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Belicka, Ina; Viklante, Mara and Arbidans, Maris (Eds.) (2005) Proceedings of the seminar Environmental friendly food production system: requirements for plant breeding and seed production. NGO "Aleksandra Pelēča lasītava" at Dižstende:State Stende Plant Breeding Station. Proceedings of Environmental friendly food production system: requirements for plant breeding and seed production (ENVIRFOOD) FP-2003-SSA-1-007003, Talsi, Latvia, May 31-June 3, 2005.

{Project} COFAMI: Encouraging Collective Farmers Marketing Initiatives. [Förderung von bäuerlichen Inititaitiven zur gemeinschaftlichen Vermarktung (COFAMI).] Runs 2005 - 2008. Project Leader(s): Sanders, Jürn, Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL), CH-5070 Frick.

{Project} EU-ESoF: Förderung von unternehmerischen Fähigkeiten von Landwirten, EU ESoF. [Developing entrepreneurial skills of farmers.] Runs 2005 - 2006. Project Leader(s): Rudmann, Christine and Landau, Bettina, Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL), CH-5070 Frick.

{Project} AEMBAC: Methode zur Entwicklung von Agrarumweltprogrammen in Europa (EU-AEMBAC). [Definition of a common european analytical framework for the development of local agri-environmental programmes for biodiversity and landscape conservation (EU-AEMBAC).] Runs 2001 - 2004. Project Leader(s): Landau, Bettina, Forschungsinstitut für biologischen Landbau (FiBL), CH-Frick.

{Project} EU-SAGRIALP: Nachhaltige Landwirtschaft in alpinen Regionen EU-SAGRIALP. [Sustainable agricultural land use in alpine regions (EU-SAGRIALP).] Runs 1998 - 2000. Project Leader(s): Schmid, Otto, Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL), CH-5070 Frick.

Belicka, Ina and Bleidere, Mara (2005) Analytic observations of seminar scientific work according toward objectives. State Stende Plant Breeding station.

Belicka, Ina and Bleidere, Mara (2005) Variety testing for organic farming: current status and problems in Europe. State Stende Plant Breeding station.

Bello, Dr A; Porcuna, Dr J. L.; Fabeiro, Dra C. and Gonzálvez, Mr V. (2007) ORGANIC FARMING INTEGRITY IN MAIZE CULTIVATION IN SPAIN. In: Stein, Dr. A. J. and Rodriguez-Cerezo, Dr. E. (Eds.) Third International Conference on Coexistence between Genetically Modified (GM) and non-GM based Agricultural Supply Chains Book of abstracts, European Comission JOint Research Centre. Institute for Prospective Technological Studies. Luxembourg: Office for Official Publications of the European Communities 2007, pp. 373-374.

Beste, Dr. Andrea (2005) Qualitative Bodenbeurteilung zur Erhaltung der Bodenfunktionen für Produktion, Gewässerschutz und Hochwasservermeidung. [Qualitative soil assessment - maintaining soil functions for clean water ressources, avoiding inundations, improving production.] Stiftung Ökologie & Landbau.

Brandt, Kirsten (2005) Agronomy as a manipulative tool. Speech at: COST 926 Conference; EUROPEAN WORKSHOP on Improving the health value of plant foods - phytochemical optimisation, Egmond aan Zee, The Netherland, 12 - 13 October 2005.

Gaile, Zinta (2005) Organic seed propagation: current status and problems in Europe. State Stende Plant Breeding station.

Gerrard, Catherine L and Padel, Susanne (2011) Production costs across the EU in 2006. Organic Research Centre Bulletin, April 2011, 105, pp. 9-10.

Legzdina, Linda and Skrabule, Ilze (2005) Plant breeding for organic farming: current status and problems in Europe. State Stende Plant Breeding station.

Løes, Anne-Kristin and Østergård, Hanne (2004) Endelig en COST-aksjon med økologisk siktemål. Forskningsnytt om økologisk landbruk i Norden (3), 1/8-19. [In Press]

Moschitz, Heidrun and Home, Robert (2011) Methods For Understanding Learning And Innovation Networks To Support Transition Towards Sustainable Agriculture – The Approach Of The EU Research Project SOLINSA. In: Book of Abstracts by Working Group, pp. 68-69.

Moschitz, Heidrun and Portmann, Madlen (2013) Frames of food – a case study of the Swiss city Basel. Paper at: XXV ESRS Congress, Florence, 29.7.-1.8.2013.

Moschitz, Heidrun; Tisenkopfs, Talis; Brunori, Gianluca; Home, Robert; Kunda, Ilona and Sumane, Sandra (2014) Final Report of the SOLINSA project. Project Deliverable D8.2 of the SOLINSA project (GA 266306). Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL), Frick.

Nemes, Gusztav; Home, Robert and Moschitz, Heidrun (2012) Is there added value in transdisciplinary research? Paper at: XIII World Congress of Rural Sociology. The New Rural World: From Crises to Opportunities, Lisbon, 29.7.-4.8.2012.

Petersen, Dr. Søren O. (2003) Greenhouse gas emissions from animal manure. [Udledning af drivhusgasser fra husdyrgødning.] Speech at: Joint specific studies: SS2 Specific study on Agricultural greenhouse gas budget - SS3 Specific study on Grasslands greenhouse gas budget, Clermont-Ferrand, France, 4-5 Sept 2003.

Pristeri, Aurelio; Dahlmann, Christoff; von Fragstein, Peter; Gooding, Mike J.; Hauggaard Nielsen, Henrik; Kasyanova, Elena and Monti, Michele (2006) Yield performance of Faba bean– Wheat intercropping on spring and winter sowing in European organic farming system. Poster at: Joint Organic Congress, Odense, Denmark, May 30-31, 2006.

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