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Items affiliated to "Chalmers University of Technology"

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Alminger, Marie (2018) Innovative and eco-sustainable processing and packaging for safe and high quality organic products with enhanced nutritional quality. Final report. .


Bergez, J.-E.; Béthinger, A.; Bockstaller, C.; Cederberg, C.; Ceschia, E.; Guilpart, N.; Lange, S.; Müller, F.; Reidsma, P.; Riviere, C.; Schader, C.; Therond, O. and van der Werf, H.M.G. (2022) Integrating agri-environmental indicators, ecosystem services assessment, life cycle assessment and yield gap analysis to assess the environmental sustainability of agriculture. Ecological Indicators, 141 (109107), pp. 1-12.


Elisson, Lovisa; Oliveira, Gabriel; Ehrnell, Maria; Höglund, Evelina and Alminger, Marie (2019) Food Tailoring bilberry powder functionality by processing: effects of preprocessing. Food Science and Nutrition, 0-0.


Höglund, Evelina; Eliasson, Lovisa; Oliviera, Gabriel; Almli Lengaard, Valerie; Sozer, Nesli and Alminger, Marie (2018) Effect of drying and extrusion processing on physical and nutritional characteristics of bilberry press cake extrudates. LWT- Food science and Technology, 92, pp. 422-428.


Nordborg, Maria (editor): Röös, Elin (Ed.) (2016) Holistic management – a critical review of Allan Savory’s grazing method. SLU/EPOK – Centre for Organic Food & Farming & Chalmers, Uppsala.


Oliveira, Gabriel; Eliasson, Lovisa; Ehrnell, Maria; Höglund, Evelina; Andlid, Thomas and Alminger, Marie (2019) Tailoring bilberry powder functionality through processing: effects of drying and fractionation on the stability of total polyphenols and anthocyanins. Food Science and Nutrition, pp. 1-10.


van der Werf, Hayo M.G.; Knudsen, Marie Trydeman and Cederberg, Christel (2020) Towards better representation of organic agriculture in life cycle assessment. Nature Sustainability, 2020, pp. 1-7.

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