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Items affiliated to " DTU, DFVF - Danish Institute for Food and Veterinary Research"

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Chepkoech, Caroline; Onwonga, Richard; Wahome, Raphael Githaiga and Henning Høgh, Jensen (2016) EFFECT OF LEGUME INTEGRATION AND APPLICATION OF ORGANIC FERTILIZERS ON SOIL NUTRIENT STATUS AND KALE YIELD IN KABETE, KENYA. Masters thesis, University of Nairobi , Land Resource Management and Agricultural Technology. .


Elle, Jens Christian; Bruselius Jensen, Maria and Mikkelsen, Bent Egberg (2006) Projekt Basiskost- Sunde og økologiske fødevarer i storkøkkener. Slutrapport. [Project Basiskost - Healthy and organic foods in institutional catering.] Danish Inistute for Food & Veterinary Research , Dept of Nutrition.


Genga, Quintar; Onwonga, Richard; Kimenju, Wangai and Jensen, Henning Høgh (2014) Effect of Organic Based Soil Fertility Management Strategies on Soil Nutrient Status And Marketable Quality Of Kale (Brassica Oleracea Var. Acephala) In Kabete, Kenya. Masters thesis, University of Nairobi , College of Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences. . [Submitted]


He, Chen (2009) Does organic food intervention in the Danish schools lead to change dietary patterns? - results of a web based questionnaire survey among Danish school food coordinators. Paper at: Open seminar of the project innovative Public Organic food Procurement for Youth 'iPOPY', Helsinki, Finland, 21.–22.1.2009. [In Press]

He, Chen (2008) Organic school meals in three Danish municipalities. Poster at: IFOAM, Modena, Modena, Italy, 19 June 2008. [In Press]

He, Chen and Mikkelsen, Bent Egberg (editor): Løes, Anne Kristin (Ed.) (2009) Organic school meals in three Danish municipalities. Bioforsk Report, no. No. 66. Institute of Development and Planning, Aalborg University , Researchgroup for Nutrition & Sustainability in Novel Foodscapes.

He, Chen and Mikkelsen, Bent Egberg (2008) DOES ORGANIC FOOD INTERVENTION IN SCHOOL LEAD TO CHANGED DIETARY PATTERNS? Poster at: IFOAM, Modena, Italy, Modena., 2008-06-19. [In Press]


Jensen, A.N.; Dalsgaard, A.; Stockmarr, A.; Nielsen, E.M. and Baggesen, D.L. (2006) Survival and transmission of Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium in an outdoor organic pig farming environment. Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 72 (3), pp. 1833-1842.

Jensen, Annette Nygaard and Baggesen, Dorte Lau (2006) Salmonella and Campylobacter infections in outdoor organic pigs. In: Gopalakrishnan, O.; Melotti, L.; Ostertag, J. and Sorensen, N. (Eds.) Proceedings of the 1st IFOAM International Conference on Animals in Organic Production, IFOAM, pp. 96-97.

Jespersen, Lizzie Melby; Lund Jensen, Kirsten; Strandberg, Beate; Hermansen, John E.; Halsnæs, Kirsten; Fog, Erik; Baggesen, Dorte Lau; Sørensen, Jan Tind and Meldgaard, Mette (2015) Økologiens bidrag til samfundsgoder. 1 edition. Internationalt Center for Forskning i Økologisk Jordbrug og og Fødevaresystemer, Tjele, Danmark.


Kapolna, Emese; Hillestrøm, Peter; Laursen, Kristian; Husted, Søren and Larsen, Erik H. (2009) Effect of foliar application of selenium on its uptake and speciation in carrot. Food Chemistry, 115, pp. 1357-1363.

Kapolna, Emese; Laursen, Kristian H.; Hillestrøm, Peter; Husted, Søren and Larsen, Erik H. (2008) SE-ENRICHMENT OF CARROT AND ONION VIA FOLIAR APPLICATION. Poster at: Nordic Conference on Plasma Spectrochemistry, Loen Norway, June 2008.


Madsen, Lone (2015) OptiFish - Foder og fiskesundhed. In: Skovsbøl, Ulla (Ed.) Ny viden om økologi - Resultater fra forskningsprogrammerne Organic RDD og CORE Organic, 2011-2015. ICROFS, Tjele, Denmark, pp. 38-41.

Mikkelsen, Bent Egberg; Kristensen, Niels Heine and Nielsen, Thorkild (2002) Organic foods in catering – the Nordic perspective. Danish Veterinary and Food Administration , Nutrition Department – The Danish Catering Centre.


Petersen, Heidi Huus; Jianmin, Wang; Katakam, Kiran Kumar; Mejer, Helena; Ståhl, Marie; Dalsgaard, Anders; Olsen, Annette; Thamsborg, Stig Milan and Enemark, Heidi (2014) Cryptosporidium and Giardia in organic pig farms: a longitudinal study of seasonal- and age-related variation in species, genotypes and excretion levels. [Completed]

Petersen, Heidi Huus; Mejer, Helena; Jianmin, Wang; Katakam, Kiran Kumar; Thamsborg, Stig Milan; Dalsgaard, Anders; Olsen, Annette and Enemark, Heidi L. (2013) PREVALENCE OF THE PROTOZOAN PARASITE CRYPTOSPORIDIUM IN THREE ORGANIC PIG FARMS IN DENMARK. In: Spring Symposium of the Danish Society for Parasaitology. [Completed]


Roepstorff, Allan; Mejer, Helena; Thomsen, Lisbeth E.; Thamsborg, Stig M.; Byrne, Derek V.; Hansen, Laurits L.; Bach Knudsen, Knud Erik and Møller, Kristian (2005) Chicory roots improves the taste and odour of organic pork. DARCOFenews (3).

Roepstorff, Allan; Mejer, Helena; Thomsen, Lisbeth E.; Thamsborg, Stig M.; Byrne, Derek V.; Hansen, Laurits L.; Bach Knudsen, Knud Erik and Møller, Kristian (2005) Cikorierødder forbedrer smag og lugt i økologisk svinekød. [Chicory root improves the taste and odour of organic pork.] FØJOenyt, 3.


Sethi, Kumar and Chouhan (2009) Homeopathy Myth Or Medicine: A Clinical Study. Working paper. [Unpublished]

Sirieix, Lucie; Abreu, Lucimar Santiago de; Watanabe, Maria Aico and Kledal, Paul Rye (2007) Comparing organic urban consumers in developing and developed countries: First results in Brazil and France. Paper at: AIEA2 and SOBER international conference, Londrina, Parana-Brazil, 22-27 of July 2007.

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