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Items affiliated to "Univ. Teramo"

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Peer-reviewed and accepted

Mayer, Maria; Vogl, Christian R.; Amorena, Michele; Hamburger, Matthias and Walkenhorst, Michael (2014) Treatment of Organic Livestock with Medicinal Plants: A Systematic Review of European Ethnoveterinary Research. Forschende Komplementärmedizin , 21, pp. 375-386.

Moscetti, Roberto; Ferri, Serena; Neri, Lilia; Santarelli, Veronica; Pittia, Paola and Massantini, Riccardo (2019) Use of blanching and vacuum impregantion with trehalose and green tea as drying pre-treatments of organic sliced carrots. In: Proceedings of the Eurodrying 2019, 10-12-July 2019, Torino, Italy, p. 108.

Neri, L.; Santarelli, V.; Di Mattia, C.; Sacchetti, G.; Faieta, M.; Mastrocola, D. and Pittia, P. (2019) Effect of Dipping and Vacuum Impregnation Pretreatments on the Quality of Frozen Apples: A Comparative Study on Organic and Conventional Fruits. Jounal of Food Science, 84 (4), pp. 798-806.

Neri, Lilia; Santarelli, Veronica; Moscetti, Roberto; Massantini, Riccardo and Pittia, Paola (2019) Quality and stability of frozen carrots fortified with green tea polyphenols. In: Proceedings of the 33rd EFFoST International Conference 2019, 12-14-November 2019, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Santarelli, V.; Neri, L.; Sacchetti, G.; Di Mattia, C.D.; Mastrocola, D. and Pittia, P. (2020) Response of organic and conventional apples to freezing and freezing pre-treatments: Focus on polyphenols content and antioxidant activity. Food Chemistry, 308, p. 125570. [In Press]

Not peer-reviewed

Neri, L.; Santarelli, V.; Di Mattia, C.D.; Sacchetti, G.; Mastrocola, D. and Pittia, P. (2017) Effect of freezing on Quality of organically grown apples. Poster at: [Completed]

Sturm, B. (2018) SusOrganic - Development of quality standards and optimised processing methods for organic produce - Final report. .

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