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Items affiliated to "Univ. VMU Wien"

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Bestman, Monique; Verwer, C; Brenninkmeyer, Christine; Knierim, Ute; Soerensen, J.T.; Hinrichsen, L.; Willett, A. V.; Niebuhr, K.; Smajlhodzic, F.; Errari, P.; Ferrante, V.; Gunnarsson, S.; Tuyttens, Frank and Heerkens, Jasper (2015) Promoting health and welfare in organic laying hens. Recommendations to ensure hen health and welfare in organic husbandry. Healthy Hens.

Haselmann, Andreas; Wenter, Matthias; Knaus, Wilhelm; Fuerst-Waltl, Birgit; Zebeli, Qendrim and Winckler, Christoph (2022) Forage particle size and forage preservation method modulate lying behaviour in dairy cows. Applied Animal Behaviour Science, 254, p. 105711.

Ivemeyer, Silvia; Simantke, Christel; Ebinghaus, Asja; Poulsen, Piah; Sorensen, J.T.; Rousing, Tine; Palme, Rupert and Knierim, Ute (2018) Herd-level associations between human–animal relationship, management,fecal cortisol metabolites, and udder health of organic dairy cows. Journal of Dairy Science, 101 (8), pp. 7361-7374.

Ivemeyer, S.; Smolders, G.; Brinkmann, J.; Gratzer, E.; Hansen, B. ; Henriksen, B.I.F.; Huber, J.; Leeb, C.; March, S.; Mejdell, C.M.; Roderick, S.; Stöger, E.; Vaarst, M. ; Whitstance, L.K.; Winckler, C. and Walkenhorst, M. (2011) Effects of health and welfare planning on the use of antibiotics and udder health in European dairy farms. In: Hogeveen, H. and Lam, T.J.G.M. (Eds.) Udder Health and Communication - Proceedings of the international mastitis conference, Wageningen Academic Publishers, pp. 69-76.

Ivemeyer, Silvia; Ebinghaus, Asja; Simantke, Christel; Palme, Rupert and Knierim, Ute (2019) Is cows' qualitatively assessed behaviour towards humans related to their general stress level? In: Proceedings of the Congress of the ISAE, 5.- 9. August 2019, Bergen, Norway, Wageningen Academic Publishers, Wageningen, no. 53, p. 217.

Khiaosa-ard, Ratchaneewan; Kreuzer, Michael and Leiber, Florian (2015) Apparent recovery of C18 polyunsaturated fatty acids from feed in cow milk: A meta-analysis of the importance of dietary fatty acids and feeding regimens in diets without fat supplementation. Journal of Dairy Science, 98, pp. 6399-6414.

Prinsen, R.T.M.M.; Strillacci, M.G.; Schiavini, F.; Rossoni, A.; Gredler, B.; Dolezal, M.A.; Bagnato, A. and Bieber, A. (2016) A genome-wide association study using CNVs for production traits in Brown Swiss dairy cattle. In: Book of Abstracts of the 67th Annual Meeting of the European Federation of Animal Science, p. 344.

Prinsen, R.T.M.M.; Strillacci, M.G.; Schiavini, F.; Santus, E.; Rossoni, A.; Maurer, V.; Bieber, A.; Gredler, B.; Dolezal, M. and Bagnato, A. (2016) A genome-wide scan of copy number variants using high-density SNPs in Brown Swiss dairy cattle. Livestock Science, 191, pp. 153-160.

Rell, Julia; Wunsch, Nadine; Home, Robert; Kaske, Martin; Walkenhorst, Michael and Vaarst, Mette (2020) Stakeholders’ perceptions of the challenges to improving calf health and reducing antimicrobial use in Swiss veal production. Preventive Veterinary Medicine, 179, p. 104970.


Hagmüller, Werner; Vielhaber, Barbara; Gallnböck, Markus and Zitterl-Eglseer, Karin (2011) Einsatz von pflanzlichen Futterzusätzen zur Prophylaxe von E.coli - bedingten Durchfällen bei Absetzferkeln. [The effects of plant additives on prophylaxis of weaning diarrhoea.] Paper at: 11. Wissenschaftstagung Ökologischer Landbau, Gießen, 15.-18. März 2011.

Waiblinger, Ao.Univ.Prof.Dr. Susanne and Gugatschka, Mag. Marion (2009) Haltung, Gesundheit und gegenseitiges Besaugen von Kälbern auf biologischen Betrieben in Österreich. Paper at: 10. Wissenschaftstagung Ökologischer Landbau, Zürich, 11.-13. Februar 2009.

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