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Items affiliated to "RURALIS – Institute for Rural and Regional Research"

Number of items at this level: 12.

Submitted for peer-review but not yet accepted

Münchhausen, von, Susanne; Häring, Anna Maria; Kvam, Gunn-Turid and Knickel, Karlheinz (2017) It’s not always about growth! Development dynamics and management in food businesses and chains. International Journal of Sociologgy of Agriculture and food (IJSAF), 24 (1), pp. 37-55.

Peer-reviewed and accepted

BJØRKHAUG, HILDE (2006) Is there a Female Principle in Organic Farming? An Interpretation of Data for Norway. [Bjørkhaug, H. (2006): Organic farming in Norway: a way to express the female principle? In Reed, M and G. Holt, Sociological Perspectives of Organic Agriculture: From Pioneer to Policy. Wallingford: CABI.] In: HOLT, G and REED, M (Eds.) Sociological Perspectives of Organic Agriculture: From Pioneer to Policy. CABI PUBLISHERS, chapter 12, pp. 195-209.

Johanssen, Juni Rosann E.; Kvam, Gunn-Turid; Logstein, Brit and Vaarst, Mette (2023) Interrelationships between cows, calves, and humans in cow-calf contact systems —An interview study among Norwegian dairy farmers. Journal of Dairy Science, 106 (9), pp. 6325-6341.

Kvam, Gunn-Turid (2014) Healthy growth in mid-scale values based food chains. In: Programme and Books of Abstracts - Farming systems facing global challenges: Capacities and strategies, 11th European IFSA Symposium, 1-4 April 2014 in Berlin, Germany, p. 57.

Kvam, Gunn-Turid and Bjørkhaug, Hilde (2013) Volume Growth in Quality Food Firms – Lessons and Reflections from Norway. Paper at: XXVth ESRS Congress, Florence, Italy, 29 July -1 August 2013 .

Münchhausen, von, Susanne; Häring, Anna Maria; Kvam, Gunn-Turid and Milestad, Rebecka (2015) The role of the business logic for growing value chains of organic food - first results of an international case study analysis. In: European Rural Sociology Society (Ed.) Places of Possibilities? Rural Societies in a Neoliberal World, Aberdeen, Scotland, On-line Proceedings, pp. 197-198.

Münchhausen, von, Susanne; Häring, Anna Maria and Kvam, Gunn-Turid (2016) Understanding ‘healthy’ growth processes in organic food businesses and values-based chains. Paper at: XIV World Congress of Rural Sociology, Toronto, Canada, August 10 – 14, 2016.

Not peer-reviewed

Otte, Pia Piroschka; Zahl-Thanem, Alexander and Hansen, Sissel (Eds.) (2019) Norwegian farmers’ willingness to participate in a local climate crowdfunding program - results from a national survey. [Norske bønders vilje til å delta i et program for folkefinansiering av klimatiltak på gårdsbruk - resultat fra en nasjonal undersøkelse.] Ruralis report, no. R-5/2019. Ruralis, Trondheim.

Bani, Paolo (2021) Legume forage stems and pulp in animal nutrition. CORE Organic Practice Abstracts, Department of Animal Science, Food and Nutrition – DIANA, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Italy . [Completed]

Kvam, Gunn-Turid (2013) Healthy growth: From niche to volume with integrity and trust. Om prosjektet. Workshop at: Kompetansekafe Trøndersk landbruk, Norsk senter for bygdeforskning .

Vartdal, Barbro and Løes, Anne-Kristin (1995) Farmers' approaches to ecological agriculture. Ecology and farming (9, May 1995), pp. 20-22.

Vartdal, Barbro and Løes, Anne-Kristin (1994) Farmers' approaches to organic farming; motivations, barriers and different strategies. In: Granstedt, Artur and Koistinen, Riitta (Eds.) Converting to organic agriculture. NJF-report 93, Appendix. Proceedings of NJF seminar 237, Nordic Association of Agricultural Scientists (NJF), St Michel, Finland, NJF report, no. 93, pp. 48-61.

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