No. 1 November 2004

The QLIF project

The integrated research project on "Improving quality, safety and reduction of costs in the European organic and "low input" food supply chains" was initiated in March 2004.

In this first issue of the QLIF newsletter, focus is centred on introducing the project and the communication tool connected to the project.

Introducing the QLIF project

Advancing research collaboration

Mediating QLIF research

Organic Eprints – an open archive

EcoWiki – a tool for co-operative work

Research articles

As the project evolves, QLIF news will bring an increasing number of research articles

Underlying Principles in Organic and “Low-Input Food” Processing

New tendencies on the organic food market

QLIF Notes

Identifying challenges and possible solutions for organic processing

In the spring 2004 open calls for tenders to carry out research work were put out. The first tender has now ended.

A QLIF-training workshop is to be held in February, 2005 at Louis Bolk Institute, NL.

International congress on Organic Farming, Food Quality and Human Health

A major international congress jointly organised by the QLIF project and the Soil Association is to distribute and discuss research in organic farming and its benefits on environment, food quality and human health.

The event will take place in Newcastle upon Tyne in the north of England from 6 January to 9, January 2005.

The congress will explore the neglected relationship between public health and the way we farm.

Speakers from research institutions throughout Europe will present new research into how methods of production influence the levels of harmful pathogens and beneficial nutrients in our food.

Policy makers will debate how the relative small amounts of public funds invested in agriculture can be used to promote positive health and help control the huge sums consumed by health care budgets.

Farmers, growers, processors and academics will share their insights into how methods of husbandry, feeding and fertility management can be used to improve crop and livestock health and enhance the nutritional profile of organic foods.

More about the congress

If you want to participate

New evidence on higher vitamin levels in organic food will be presented at the congress.