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Items affiliated to "Zürich University"

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Agostini, Lucilla; Bünemann, Else K.; Jakobsen, E. K.; Salo, C.; Wester-Larsen, L. and Symanczik-Petris, S. (2023) Testing and evaluation of laboratory methods for the assessment of mineralizable mitrogen from bio-based fertilizers. In: RAMIRAN 2023 - 18th International Conference, 12-14 Septmber 2023, Cambridge, UK. Book of Abstracts, p. 119.

Agostini, Lucilla; Krause, Hans-Martin; Diener, Matthias; Mayer, Jochen and Bünemann, Else K. (2023) Gaseous emissions from acidified or ammonium-stripped cattle slurry and digested slurry. In: RAMIRAN 2023 - 18th International Conference, 12-14 Septmber 2023, Cambridge, UK. Book of Abstracts, p. 238.

Ayrle, Hannah; Mevissen, Meike; Bruckmaier, Rupert; Wellnitz, Olga; Kaske, Martin; Bieber, Anna and Walkenhorst, Michael (2018) Effects of an oral Echinacea purpurea alcoholic spissum extract in calves. A placebo-controlled, randomized, double blinded study. Poster at: 30th World Buiatrics Congress 2018, Sapporo, Japan, August 28 - September 1, 2018. [Completed]

Ayrle, Hannah; Mevissen, Meike; Kaske, Martin; Vögtlin, Andrea; Fricker, Raffael; Hofmann, Bernd; Büttner, Mathias; Marinovic, Zlatko and Walkenhorst, Michael (2018) Colostral transmission of BTV-8 antibodies from dairy cows six years after vaccination. Vaccine, 36 (39), pp. 5807-5810.

Bischoff, Tinetta; Vogl, Christian R.; Ivemeyer, Silvia; Klarer, Franziska; Meier, Beat; Hamburger, Matthias and Walkenhorst, Michael (2016) Plant and natural product based homemade remedies manufactured and used by farmers of six central Swiss cantons to treat livestock. Livestock Science, 189, pp. 110-125.

Bodenhausen, Natacha; Hess, Julia; Valzano, Alain; Deslandes‐Hérold, Gabriel; Waelchli, Jan; Furrer, Reinhard; van der Heijden, Marcel and Schlaeppi, Klaus (2023) Predicting soil fungal communities from chemical and physical properties. Journal Sustainable Agriculture and Environment, 3, pp. 1-13.

Bodenhausen, Natacha; Hess, Julia; Valzano, Alain; Deslandes‐Hérold, Gabriel; Waelchli, Jan; Furrer, Reinhard; van der Heijden, Marcel and Schlaeppi, Klaus (2023) Predicting soil fungal communities from chemical and physical properties. Poster at: European Healthy Soilds. Conference series, 1st Edidtion: Soil, Muttenz, Switzerland, September 13-15, 2023. [Completed]

Bodenhausen, Natacha; Somerville, Vincent; Desirò, Alessandro; Walser, Jean-Claude; Borghi, Lorenzo; van der Heijden, Marcel G. A. and Schlaeppi, Klaus (2019) Petunia- and Arabidopsis-Specific Root Microbiota Responses to Phosphate Supplementation. Phytobiomes Journal, 3 (2), pp. 112-124.

Bodenhausen, Natacha; Somerville, Vincent; Desirò, Alessandro; Walser, Jean-Claude; Borghi, Lorenzo; van der Heijden, Marcel G. A. and Schlaeppi, Klaus (2018) Species-specific root microbiota dynamics in response to plant-available phosphorus. bioRxiv (400119), xx -xx.

Dittmann, Marie; Hess, Nina; Arpagaus, Samuel; Müller-Quirin, Jasmin; Weishaupt, Michael and Latif, Selma (2022) The effects of different saddle pads on the pressure exerted on the equine back by correctly fitting dressage saddles. [Effekt verschiedener Sattelunterlagen auf den Druck auf den Pferderücken unter passenden Dressursätteln.] Pferdeheilkunde – Equine Medicine, 38 (2), pp. 100-108.

Dittmann, Marie and Imboden, Isabel (2022) Sustainability in Equine Husbandry and Management. . Online at https://campus.fei.org/course/info.php?id=332, accessed on: 16 November 2022.

Donati, Brice; Coudry, Virginie; Denoix, Jean-Marie; Ohlert, Stefanie; Dittmann, Marie; Richter, Henning; Weishaupt, Michael and Sanchez-Andrade, Jose Suarez (2022) Findings and interobserver agreement in radiography and ultrasonography of the vertebral column of a large population of normally performing horses. Pferdeheilkunde, 38, pp. 500-514.

Eggenschwiler, Lisa; Speiser, Bernhard; Bosshard, Andreas and Jacot, Katja (2012) Improved field margins highly increase slug activity in Switzerland. Agronomy for Sustainable Development (published online), , - .

Fleisch, A.; Werne, S.; Heckendorn, F.; Hartnack, S.; Piechotta, M.; Bollwein, H.; Thun, R. and Janett, F. (2012) Comparison of 6-day progestagen treatment with Chronogest® CR and Eazi-breedTM CIDR® G intravaginal inserts for estrus synchronization in cyclic ewes. Small Ruminant Research, 107, pp. 141-146.

Frehner, A.; van Zanten, H.H.E.; Schader, C.; de Boer, I.J.M.; Pestoni, G.; Rohrmann, S. and Müller, Adrian (2021) How food choices link sociodemographic and lifestyle factors with sustainability impacts. Journal of Cleaner Production, 300 (126896), pp. 1-14.

Gattinger, Andreas; Müller, Adrian; Haeni, Matthias; Skinner, Collin; Fliessbach, Andreas; Buchmann, Nina; Mäder, Paul; Stolze, Matthias; Smith, Pete; El-Hage Scialabba, Nadia and Niggli, Urs (2012) Enhanced top soil carbon stocks under organic farming. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences - PNAS, 109 (44), pp. 18226-18231.

Hartman, Kyle; Schmid, Marc W.; Bodenhausen, Natacha; Bender, S. Franz; Valzano-Held, Alain; Schlaeppi, Klaus and van der Heijden, Marcel (2023) A symbiotic footprint in the plant root microbiome. Environmental Microbiome, 18 (65), pp. 1-16.

Holinger, M.; Früh, B.; Stoll, P.; Pedan, V.; Kreuzer, M.; Bérard, J. and Hillmann, E. (2018) Long-term effects of castration, chronic intermittent social stress, provision of grass silage and their interactions on performance and meat and adipose tissue properties in growing-finishing pigs. Meat Science, 145, pp. 40-50.

Holinger, Mirjam; Früh, Barbara; Stoll, Peter; Graage, Robert; Wirth, Sandra; Bruckmaier, Rupert; Prunier, Armelle; Kreuzer, Michael and Hillmann, Edna (2018) Chronic intermittent stress exposure and access to grass silage interact differently in their effect on behaviour, gastric health and stress physiology of entire or castrated male growing finishing pigs. Physiology and Behavior, 195, pp. 58-68.

Jacot, Katja; Junge, Xenia; Bosshard, Andreas and Luka, Henryk (2005) Lisières, nouvel élément de compensation écologique. Hotspot, 2005, 11, pp. 10-11.

Klarer, F.; Stöger, E.; Bubenhofer, R.; Walkenhorst, M. and Meier, B. (2013) Can traditionally administered home remedies be recommended? An assessment of 287 herbal home remedies for cattle, sheep, goats, pigs and horses, collected in the Swiss Canton of Graubuenden. Planta Medica, 79 (PL11), - .

Kohler, M.; Leiber, F.; Willems, H.; Merbold, L. and Liesegang, A. (2013) Influence of altitude on vitamin D and bone metabolism of lactating sheep and goats. Journal of Animal Science, 91, pp. 5259-5268.

Kupper, J.; Walkenhorst, M.; Ayrle, H.; Mevissen, M. and Demuth, D. (2018) Online-Informationssystem für die Phytotherapie bei Tieren. [Online information system for ­phytotherapy in animals.] Schweizer Archiv für Tierheilkunde, 160 (10), pp. 589-595.

Lucas-Barbosa, Dani; Balvers, Carlijn; Bellantuono, Anthony J.; Castillo, John S.; Costa-da-Silva, André L.; De Moraes, Consuelo M.; DeGennaro, Matthew and Verhulst, Niels O. (2023) Competition matters: using in vitro community models to study the impact of human skin bacteria on mosquito attraction. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution, 11, pp. 1-10.

Lutz, Stefanie; Bodenhausen, Natacha; Hess, Julia; Valzano, Alain; Waelchli, Jan; Deslandes‐Hérold, Gabriel; Schlaeppi, Klaus and van der Heijden, Marcel (2023) Soil microbiome indicators can predict crop growth response to large-scale inoculation with arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi. Nature Microbiology, 8, pp. 2277-2289.

Marc, Irena (2006) Wirksamkeitsprüfung des Mistelpräparates Iscador®M in der Mastitistherapie beim Rind. PhD thesis, Vetsuisse Fakultät der Universität Zürich . .

Martinez-Nunez, Carlos; Gossner, Martin M.; Maurer, Corina; Neff, Felix; Knop, Eva; Luka, Henryk; Cahenzli, Fabian and Albrecht, Matthias (2024) Land-use change in the past 40 years explains shifts in arthropod community traits. Journal of Animal Ecology, online, pp. 1-14.

Mertenat, Doréane; Dal Cero, Maja; Vogl, Christian R.; Ivemeyer, Silvia; Meier, Beat; Maeschli, Ariane; Hamburger, Matthias and Walkenhorst, Michael (2020) Ethnoveterinary knowledge of farmers in bilingual regions of Switzerland - is there potential to extend veterinary options to reduce antimicrobial use? Journal of Ethnopharmacoloy, 246, p. 112184.

Müller, Adrian (2009) Benefits of Organic Agriculture as a Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Strategy in Developing Countries. Discussion Paper Series, no. EfD DP 09-09.

Müller, Adrian and Davis, Joan S. (2009) Reducing Global Warming: The Potential of Organic Agriculture. Policy Brief, no. 31.5.2009.

Pedan, Vasilisa; Stamm, Elisa; Do, Tiên; Holinger, Mirjam and Reich, Eike (2020) HPTLC fingerprint profile analysis of coffee polyphenols during different roast trials. Journal of Food Composition and Analysis, 94, p. 103610.

Rell, Julia; Wunsch, Nadine; Home, Robert; Kaske, Martin; Walkenhorst, Michael and Vaarst, Mette (2020) Stakeholders’ perceptions of the challenges to improving calf health and reducing antimicrobial use in Swiss veal production. Preventive Veterinary Medicine, 179, p. 104970.

Rillig, Matthias C.; Aguilar‐Trigueros, Carlos A.; Camenzind, Tessa; Cavagnaro, Timothy R.; Degrune, Florine; Hohmann, Pierre; Lammel, Daniel R.; Mansour, India; Roy, Julien; van der Heijden, Marcel G.A. and Yang, Gaowen (2019) Why farmers should manage the arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis. New Phytologist, Letter, pp. 1-5.

Säle, Verena; Aguilera, Paula; Laczko, Endre; Mäder, Paul; Berner, Alfred; Zihlmann, Urs; van der Heijden, Marcel G.A. and Oehl, Fritz (2015) Impact of conservation tillage and organic farming on the diversity of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi. Soil Biology and Biochemistry, 84, pp. 38-52.

Shatalina, Margarita; Messmer, Monika; Feuillet, Catherine; Mascher, Fabio; Paux, Etienne; Choulet, Frédéric; Wicker, Thomas and Keller, Beat (2013) High-resolution analysis of a QTL for resistance to Stagonospora nodorum glume blotch in wheat reveals presence of two distinct resistance loci in the target interval. Theoretical and Applied Genetics (Article published online: 04 december 2013), 127 (3), pp. 573-586.

Stolze, Matthias; Schader, Christian; Muller, Adrian; Frehner, Anita; Kopainsky, Birgit; Nathani, Carsten; Brandes, Julia; Rohrmann, Sabine; Krieger, Jean-Philippe; Pestoni, Giulia; Brombach, Christine; Flückiger, Stefan; Stucki, Matthias; Frischknecht, Rolf; Alig, Martina and Hayer, Angelika (2019) Sustainable and healthy diets: Trade-offs and synergies. Final scientific report. Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL), CH-Frick .

Van Der Heijden, Marcel; Wittwer, Raphael; Jossi, Werner; Prechsl, Ulrich; Nemecek, Thomas; Schläppi, Klaus; Hagen, Emily O.; Keller, Thomas; Walder, Florian; Büchi, Lucie; Charles, Raphael; Colombi, Tino; Hess, Julia; Hirte, Juliane; Mayer, Jochen; Loiaza, Viviana; Pujol-Pereira, Engil; Six, Jo; Dennert, Francesca; Maurhofer, Monika and Seitz, Steffen (2018) A Comparison of Major Arable Production Systems: An Agronomic, Environmental and Ecological Evaluation. In: Abstract Book - ESA2018. XVe European Society for Agronomy Congress (ESA), 27.-31.8.2019, Geneva, Switzerland, p. 45.

von Rothkirch, Juanita; Ejderyan, Olivier and Stauffacher, Michael (2024) Carbon dioxide removal: A source of ambition or of delays? Examining expectations for CDR in Swiss climate policy. Environmental Science & Policy, 153 (103659), pp. 1-10.

Walkenhorst, Michael (2006) Vergleich von homöopathischer mit antibiotischer Laktationstherapie zur Behandlung von Mastitiden des Rindes. PhD thesis, University of Zurich , Vetsuisse Faculty. University of Zurich, Zurich.

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