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Organic-PLUS workshop in Norway

Løes, Anne-Kristin and Serikstad, Grete Lene (Eds.) (2019) Organic-PLUS workshop in Norway. Norwegian Centre for Organic Agriculture (NORSØK). Proceedings of Organic-PLUS workshop in Norway, Fokhol farm, Stange, Norway, October 28-29, 2019.

[thumbnail of Organic Plus event Norway Fokhol Oct 28-29_2019 program] PDF - Other content type - English (Organic Plus event Norway Fokhol Oct 28-29_2019 program)
[thumbnail of Loees Fokhol Oct 28_2019 presentation] PDF - Presentation - English (Loees Fokhol Oct 28_2019 presentation)
[thumbnail of Katsoulas Fokhol Oct 28_2019 mediterranean] PDF - Presentation - English (Katsoulas Fokhol Oct 28_2019 mediterranean)
[thumbnail of oudshoorn Fokhol Oct 28_2019 EGTOP] PDF - Presentation - English (oudshoorn Fokhol Oct 28_2019 EGTOP)
[thumbnail of Vittersoe Fokhol Oct 28_2019 consumerview] PDF - Presentation - English (Vittersoe Fokhol Oct 28_2019 consumerview)
[thumbnail of Stubberud Fokhol Oct 28_2019 regulations] PDF - Presentation - English (Stubberud Fokhol Oct 28_2019 regulations)
[thumbnail of Berge Fokhol Oct 28_2019 obstacles] PDF - Presentation - English (Berge Fokhol Oct 28_2019 obstacles)
[thumbnail of Mogan Fokhol Oct 29_2019 fruit and berries] PDF - Presentation - English (Mogan Fokhol Oct 29_2019 fruit and berries)
[thumbnail of Bysveen Fokhol Oct 29_2019 contentious] PDF - Presentation - English (Bysveen Fokhol Oct 29_2019 contentious)
[thumbnail of Andersen Fokhol Oct 29_2019 greenhouse] PDF - Presentation - English (Andersen Fokhol Oct 29_2019 greenhouse)
[thumbnail of Thorbjoernsen Fokhol Oct 29_2019 challenges] PDF - Presentation - English (Thorbjoernsen Fokhol Oct 29_2019 challenges)
[thumbnail of Valand Fokhol Oct 29_2019 cereals] PDF - Presentation - English (Valand Fokhol Oct 29_2019 cereals)
[thumbnail of Serikstad Fokhol Oct 29_2019 Veterinary] PDF - Presentation - English (Serikstad Fokhol Oct 29_2019 Veterinary)


In this workshop, Norwegian stakeholders in the organic sector were informed about results from a Horizon 2020 project aimed at phasing out contentious inputs from organic production. The project,"Organic-PLUS" has the title «Pathways to phase-out contentious inputs from organic agriculture in Europe». NORSØK participates in Organic-PLUS and has received funding from the Research Council of Norway for a supportive action, to inform Norwegian stakeholders about this project. The workshop was a central activity to achieve this. Workshop participants were members of the national board of organic regulations (Regelverksutvalget for økologisk produksjon, RVU), appointed by the Norwegian Food Safety Authority (NFSA), stakeholders involved in distribution of organic products, advisors from the Norwegian Agricultural Extension Service (Norsk landbruksrådgivning, NLR) and researchers involved in Organic-PLUS and the supportive action. During the workshop, researchers from WP PLANT, SOIL and IMPACT in Organic-PLUS informed about the use of contentious inputs in organic growing across Europe, and what consumers think about the use of various inputs. Participants were also informed from NFSA and EGTOP about regulations and how to possibly get materials listed in regulation Annexes. On the second day, NLR-advisors informed and discussed with researchers from Organic-PLUS about conditions for growing of various organic crops in NOrway, and how a phasing out of various inputs could affect Norwegian organic agriculture. Meanwhile, RVU had a regular meeting, where a presentation was given about outputs of WP LIVESTOCK where alternatives to synthetic vitamins and drugs have been reviewed. In this e-print, all presentations from this workshop are compiled. The following list shows the total content:
1.What are we doing in the project Organic-PLUS? Anne-Kristin Løes, NORSØK (leader of WP SOIL)
2. Organic growing in greenhouse under Mediterranean conditions – use of inputs in citrus, tomato etc., and how to phase them out, Nikolaos Katsoulas, University of Thessaly, Greece (leader of WP PLANT)
3. Rapidly growing Annexes? EGTOPs role in assessing new and existing inputs in organic growing. What is the scientific basis for Annex changes? Frank Oudshoorn, SEGES, Denmark (active in several WPs and member of EGTOP – Expert group for technical advice on organic production appointed by the European Commission)
4. Results from the consumer studies in Organic PLUS. How can regulations better fit to the consumers’ expectations? Gunnar Vittersø, SIFO /OsloMet (active in WP IMPACT)
5. EU-regulations on organic production to be implemented in 2021 – how will this affect laws and standards in Norway? Monica W. Stubberud,Norwegian Food Safety Authority
6. Obstacles for phasing out conventional inputs in organic farming in Norway. Kjersti Berge,Norwegian Agricultural Extension Service (NLR)
7. Plant protection challenges in organic fruit and berry growing. Sigrid Mogan, NLR
8. The use of contentious inputs in organic growing of potatoes and vegetables. Kari Bysveen, NLR
9. Challenges related to new organic regulations in greenhouse crops. Astrid Sigaard Andersen, NLR
10. Challenges related to organic production in Mid-Norway. Elin Thorbjørnsen, NLR
11. The use of contentious inputs in organic growing of cereals. Silja Valand, NLR
12. Uønskete veterinærmidler. Status for alternative midler (Contentious veterinary drugs. Status for alternative drugs; in Norwegian). Grete Lene Serikstad, NORSØK

EPrint Type:Proceedings
Type of presentation:Workshop
Keywords:regulations, contentous inputs, conventional inputs, fertilisers, plant protection, Norway, copper, sulphur, mineral oil, Organic-PLUSX, Organic-PLUS
Agrovoc keywords:
fertilisers -> fertilizers
Subjects: Values, standards and certification > Consumer issues
Values, standards and certification > Evaluation of inputs
Values, standards and certification > Regulation
Research affiliation: European Union > Horizon 2020 > Organic-PLUS
Norway > NORSØK - Norwegian Centre for Organic Agriculture
Horizon Europe or H2020 Grant Agreement Number:774340
Related Links:https://organic-plus.net/, https://www.norsok.no/en/projects/2018/pathways-to-phase-out-contentious-inputs-from-organic-agriculture-in-europe-organic-plus
Deposited By: Løes, Anne-Kristin
ID Code:36650
Deposited On:21 Nov 2019 09:58
Last Modified:18 Jun 2021 11:35
Document Language:English
Refereed:Not peer-reviewed

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