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IMPROVE-P - Assessing the suitability of recycling phosphorus fertilizers for organic farming


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Möller, Kurt (2016) IMPROVE-P - Assessing the suitability of recycling phosphorus fertilizers for organic farming. University of Hohenheim, Germany .

PDF - English (Leaflet)

Online at: https://improve-p.uni-hohenheim.de/uploads/media/moeller-2016-Improve-P_leaflet.pdf


The document is the summary of IMPROVE-P results
Organic farming systems rely on the effi cient use and recycling of available resources. Currently, some mineral nutrients like phosphorus are used only once to produce food. Subsequently, they are lost due to poor recycling of organic wastes back to farmland. Simultaneously, P balances calculated for organic farming indicate that often more P is removed with the products than applied as fertilizer. Consequently, this leads to decreasing amounts of plant available soil P. There is an urgent need to improve the recycling of P from urban areas and the food industry, back to cropland.

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Keywords:IMPROVE-P, Phosphorus, Recycling, Fertilizer
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Subjects: Crop husbandry > Composting and manuring
Food systems > Recycling, balancing and resource management
Soil > Nutrient turnover
Research affiliation: European Union > CORE Organic II > IMPROVE-P
Austria > Univ. BOKU Wien > Sustainable Agr. Systems - IfÖL
Switzerland > FiBL - Research Institute of Organic Agriculture Switzerland > Soil Sciences
Austria > FiBL Austria
Switzerland > ETHZ - Agrarwissenschaften
Germany > University of Hohenheim > Institute of Crop Science
Denmark > KU - University of Copenhagen
Norway > Bioforsk - Norwegian Institute for Agriculture and Environmental Research
UK > Univ. Newcastle
Related Links:http://www.coreorganic2.org
Deposited By: Möller, PD Dr. Kurt
ID Code:30921
Deposited On:19 Dec 2016 09:42
Last Modified:19 Dec 2016 09:42
Document Language:English

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