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Items affiliated to "Univ. Warwick, HRI"

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{Project} Collation and dissemination of information on the performance of vegetable and cereal varieties under organic and non-organic conditions (COSI). Runs 2004 - 2007. Project Leader(s): Unspecified, National Institute for Agricultural Botany .

{Facility} HRI, University of Warwick: Greenhouse. Facility Leader(s): Mann, Sally, University of Warwick .

{Facility} HRI, University of Warwick: Long-term crop experiments. Facility Leader(s): Collier, Dr Rosemary, University of Warwick .

{Project} Mechanical weed control for integrated and organic salad and brassica production. Runs 2005 - 2007. Project Leader(s): Grundy, Andrea, Warwick HRI .

{Project} Optimisation of nitrogen mineralisation from winter cover crops and utilisation by subsequent crops. Runs 1995 - 1999. Project Leader(s): Unspecified, Henry Doubleday Research Association .

{Project} Organic field vegetable production - baseline monitoring of systems with different fertility building strategies. Runs 2003 - 2006. Project Leader(s): ANON, Henry Doubleday Research Association .

{Project} Participatory investigation of the management of weeds in organic production systems (CTE0201). Runs 2002 - 2006. Project Leader(s): Turner, Dr Becky, Henry Doubleday Research Association .

{Project} Sustainable organic vegetable systems network. Runs 2003 - 2006. Project Leader(s): Unspecified, Henry Doubleday Research Association .

{Facility} University of Warwick HRI: Laboratory. Facility Leader(s): Collier, Dr Rosemary, University of Warwick .

{Facility} University of Warwick: Climate chamber. Facility Leader(s): Collier, Dr Rosemary, University of Warwick .

{Project} Varieties and integrated pest and disease management for organic apple production (LINK). Runs 2000 - 2005. Project Leader(s): Barlow, Adrian and Cross, Jerry, East Malling Research .

Anon (2002) Advantages and disadvantages of different break crops in organic grass/arable rotations (OF0143). Scottish Agricultural College .

Anon (2002) Desk study to apply knowledge developed for conventional horticulture to the control of pests in organic vegetables (OF0179). Horticulture Research International , Wellesbourne.

Anon (2002) Growth and competition model for organic weed control. Horticulture Research International , Wellesbourne.

Anon (1998) Desk study on the control of weeds in organic arable and horticultural production systems OF0152. Horticulture Research International .

Bending, Gary (2002) Changes to soil quality indicators following conversion to organic vegetable production (OF0401). Horticulture Research International , Wellesbourne.

Chandler, David (1998) Biological control of leatherjackets using insect pathogens OF0116T. Horticulture Research International .

Grundy, Dr Andrea (2006) Using weeds to reduce pest insect numbers in organic vegetable crops - a desk study (OF0329). Warwick HRI .

Grundy, Andrea C and Turner, Rebecca J (2002) Horticultural weed control in organic systems – a modelling approach. In: Powell, Jane and et al. (Eds.) Proceedings of the UK Organic Research 2002 Conference, Organic Centre Wales, Institute of Rural Studies, University of Wales Aberystwyth, pp. 295-298.

Hodge, A; Gosling, Paul; Goodlass, G and Bending, Gary (2004) Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in organic systems. HRI Warwick .

Lennartsson, Dr Margi (2000) Conversion to organic field vegetable production OF0126T. Henry Doubleday Research Association .

Stopes, Christopher and et al (2001) Overwinter transplant production for extended season organic cropping (OF 0144). Elm Farm Research Centre .

Sumption, Phil (2004) Conversion to Organic Field Vegetable Production (Phase 2). Henry Doubleday Research Association .

Wood, Robin (2003) Economic and agronomic feasibility of organic vegetable seed production in the UK, and subsequent seed quality (OF0166). Horticulture Research International , Kirton.

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