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The knowledge transfer from science to practice – a survey with EU researchers

von Fragstein und Niemsdorff, Peter; Briz, Teresa; Bavec, Franc; Batista, Joao; Moudry, Jan; Moudry, Jan, Jr.; Konvalina, Petr; Luik , Anne; Matt, Darja; Basile, Salvatore; Langeveld, Cor; Jansen, Bernhard; Nikolova, Svetla; Mynttinen, Rytva; Hytönen, Anne; Mancinelli , Roberto; Radics , Laszlo; Kazimierczak, Renata and Rembialkowska, Ewa (2014) The knowledge transfer from science to practice – a survey with EU researchers. In: Rahmann, G. and Aksoy, U. (Eds.) Building Organic Bridges, Johann Heinrich von Thünen-Institut, Braunschweig, Germany, 2, Thuenen Report, no. 20, pp. 485-488.

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Group members came from 12 European countries, six from new (Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Poland and Slovenia) and six from old EU member states (Germany, Spain, Finland, Italy, The Netherlands, Portugal).
The aim of the work was to analyze the role of the scientists in a dialogue between them and the practitioners within the organic production sector. Another important aim was to find the best practice models of such dialogue as the examples to be followed by others.
In order to reach this aim the survey with the scientists has been conducted by all project partners; every partner has conducted the survey with 10 selected scientists from own country. Only the scientists possessing PhD level and actively working in the organic sector could be selected.
Key areas of the questionnaire were directed to the (A) person (gender, age, years of activity in teaching and/or researching), (B) number of projects, papers, trainings and interviews, (C) Examples of best practice models, (D) Estimations of potential collaboration and dialog between scientists and stakeholders, (E) Estimations about the success of personal activities with regard to the improvement of the four fields (farming, processing, trading & marketing), (F) Estimates of the improvement of communication and knowledge transfer from science to practice, (G) Estimates of potential threats for good communication and knowledge transfer among scientists and practitioners. Interviewees were finally asked for general remarks and comments.
The results indicate that there is not a big difference between the scientists from the old EU member states and new EU member states in most of the analyzed areas. The main difference is that the scientists from the new EU member states provide more training sessions for practitioners outside their institutions compared to the researchers from the old EU member states. The results reveal also a relatively low level of the researchers’ activity in conducting the implementation projects and writing the popular papers, both in the old and new EU member states.

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Keywords:knowledge transfer, implementation, EU member states, researchers
Subjects: Knowledge management > Education, extension and communication > Technology transfer
Research affiliation: European Union > Other projects, departments, etc.
International Conferences > 2014: 18th IFOAM OWC Scientific Track: 4th ISOFAR Scientific Conference
Deposited By: von Fragstein und Niemsdorff, Prof. Dr. Peter
ID Code:24015
Deposited On:30 Oct 2014 17:45
Last Modified:30 Oct 2014 17:45
Document Language:English
Refereed:Peer-reviewed and accepted
Additional Publishing Information:urn:nbn:de:gbv:253-201407-dn053621-1

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