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Items affiliated to "CSIC (Spanish National Research Council)"

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Alignier, Audrey; Solé-Senan, Xavier Oriol; Robleño, Irene; Baraibar, Bàrbara; Fahrig, Lenore; Giralt, David; Gross, Nicolas; Martin, Jean-Louis; Recasens, Jordi; Sirami, Clélia; Siriwardena, Gavin; Bosem-Baillod, Aliette; Bertrand, Colette; Carrié, Romain; Hass, Annika; Henckel, Laura; Miguet, Paul; Badenhausser, Isabelle; Baudry, Jacques; Bota, Gerard; Bretagnolle, Vincent; Brotons, Lluis; Burel, Françoise; Calatayud, François; Clough, Yann; Georges, Romain; Gibon, Annick; Girard, Jude; Lindsay, Kathryn; Miñano, Jesús; Mitchell, Scott; Patry, Nathalie; Poulin, Brigitte; Tscharntke, Teja; Vialatte, Aude; Violle, Cyrille; Yaverscovski, Nicole and Batáry, Péter (2020) Configurational crop heterogeneity increases within-field plant diversity. Journal of Applied Ecology, 57 (4), pp. 654-663.

Barrientos, Antonio; Cerro, Jaime; Roldán, Juan Jesús; Valero, Constantino and Krus, Anne (2019) Definition of specifications for robotic prototype for strip-cropping systems. CSIC-CAR .

Birkhofer, Klaus; Carnero, D.S.; Fliessbach, A.; Gavin, P.; Hedlund, K.; Ingimarsdóttird, M.; Jørgensen, H.B.; Kozjek, K.; Kundel, D.; Laraño, J.M.; Mäder, P.; Meyer, S.; Montserrat, M.; Scheu, S. and Truu, J. (2019) Effects of farming system and simulated drought on biodiversity, food webs and ecosystem functions in the DOK trial. In: Agroscope, FiBL, ETH (Eds.) Program and abstract book. Comparing organic and conventional agricultural cropping systems - What can be learned from the DOK and other long-term trials? Congressi Stefano Franscini, Monte Verità, Ascona, Switzerland, October 6-10, 2019, p. 57.

Collective publication (2017) 9 Schlüsselkonzepte für eine Vielfalt von Lebensmitteln. [9 key-concepts for food diversity.] DIVERSIFOOD project . [Completed]

Cruz, Antonio Barrientos; Ubierna, Constantino Valero; Giner, Jaime del Cerro; Krus, Anne; Roldan, Juan Jesús and Lima, Matheus C. (2019) Robotización del cultivo en hileras para la agricultura ecológica. Proyecto SUREVEG. [Robotisation of strip cropping for organic farming. Sureveg Project.] Horticultura, June 2019, 342, pp. 14-16.

Cruz Ulloa, Christyan; Krus, Anne; Barrientos, Antonio; Del Cerro, Jaime and Valero, Constantino (2020) Robotic Fertilisation Using Localisation Systems Based on Point Clouds in Strip-Cropping Fields. Agronomy, 11 (1), p. 11.

Rinne, Marketta; Dragomir, Catalin; Kuoppala, Kaisa; Marley, Christina; Smith, Jo and Yanez Ruiz, David (2012) Novel and underutilized feed resources – potential for use in organic and low input dairy production. In: Rahmann, Gerold and Godinho, D (Eds.) Agriculture and Forestry Research (362), pp. 404-407.

Rinne, Marketta; Dragomir, Catalin; Kuoppala, Kaisa; Smith, Jo and Yanez Ruiz, David (2014) Novel feeds for organic dairy chains. Organic Agriculture, 4, pp. 275-284.

Yanez Ruiz, David; Arsenos, Georgioa; Zaralis, Konstantinos and Martin-Garcia, Ignacio (2016) Recommendations on innovative strategies related to nutrition, health and welfare of small ruminants. SOLID Deliverable 1.4. Spanish National Research Council, Madrid.

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