Evaluation of Danish research in organic farming

In the autumn of 2002 an international panel of researchers with experience in organic farming has evaluated both DARCOF II as a whole, and a number of research projects.

Among others, the panel has investigated the quality of the research and the research products. Further more the panel was asked to point out any insufficiencies in the research and to give any suggestions on how to improve the research. The final evaluation report can be seen here. pdf (380 kb).

Organic Eprints
Under the aspics of DARCOF an open access archive, Organic Eprints for eprints related to organic agriculture has been established. Researchers and organizations are invited to join the archive.

Consequences of GMP
In a synthesis of knowledge the potential risks of plant biotechnology for organic production in Denmark has been analysed. Furthermore, concrete measures to minimize the risks of GM-contamination are proposed.

Principles of organic farming
DARCOF has taken the initiative to encourage the Danish discussion on the principles of organic farming. It turns out that there is a similar interest in our neighbouring countries.


in organic agriculture

According to the basic standards, organic agriculture must strive to reduce the use of fossil energy.

In order to support this goal a synthesis of knowledge is carried out under the auspice of DARCOF. The work shall examine the present possibilities for diminution of energy consumption in organic farming but also clarify the possibilities for production of energy on individual farms.

Uffe Jørgensen, who leads the work, explains about the objectives and the expected outcome of the synthesis on energy.