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Brandt, Dr Kirsten (2007) Organic Agriculture and Food Utilization. Paper at: Organic Agriculture and Food Security, FAO, Rome, 3-5 May.


Commins, Ken (2004) Overview of Current Status of Standards and Conformity Assessment Systems. Working paper, UNCTAD / IFOAM / FAO, INTERNATIONAL TASK FORCE ON HARMONIZATION AND EQUIVALENCE IN ORGANIC AGRICULTURE. [Unpublished]


El Hage, Nadia (2012) Guidelines for Sustainability Assessment in Food and Agriculture. Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations, Rome.


Fließbach, A.; Mäder, P.; Dioup, A.; Hepperly, P.; Luttikholt, L.; Scialabba, N. and Niggli, U. (2009) Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies – Organic Agriculture. Poster at: 21st Session of the FAO Committee on Agriculture, Rome, April 22-25, 2009. [Unpublished]


Gattinger, Andreas; Müller, Adrian; Haeni, Matthias; Skinner, Colin; Fließbach, Andreas; Buchmann, Nina; Mäder, Paul; Stolze, Matthias; Smith, Pete; El-Hage Scialabbad, Nadja and Niggli, Urs (2013) Reply to Leifeld et al.: Enhanced top soil carbon stocks under organic farming is not equated with climate change mitigation. PNAS, 110 (11), E985.

Gattinger, Andreas; Müller, Adrian; Haeni, Matthias; Skinner, Collin; Fliessbach, Andreas; Buchmann, Nina; Mäder, Paul; Stolze, Matthias; Smith, Pete; El-Hage Scialabba, Nadia and Niggli, Urs (2012) Enhanced top soil carbon stocks under organic farming. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences - PNAS, 109 (44), pp. 18226-18231.

Gattinger, Andreas; Müller, Adrian; Häni, Matthias; Oehen, Bernadette; Stolze, Matthias and Niggli, Urs (2011) Soil carbon sequestration of organic crop and livestock systems and potential for accreditation by carbon markets. In: Organic agriculture and climate change mitigation - A report of the Round Table on Organic Agriculture and Climate Change . Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), Natural Resources Management and Environment Department, Rome, Italy, chapter 2, pp. 10-31.


Izac, A.-M.; Egelyng, H.; Ferreira, G.; Duthie, D.; Hubert, B.; Louwaars, N. and al., et (2009) Options for enabling policies and regulatory environments. In: McIntyre, B.D.; Herren, H. and Watson, R.T. (Eds.) Agriculture at a Crossroads. Volume I: The Global Report - International Assessment of Agricultural Knowledge Science and Technology for Development. Island Press, chapter 7.


Liu, Pascal; Byers, Alice and Giovannucci, Daniele. (2008) Value-adding Standards in the North American Food Market - Trade Opportunities in Certified Products for Developing Countries. FAO Rome.


Mouret, J.C.; Hammond, R.; Dreyfus, F.; Desclaux, D.; Marnotte, P. and Mesléard, F. (2004) An integrated study of the development of organic rice cultivation in the Camargue (France)-. Paper at: International Conference on Challenges and Opportunities for Sustainable Rice-Based Production Systems., Torino, 13-15 Sept 2004.


Pugesgaard, S.; Dalgaard, T.; Jørgensen, U.; Olesen, J.E.; Møller, H. and Jensen, E.S. (2008) Can on-farm bioenergy production make organic farming more sustainable? - A model for energy balance, nitrogen losses, and green house gas emissions in a 1000 ha energy catchment with organic dairy farming and integrated bioenergy production. Poster at: FAO Workshop on Organic Agriculture and Climate Change. , Modena, Italy., June 18 2008.


Santucci, Fabio Maria (2008) Organic farming for Syria: option or necessity? Speech at: The contribution of agriculture to economic reforms in Syria, Damascus - Syria, July 1-2, 2008.


Wynen, Els (2004) Impact of organic guarantee systems on production and trade in organic products. Working paper, UNCTAD / IFOAM / FAO, International Task Force on Harmonization and Equivalence. [Unpublished]

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