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Items affiliated to "Bioforsk Arable Crops Division"

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{Project} BYGGRO: Improving barley yields in organic stockless farming systems through innovations in green manure management. [Økte byggavlinger i økologisk drift gjennom bedret grønngjødselhandtering.] Runs 2008 - 2011. Project Leader(s): Hansen, Sissel, Bioforsk Norwegian Institute for Agricultural and Environmental Research .

{Project} ØKOKORNSIP: Organic cropping systems for higher and more stable cereal yields. [Økologiske dyrkingssystem for høgare og meir stabile kornavlingar.] Runs 2003 - 2007. Project Leader(s): Eltun, Ragnar, Bioforsk Norwegian Institute of Agronomical and Environmental Research .

{Project} OILPROT: Organic protein feed and edible oil from oilseed crops. Runs 2006 - 2010. Project Leader(s): Eltun, Senior researcher Ragnar, Bioforsk Norwegian Institute for Agricultural and Environmental Research .

{Project} REPCLOV: Repeated clover subcropping as a strategy for commercial organic grain production. Runs 2002 - 2006. Project Leader(s): Eltun, Ragnar; Henriksen, Trond; Brandsæter, Lars Olav and Løes, Anne-Kristin, Bioforsk Norwegian Institute for Agricultural and Environmental Research .

{Project} ORGBREAD: Stable and attractive organic bread based on increased usage of Norwegian grown wheat. Runs 2006 - 2008. Project Leader(s): Moldestad, Anette, Matforsk AS (Norwegian Food Research Institute) .

Carlsen, PhD student Hanne Weichel; Breland, Professor Tor Arvid; Lieblein, Lector Geir and Francis, Professor Charles (2006) DEVELOPING ORGANIC FARMING IN NORWAY THROUGH SYSTEMIC ACTION RESEARCH. Poster at: Joint Organic Congress, Odense, Denmark, May 30-31, 2006.

Løes, Anne-Kristin; Henriksen, Trond Maukon and Eltun, Ragnar (2007) N supply in stockless organic cereal production under northern temperate conditions. Undersown legumes, or whole-season green manure? Paper at: 3rd QLIF Congress: Improving Sustainability in Organic and Low Input Food Production Systems, University of Hohenheim, Germany, March 20-23, 2007.

Løes, Anne-Kristin; Henriksen, Trond Maukon; Eltun, Ragnar and Sjursen, Helge (2011) Repeated use of green-manure catch crops in organic cereal production - grain yields and nitrogen supply. Acta Agriculturae Scandinavica Section B Soil and Plant Science, 61 (2), pp. 164-175.

Løes, Anne-Kristin; Johansen , Anders; Pommeresche, Reidun and Riley, Hugh (2011) Animal manure for biogas production - what happens to the soil? In: Hultgren, Jan; Persson, Paula; Nadeau, Elisabet and Fogelberg, Fredrik (Eds.) Book of abstracts of the 24th NJF congress. NJF Report 7 (3) 2011, Nordic Association of Agricultural Scientists, NJF, Uppsala, Sweden, 7 (3), NJF Report, p. 153.

Pommeresche, Reidun; Løes, Anne-Kristin; Meisingset, Erling L. and Hansen, Sissel (2006) Effects of ploughing depth on decomposition of barley straw in organically managed soil. Bioforsk- Norwegian Institute for Agricultural and Environmental Research. Online at http://www.bioforsk.no/dok/senter/adm/tema/t_1_24_pommeresche.pdf.

Pommeresche, Reidun; Hansen, Sissel; Eltun, Ragnar and Korsaeth, Audun (2006) Long-term effects of cropping systems on the earthworm population in a loam soil. Bioforsk- Norwegian Institute for Agricultural and Environmental Research.

Pommeresche, Reidun; Løes, Anne-Kristin; Hansen, Sissel and Riley, Hugh (2012) Earthworms: Interactions with management; impacting plant growth? In: Fransson, Petra; Elsgaard, Lars; Palojärvi, Ansa; Sverrisson, Halldor and Øgaard, Anne Falk (Eds.) NJF Seminar 449 Biotic soil factors and plant growth, Nordic Association of Agricultural Scientists, Uppsala, Sweden, 8 (2), NJF Report, pp. 26-27.

Riley, Hugh; Pommeresche, Reidun; Eltun, Ragnar; Hansen, Sissel and Korsaeth, Audunk (2008) Soil structure, organic matter and earthworm activity in a comparison of cropping systems with contrasting tillage, rotations, fertilizer levels and manure use. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment, 124, pp. 275-284.

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