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Andres, C.; Mandloi, L.S. and Bhullar, G.S. (2016) Sustaining the supply of White Gold: The case of SysCom innovation platforms in India. In: Dror, I.; Cadilhon, J.-J.; Schut, M.; Misiko, M. and Maheshwari, S. (Eds.) Innovation Platforms for Agricultural Development: Evaluating the mature innovation platforms landscape. Routledge, London, UK, chapter 8, pp. 133-150.

Andres, Christian; Forster, Dionys; Verma, Rajeev; Zundel, Christine; Messmer, Monika; Mäder, Paul and Bhullar, Gurbir S. (2014) Yields and gross margins of cotton-based production systems under organic and conventional management in India. In: Abstracts from the 1st International Global Food Security Conference.

Baruah, R.; Messmer, M.; Forster, D.; Verma, R. and Patil, S. S. (2011) Participatory Breeding of Cotton for Organic and Low External Input Conditions. Paper at: World Cotton Research Conference, Mumbai, India, 5. - 10. November 2011. [Completed]

Baruah, Rajeev (2008) System Comparisons between Organic, Biodynamic, Conventional and GMO’s in cotton production & Organic, Biodynamic, Conventional systems in Soya and Wheat in Central India. Paper at: 16th IFOAM Organic World Congress, Organic Textile Conference, Carpi, Italy, 16-20 June 2008.

Bautze, David; Andres, Christian; Mandloi, Lokendra; Wele, Dharmendra; Yogendra, Shrivas; Patel, Dharmendra; Patidar, Ishwar; Ramsing, Sitaram; Forster, Dionys; Zundel, Christine; Messmer, Monika and Bhullar, Gurbir S. (2015) Partizipative Forschung als Instrument der angewandten Agrarforschung am Beispiel von Indien (SysCom). Paper at: 13. Wissenschaftstagung Ökologischer Landbau, Hochschule für nachhaltige Entwicklung Eberswalde, 17. - 20. März 2015.

Berset, Estelle; Srivastava, Rashmi; Mäder, Paul; Kaiser, Franziska; Adholeya, Alok; Fried, Padrout M. and Sharma, Anil K. (2011) Effect of mycorrhiza and plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria on rice in Northern India: results from 2005-2008. In: estelle.berset@fibl.org (Ed.) Abstract Book of the ISCB International Symposium, p. 59.

Bhullar, Gurbir S.; Bautze, David; Adamtey, Noah; Armengot, Laura; Cicek, Harun; Goldmann, Eva; Riar, Amritbir; Rüegg, Johanna; Schneider, Monika and Huber, Beate (2021) What is the contribution of organic agriculture to sustainable development? A synthesis of twelve years (2007-2019) of the “long-term farming systems comparisons in the tropics (SysCom)”. Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL) , Department of International Cooperation, Frick, Switzerland.

Cicek, Harun; Bhullar, Gurbir S.; Mandloi, Lokendra S.; Andres, Christian and Riar, Amritbir (2020) Partial Acidulation of Rock Phosphate for Increased Productivity in Organic and Smallholder Farming. Sustainability, 12 (2), p. 607.

Das, Kasturi (2004) GM Crops in India: Why Open Pandora’s Box? www.gmwatch.org. Online at http://www.gmwatch.org/p1temp.asp?pid=54&page=1.

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Eyhorn, Frank (2004) ICCOA – Indian Competence Centre for Organic Agriculture. Research Institute of Organic Agriculture, Frick, Switzerland , International Cooperation. [Unpublished]

Eyhorn, Frank (2004) The Maikaal bioRe Cotton Research Project "Growing Organic Cotton under Groundwater Stress": Lessons from the Maikaal bioRe Project, Madhya Pradesh, India. Research Institute of Organic Agriculture FiBL, Frick, Switzerland , International Cooperation. [Unpublished]

Eyhorn, Frank (2004) Organic Agriculture in India. Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL), Frick, Switzerland . [Unpublished]

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Eyhorn, Frank (2006) Assessing the potential of organic farming for sustainable livelihoods in developing countries - The case of cotton in India. PhD thesis, Universität Bonn , Philosophisch-naturwissenschaftliche Fakultät. . [Completed]

Forster, Cionys; Andres, Christian; Rajeev, Verma; Zundel, Christine; Messmer, Monika M. and Mäder, Paul (2013) Productivity and Profitability of a Cotton-based Production System under Organic and Conventional Management in India. In: Tielkes, Eric (Ed.) Tropentag 2013 - Agricultural development within the rural-urban continuum - Book of abstract, p. 294.

Forster, D.; Andres, C.; Verma, R.; Zundel, C.; Messmer, M. and Mäder, P. (2013) Economic profitability of organic vs. conventional cotton-based production systems in a long-term field trial in India. Poster at: First International Conference on Global Food Security, Noordwijkerhout, The Netherlands, 29 September - 2 October 2013. [Completed]

Forster, Dionys; Andres, Christian; Verma, Rajeev; Zundel, Christine; Messmer, Monika M. and Mäder, Paul (2013) Yield and Economic Performance of Organic and Conventional Cotton-Based Farming Systems – Results from a Field Trial in India. PLOS ONE, 8 (12), pp. 1-15.

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Helfenstein, Julian; Müller, Isabel; Grüter, Roman; Bhullar, Gurbir S.; Mandloi, Lokendra; Papritz, Andreas; Siegrist, Michael and Schulin, Rainer (2016) Organic Wheat Farming Improves Grain Zinc Concentration. PLoS ONE, 11 (8), pp. 1-20.

Huber, Beate; Bautze, David and Goldmann, Eva (2022) Ist der Biolandbau eine Lösung für den globalen Süden? BioTOPP, 2022, 5, pp. 16-19.

Jalan, Vishal (2007) Organic Foods manufacturing and Processing: The New Way of Life. Speech at: India-Africa Agrifood Summit by FICCI, Hotel Crowne Plaza, New Friends Colony, New Delhi, India, 7-8 March 2007.

Klaiss, Matthias; Messmer, Monika; Forster, Dionys; Verma, Rajeev; Baruah, Rajeev; Rawal, Vivek; Mandloi, Lokendra S. and Shrivas, Yogendra (2012) Influence of the Fast Spread of Bt Cotton on Organic Cotton Production: Examples from India and Burkina Faso. In: Scientific Conference 2012 Advancing the Understanding of Biosafety, GMO Risk Assessment, Independent Biosafety Research and Holistic Analysis, European Network of Scientists for Social and Environmental Responsibility (ENSSER), Tara Foundation and Third World Network (TWN), pp. 107-118.

Meier, Claudia; Stolze, Matthias; Bhullar, Umesh; Moakes, Simon; Grovermann, Christian; Sakamma, Srinivasaiah and Quiédeville, Sylvain (2018) Consumer's WTP for enhanced bioavailability of iron in finger millet - experimental evidence from South India. Paper at: Organics and Mittets 2018 International Trade Fair, Bengaluru Palace, India, January 19-21, 2018. [Completed]

Messmer, Monika; Joshi, Tanay and Riar, Amritbir (2019) Seeding the Green Future - Participatory breeding for Securing Organic Cotton and Genetic Diversity. Paper at: Meeting Point Organic right from the start at Biofach Messe, Biofach Messe, Nuremberg, Germany, 15.02.2019. [Completed]

Messmer, Monika and Riar, Amritbir (2017) Organic Cotton Breeding. Opportunities and Challenges. Paper at: IFOAM SEED PLATFORM & ECO-PB Pre-Conference on Organic Seed and Plant Breeding, New Delhi, India, 8th November 2017. [Completed]

Messmer, Monika; Riar, Amritbir; Vonzun, Seraina; Shrivas, Yogendra; Mandloi, Lokendra; Birla, Mahesh; Patidar, Ishwar; Sana, Ramprasad; Mahapatra, Gobinda; Ambatipudi, Arun; Kencharaddi, H. G. and Patil, Shreekant S. (2017) Participatory non-GM cotton breeding to safeguard organic cotton production in India. Poster at: 19th Organic World Congress, New Delhi, India, 9.11. November 2017. [Completed]

Messmer, Monika M.; Raghuwanshi, Shivraj; Ramprasad, Sana; Verma, Rajeev; Joshi, Tanay; Deshmukh, Surendr; Ashok, Kumar; Vikram, Raghuwanshi; Adinath, Paslawar; Mondal, Ashis; Shastry, Prakash; Ambatipudi, Arun; Vonzun, Seraina and Riar, Amritbir (2018) Seeding the Green Future - Participatory organic cotton breeding. In: Proceedings of the DIVERSIFOOD Congress 2018, "Cultivating Diversity and Food Quality", 12-12 December 2018, Rennes, France, p. 94.

Müller, Adrian (2021) Organic agriculture and aspects of food security. Paper at: Organic Sri Lanka – International Stakeholder Discussion on Building Sustainable Supply Chain for Organic Inputs in Sri Lanka, Online, 22.6.2021. [Completed]

Paull, John (2023) Organic Agriculture in Bhutan: Dream of 100%bOrganic is Stalled at Reality of 1% Organic. European Journal of Development Studies, 3 (5), pp. 58-61.

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Rebholz, Theresa; Huber, Beate and Bautze, David (2021) «Eine andere Art von Biolandbau». Bioaktuell, 2021 (10), pp. 16-17.

Rebholz, Theresa (2014) Gentechnikfreies Saatgut für indischen Biobaumwollanbau. bioaktuell, 2014, 6, p. 19.

Riar, Amritbir and Bhullar, Gurbir S. (2016) Major bottlenecks of cotton production in Nimar valley of central India. Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FIBL), Frick, Switzerland .

Riar, Amritbir; Cicek, Harun and Bhullar, Gurbir S. (2018) SysCom Indien 2007-2022. Langzeitvergleich von biologischen und konventionellen Anbausystemen in der Baumwollfruchtfolge. Poster at: Tag der Offenen Tür, FiBL Frick, Schweiz, 19.8.2018. [Completed]

Riar, Amritbir; Joshi, Tanay and Messmer, Monika (2018) National Workshop of Organic Cotton Stakeholders - A Dialogue on Challenges and Persepective of Organic Cotton Production in India. Paper at: National Workshop on Organic Cotton Stakeholders, Indore, India, 20.11.2018. [Completed]

Riar, Amritbir; Joshi, Tanay and Messmer, Monika (2018) Seeding the Green Future - Green Cotton 2013 – 2016. Partizipative Bio-Baumwollzüchtung mit Bäuerinnen und Bauern in Indien. Poster at: Tag der Offenen Tür, FiBL Frick, Schweiz, 19.8.2018. [Completed]

Riar, Amritbir; Mandloi, Lokendra S.; Poswal, Randhir S.; Messmer, Monika and Bhullar, Gurbir S. (2017) What socially motivates farmers to grow organic cotton in central India? Paper at: 19th Organic World Congress, New Delhi, India, 9-11. November 2017. [Completed]

Riar, Amritbir; Mandloi, Lokendra S.; Poswal, Randhir S.; Messmer, Monika M. and Bhullar, Gurbir S. (2017) A Diagnosis of Biophysical and Socio-Economic Factors Influencing Farmers’ Choice to Adopt Organic or Conventional Farming Systems for Cotton Production. Frontiers in Plant Science, 8, p. 1289.

Roner, T.; Messmer, M. M.; Finckh, M.; Forster, D.; Verma, R.; Baruah, R. and Patil, S. S. (2012) Participatory cotton breeding for organic and low input farming in Central India. In: Tielkes, E. (Ed.) Tropentag 2012 - Resilience of agricultural systems against crises - Book of abstracts, CUVILLIER VERLAG, Göttingen, Germany.

Shah, Pratik (2010) “Comparing economic and environmental sustainability of intensive and organic agricultural systems to support land use policy formulation aimed at reducing agrarian distress in Karnataka, India”. Masters thesis, Wageningen University and Research centre , Plant Production System. . [Submitted]

Sharma, Arun K (2015) Up-scaling organic by default agriculture- a hope spot for drylands. Rural 21, 21 (4), pp. 39-42.

Sharma, Arun K. (2015) SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE PRODUCTION MODEL FOR SMALL FARMER IN RAINFED ARID LAND. Working paper, ILUM&FS, Central Arid Zone Research Institute,Jodhpur,INDIA .

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Sharma, Arun K. (2014) Organic Agriculture Programming for Sustainability in Primary sector of India: Action and Adoption. Productivity, 55 (1), pp. 1-17.

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Singh, Devesh; Mathimaran, Natarajan; Sekar, Jegan; Ramalingam, Prabavathy Vaiyapuri; Perisamy, Yuvaraj; Raju, Kathiravan; Raj, Rengalakshmi; King, Israel Oliver; Nanjundegowda, Thimmegowda Matadadoddi; Narayanswamy, Manjunatha Baiyapalli; Chikkegowda, Bhavitha Nayakanahalli; Siddegowda, Savitha Matakere; Bagyaraj, Davis Joseph; Mäder, Paul; Boller, Thomas and Kahmen, Ansgar (2020) Influence of spatial arrangement, biofertilizers and bioirrigation on the performance of legume-millet intercropping system in rainfed areas of southern India. bioRxiv, xx, xx.

Srivastava, R.; Berset, E.; Mäder, P.; Fried, P.M. and Sharma, A.K. (2012) Improving rice yield and quality through inoculation with mycorrhiza and plant growth promoting rhizobacteria in India. Paper at: Roots to the futuere - 8th Symposium of the International Society of Root Research (ISRR), Dalhousie Building, University of Dundee, 26-29 June 2012.

Srivastava, Rashmi; Berset, Estelle; Mäder, Paul; Adholeya, Alok; Padruot, Fried and Sharma, Anil K. (2011) Effects of mycorrhiza and plant growth promoting rhizobacteria inoculants on rice crops in Northern India. In: Becker, Mathias; Kreye, Christine; Ripken, Christina and Tielkes, Eric (Eds.) Tropentag 2011 - Development on the margin - Book of abstracts, DITSL GmbH, Witzenhausen, Germany, p. 206.

Timler, Carl (2011) Analysis and (Re)Design of the farm Annapurna, Auroville, Tamil Nadu, India. Masters thesis, Wageningen University and Research , Organic Farming Systems Group. . [Completed]

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