Mediating QLIF research

One of the overall objectives for QualityLowInputFood is to disseminate research findings to organic producers, processors and consumers together with authorities and other interested research users. In order to secure the transfer of information, a number of different communication tools are being used.

The project website at www.qlif.org is the base of communication in the project. The website includes descriptions of objectives and work packages, recommendations and results from the subprojects, a calendar of project events and hosting of programmes for workshops & seminars, and archives for newsletters and press releases etc. However, the website is not the only means of communication.

Newsletters and news briefs

Every six months we will send an electronic newsletter to all the users who register themselves. The newsletter will give an account of results deriving from the project including new publications and other presentations. It will also describe new outreach activities like the annual congress, workshops and initiatives taken by project partners. The newsletter is free of charge and will be e-mailed to all, who wish to receive it.

The biannual newsletter is supplemented by "news briefs", which are e-mail alerts about new publications, meetings, workshops etc.

Network agreements

During the coming months, agreements will be made with national and regional "extension organisations" representing various user groups of QualityLowInputFood. One of the objectives is to encourage the utilization of information found at the web site.

Annual Integrated Project Congress

The annual congress held by the project is expected to be a forum for presenting European research in organic farming. The congress will offer plenary sessions focused on dissemination to industrial user groups and other stakeholders, but also possibilities for organizing "break out workshops" facilitating "in depth" discussions with stakeholders.

Other outreach activities

Besides utilizing the readymade communication instruments in QualityLowInputFood, the individual research groups will disseminate in journals and the popular and technical press. Furthermore, research groups will carry out outreach activities like "institutional open days and field trial visits, workshops, presentations at consumer fairs, trade shows and technical conferences.

Organic Eprints

All publications originating from QualityLowInputFood can be found at the open access archive Organic Eprints. Please see the article in this newsletter or visit the archive at www.orgprints.org.


There is not a dicussion list connected to the site. Instead, an agreement has been made with EcoWiki. The EcoWiki is a website for co-operative web work on organic agriculture and food systems, and related issues. Please see the article in this newsletter or visit the EcoWiki at www.ecowiki.org