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Effect of drying and extrusion processing on physical and nutritional characteristics of bilberry press cake extrudates

Höglund, Evelina; Eliasson, Lovisa; Oliviera, Gabriel; Almli Lengaard, Valerie; Sozer, Nesli and Alminger, Marie (2018) Effect of drying and extrusion processing on physical and nutritional characteristics of bilberry press cake extrudates. LWT- Food science and Technology, 92, pp. 422-428.

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Document available online at: https://doi.org/101016/j-lwt.2018.02.042


Mild drying and extrusion processing of side streams from berry juice production can enable retention of valuable compounds in the food chain and reduce waste production. The aim of this study was to evaluate the applicability of using hot air (HA) and microwave assisted hot air (MWHA) drying combined with extrusion for conversion of bilberry press cake into value-added extruded food products. Bilberry (Vaccinium myrtillus L.) press cake was dried at 40 °C by HA and MWHA drying to a moisture content of 17% (w/w). A twin screw extruder (average feed rate 72 g/min, temperature profile 135-128-89-69 °C) was used to extrude products containing organic wholegrain rye flour and 10 % or 25 % dried bilberry press cake powder. A consumer panel (n = 15) evalutaed four extrudates on hedonic and Just-about-rigth (JAR) scales, with a mian focus on textrue properties. The results indicate that different drying tecniques implied a difference in processing time (40 % reduction with MWHA drying). However, the retention of total phenolics, physical characteristics and sensory attributes of extruded snacks containing bilberry powders were independent of drying techniques. In sum, powder of bilberry press cake can be incorporated in cereal extruded snacks with enhanced phenolic content and potential for palatable sensory properties.

EPrint Type:Journal paper
Subjects:"Organics" in general
Food systems > Food security, food quality and human health
Food systems > Recycling, balancing and resource management
Food systems > Processing, packaging and transportation
Food systems
Environmental aspects
Research affiliation: European Union > CORE Organic Plus
European Union > CORE Organic Plus > EcoBerries
Finland > Technical Research Centre of Finland VTT
Norway > Nofima (formerly Matforsk)
Sweden > RISE Research Institutes of Sweden
Sweden > Chalmers University of Technology
Horizon Europe or H2020 Grant Agreement Number:618107
Deposited By: Alminger, Professor M.A.G.
ID Code:33170
Deposited On:15 May 2018 10:33
Last Modified:15 May 2018 10:33
Document Language:English
Refereed:Peer-reviewed and accepted

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