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ALL ORGANIC: Agroecology Living Labs to promote robust and resilient Organic production systems

{Project} ALL ORGANIC: ALL ORGANIC: Agroecology Living Labs to promote robust and resilient Organic production systems. Runs 2021 - 2024. Project Leader(s): Canali, Dr Stefano, COUNCIL FOR AGRICOLTURAL RESEARCH AND ECONOMICS - CREA .

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Document available online at: https://projects.au.dk/coreorganiccofund/2021-call-projects/all-organic


The ALL-Organic research project will promote a functional network of experiences, models, and systems able to support the development of diversified organic food systems, with the aim of implementing robust and resilient organic crop productions, by involving food system actors from field to fork.The integration of agroecological approach with the enhancement of functional agro-biodiversity in organic farming systems is seen as a key lever for the development of sustainable, robust and resilient agriculture productions. This requires transformative changes based on the redesign of the organic agroecosystems to increase their spatial, temporal and genetic diversification in order to amplify ecosystem services. But more knowledge on the relations among diversification components and their agro-environmental and socio-economic performances is needed to support system redesign.The project aims to demonstrate the environmental and socio-economic quality performances of diversified agroecologically centered organic farming systems, confirming their pivotal role in the transformative pathways for transformation of food systems towards sustainability and to catalyze consumers awareness on the overall advantages of diversified system based organic food and produce evidence-based recommendations targeting different socio-economic group at national, transnational and European level.
Consolidating the Agroecology Living Lab approach, seven partners form five CORE Organic Countries of Europe and North Africa will join their efforts to test the hypotheses that the implementation of co-designed, locally developed and adapted diversified organic cropping and farming systems is an effective strategy to:
-exploit (bio)diversity functions
-reduce the impact of pests and diseases mitigating the dependency from off-farm plant protection product
-efficiently use of on-farm resources and by-products reducing wastes and nutrient losses, and to
mitigate the impact of climate change guaranteeing the stability of yields

EPrint Type:Project description
Location:Via della Navicella, 2-4 - 00184 Roma, Italy
Keywords:Organic Food and Farming, Living Labs
Agrovoc keywords:
food systems
Subjects: Crop husbandry > Production systems
Farming Systems > Social aspects
Food systems > Community development > Networks and ownership
Environmental aspects > Biodiversity and ecosystem services
Crop husbandry > Crop health, quality, protection
Research affiliation: European Union > CORE Organic > CORE Organic Cofund > ALL-Organic
Horizon Europe or H2020 Grant Agreement Number:727495
Research funders: Italy > CREA
Italy > MIPAAF- Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies
Related Links:https://projects.au.dk/coreorganiccofund
Project ID:Proposal ID 32 All Organic
Start Date:15 November 2021
End Date:14 November 2024
Deposited By: Maurino, Dr Stefania
ID Code:45524
Deposited On:13 Mar 2023 07:52
Last Modified:16 May 2023 12:33

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