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Items affiliated to "Market development"

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Borghoff, Lisa; Strassner, Carola and Richter, Toralf (2021) Organic Processed Food in Europe. ProOrg-Report. FH Münster, University of Applied Sciences, Food - Nutrition - Facilities, D-Münster .

Frick, Rebekka; Obrist, Robert and Schmid, Otto (2021) Im Ausland greift die öffentliche Hand nach Bioprodukten. Bioaktuell, 2021 (3), pp. 20-21.

Frick, Rebekka; Obrist, Robert and Schmid, Otto (2021) À l’étranger, les pouvoirs publics achètent des produits bio. Bioactualités, 2021 (3), pp. 20-21.

Friedli, Michael (2021) Entwicklungen im Bio-Beerenanbau in der Schweiz. Paper at: Öko-Beerenobsttagung 2021, Online via Zoom, 22. Februar 2021. [Unpublished]

Friedli, Michael; Häseli, Andreas; Stefani, Patrick; Baumgartner, Fabian; Boutry, Clémence and Suard, Thierry (2021) Herausforderungen und Fortschritte im Bio-Beerenanbau und der Bio-Beeren-Jungflanzenproduktion. Paper at: Erfahrungsaustausch Biobeerenanbau 2021, Biohof Fluofeld, Oberarth, Schweiz, 29. Juni 2021. [Unpublished]

Horton, Douglas; Devaux, André; Bernet, Thomas; Mayanja, Sarah; Ordinola, Miguel and Thiele, Graham (2022) Inclusive innovation in agricultural value chains: lessons from use of a systems approach in diverse settings. Innovation and Development, xx, pp. 1-23.

Meier, Claudia; Stolze, Matthias; Bhullar, Umesh; Moakes, Simon; Grovermann, Christian; Sakamma, Srinivasaiah and Quiédeville, Sylvain (2018) Consumer's WTP for enhanced bioavailability of iron in finger millet - experimental evidence from South India. Paper at: Organics and Mittets 2018 International Trade Fair, Bengaluru Palace, India, January 19-21, 2018. [Completed]

Meier, Claudia; El Benni, Nadja; Sakamma, Srinivasaiah; Moakes, Simon; Grovermann, Christian; Quiédeville, Sylvain; Stolz, Hanna; Stolze, Matthias and Umesh, K. Basegowda (2020) Are non-farming consumers willing to pay "a good market price" for iron-biofortified finger millet? Evidence from experimental auctions in Karnataka, India. Journal of Agribusiness in Developing and Emerging Economies, 10 (5), pp. 751-779.

Notenbaert, An; Groot, Jeroen C.J.; Herrero, Mario; Birnholz, Celine; Paul, Birthe K.; Pfeifer, Catherine; Fraval, Simon; Lannerstad, Mats; McFadzean, Jamie; Dungait, Jennifer A.J.; Morris, Joanne; Ran, Ylva; Barron, Jennie and Tittonell, Pablo (2020) Towards environmentally sound intensification pathways for dairy development in the Tanga region of Tanzania. Regional Environmental Change, 20 (138), pp. 1-14.

Obrist, Robert; Schmid, Otto and Frick, Rebekka (2017) Aus dem Flirt von Bio mit Regio soll ein Traumpaar werden. Bioaktuell, 2017, 3/2017, p. 20.

Schärer, Ann (2022) Importware unter der Lupe. Bioaktuell, 2022 (9), p. 28.

Schmid, Otto ; Brunori, Gianluca; Galli, Francesca; van de Graaf , Pieter; Prior, Alistair and Ruiz, Roberto (2014) Contribution of short food supply chains to sustainability and health. In: Proceedings of the 11th European IFSA Symposium, 1-4 April 2014 in Berlin/Germany , IFSA - International Farming System Association - Europe Group, pp. 1247-1253.

Winter, Eva (2021) Assessing the economic impacts of interventions to increase organic seed use. Paper at: Eucarpia, Digital, 10.03.2012. [Completed]

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