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Items affiliated to "EPOK – Centre for organic Food and Farming"

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Nordlund Othén, Janne and Ullvén, Karin (Eds.) (2015) Swedish Research on Organic Food and Farming 2008–2018 – Updated version november 2018. SLU, EPOK – Centre for Organic Food and Farming, Uppsala, Sweden.

Wivstad, Maria (Ed.) (2013) Research Agenda for Organic Agriculture 2013 – Research challenges and knowledge requirements for organic food and farming. SLU, EPOK – Centre for Organic Food and Farming, Uppsala, Sweden.

Godde, Cécile M.; de Boer, Imke J.M.; zu Ermgassen, Erasmus; Herrero, Mario; van Middelaar, Corina E.; Müller, Adrian; Röös, Elin; Schader, Christian; Smith, Pete; Van Zanten, Hannah H.E. and Garnett, Tara (2020) Soil carbon sequestration in grazing systems: managing expectations. Climatic Change, 161, pp. 385-391.

Hoffman, Ruben and Wivstad, Maria (2015) Why do (don’t) we buy organic food and do we get what we bargain for? SLU, EPOK – Centre for Organic Food and Farming, Uppsala, Sweden.

Løes, Anne-Kristin; Dýrmundsson, Ó.R.; Kreismane, D.; Mikkola, Minna; Pehme, Siril; Rasmussen, Ilse A.; Skulskis, Virgilijus and Wivstad, Maria (2015) The organic sector in the Nordic-Baltic region - what is achieved, and what is challenging future growth? In: Nordic view to sustainable rural development. Proccedings of the 25th NJF Congress, NJF Latvia, Riga, pp. 79-84.

Mie, Axel and Wivstad, Maria (2015) ORGANIC FOOD – food quality and potential health effects. A review of current knowledge, and a discussion of uncertainties. SLU, EPOK – Centre for Organic Food & Farming, Uppsala, Sweden.

Nilsson, Ulf; Porcel, Mario; Świergiel, Weronika and Wivstad, Maria (2016) Habitat manipulation – as a pest management tool in vegetable and fruit cropping systems, with the focus on insects and mites. SLU, EPOK – Centre for Organic Food and Farming, Uppsala, Sweden.

Nordborg, Maria (editor): Röös, Elin (Ed.) (2016) Holistic management – a critical review of Allan Savory’s grazing method. SLU/EPOK – Centre for Organic Food & Farming & Chalmers, Uppsala.

{Tool} Using an automatic straw-distributor to feed silage to pigs – A potential to increase pigs’ silage consumption and effect on behaviour and cleanliness of the pen (OK-Net Ecofeed video). Creator(s): Nordlund Othén, Janne; Åkerfeldt, Magdalena and Löfquist, Ingela. Issuing Organisation(s): SLU - Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. OK-Net Ecofeed video. (2021)

Rahmann, Gerold; Ardakani, M. Reza; Boehm, Herwert; Canali, Stefano; Chander, Mahesh; David, Wahyudi; Dengel, Lucas; Erisman, Jan Willem; Galvis-Martinez, Ana C.; Hamm, Ulrich; Kahl, Johannes; Köpke, Ulrich; Kühne, Stefan; Lee, Sang Beom; Løes, Anne-Kristin; Moos, Jan Hendrik; Neuhoff, Daniel; Nuutila, Jaakko; OLOWE, VICTOR; Oppermann, Rainer; REMBIAŁKOWSKA, EWA; Riddle, Jim; Rasmussen, Ilse A.; Shade, Jessica; Sohn, Sang Mok; Tadesse, Mekuria; Tashi, Sonam; Thatcher, Alan; Uddin, Nazim; von Fragstein und Niemsdorff, Peter; Wibe, Atle; Wivstad, Maria; Wenliang, Wu and Zanoli, Raffaele (2017) Organic Agriculture 3.0 is innovation with research. Organic Agriculture, 7 (3), pp. 169-197.

Röös, E.; Mie, A.; Wivstad, Maria; Salomon, E.; Johansson, B.; Gunnarsson, Stefan; Wallenbeck, Anna; Hoffman, Ruben; Nilsson, Ulf; Sundberg, C. and Watson, Christine A (2018) Risks and opportunities of increasing yields in organic farming. A review. Agronomy for Sustainable Development, 38 (2), pp. 13-22.

Wivstad, M. and Röös, E. (2017) Organic 3.0 in Sweden – gathering perspectives through stakeholder dialogue. In: Aakkula, Jyrki; Hakala, Kaija; Huhta, Harri; Iivonen, Sari; Jurvanen, Ulla; Kreismane, Dzidra; Land, Anita; Lähdesmäki, Merja; Malingen, Matti; Mikkola, Minna; Nordlund-Othen, Janne; Nuutila, Jaakko; Peetsmann, Elen; Piskonen, Sirpa; Rasmussen, Ilse A.; Skulskis, Virgilijus; Tahvonen, Raija; Taskinen, Sirpa; Ullvén, Karin; Wibe, Atle and Wivstad, Maria (Eds.) NJF Seminar 495 - 4th organic Conference: Organics for tomorrow's food systems, 19 - 21 June 2017, Mikkeli, Finland, 13 (1), NJF Report, pp. 127-129.

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