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Items affiliated to "Univ. Plymouth"

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{Project} Developing new management options for soil-borne pests of organic systems. Runs 2004 - 2007. Project Leader(s): Blackshaw, Rod, University of Plymouth .

Brennan, Charles S and Kuri, Victor (2002) Relationship between sensory attributes, hidden attributes and price in influencing consumer perception of organic foods. In: Powell, Jane and et al. (Eds.) Proceedings of the UK Organic Research 2002 Conference, Organic Centre Wales, Institute of Rural Studies, University of Wales Aberystwyth, pp. 65-68.

Lobley, Matt; Reed, Matt and Buttler, Alan (2005) Impacts of organic farming on the rural economy RE0117. University of Exeter , Centre for Rural Research.

Samuel, A and Butler, T (2006) Organic farming and agri-environmental stewardship schemes in Devon. In: Atkinson, C; Ball, B; Davies, D H K; Rees, R; Russell, G; Stockdale, E A; Watson, C A; Walker, R and Younie, D (Eds.) Aspects of Applied Biology 79, What will organic farming deliver? COR 2006, Association of Applied Biologists, pp. 205-206.

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