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QLIF-training workshop February, 2005


Workshop on "Healthy soil, healthy crops, healthy people" to be held February 2 - 4 · 2005 at Louis Bolk Institute, NL

High food quality is based on a high soil quality. That's why soil quality is of utmost importance for further development of organic agriculture. That is also why soil quality is the basic theme of this first International Workshop for junior researchers within the EU integrated project "Quality Low Input Food". The workshop is organised by Louis Bolk Institute (NL) and Newcastle University (GB).

The aim of the two-days workshop is to transfer both theoretical background knowledge and practical skills in the use of new techniques and experimental approaches.

Activities at the workshop are focused on three themes:

  1. Soil quality; how to assess; the role of long-term trials
  2. Soil life; relation to soil quality, how to assess
  3. Soil quality - crop quality - healthy nutrition. Research approaches

Participants will be Ph.D.-students and junior scientists/post-doctoral researchers. There is a maximum of 40 participants.

Workshop programme and other information needed for registration can be found at the workshop homepage.