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Items affiliated to "Univ. Palermo"

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Journal paper

Caleca, Virgilio; Lo Verde, Gabriella; Lo Verde, Valentina; Palumbo Piccionello, Manuela and Rizzo, Roberto (2011) Control of Bactrocera oleae and Ceratitis capitata in Organic Orchards: Use of Clays and Copper Products. ACTA HORTICULTURAE, 873, pp. 227-233.

Caleca, Virgilio; Lo Verde, Gabriella and Maltese, Matteo (2011) FIRST RECORD IN ITALY OF PSYLLAEPHAGUS BLITEUS RIEK (Hymenoptera Encyrtidae) PARASITOID OF GLYCASPIS BRIMBLECOMBEI MOORE (Hemiptera Psyllidae). Il Naturalista Siciliano, 35 (3-4), pp. 435-444.

Faraone, Nicoletta; Caleca, Virgilio; Bruno, Maurizio; Vitagliano, Silvia and De Cristofaro, Antonio (2012) Biological activity of Citrus spp. metabolites on Ceratitis capitata (Wiedemann). IOBC/wprs Bulletin, 74, pp. 167-173.

Hashem, Shadi; Migliore, Giuseppina; Schifani, Giorgio; Schimmenti, Emmanuele and Padel, Susanne (2018) Motives for buying local, organic food through English Box Schemes. British Food Journal, 120 (7), pp. 1600-1614.

Lo Verde, Gabriella; Caleca, Virgilio and Lo Verde, Valentina (2011) The use of kaolin to control Ceratitis capitata in organic citrus groves. BULLETIN OF INSECTOLOGY, 64 (1), pp. 127-134.

Militello, M; Settanni, L; Aleo, A; Mammina, C; Moschetti, G; Giammanco, G M; Blàzquez, M Amparo and Carrubba, A (2011) Chemical composition and antibacterial potential of Artemisia arborescens L. essential oil. Current microbiology, 62 (4), pp. 1274-1281.

Rizzo, Maria Concetta; Lo Verde, Valentina and Caleca, Virgilio (2006) Role of spontaneous plants as a reservoir of alternative hosts for Semielacher petiolatus (Girault) and Citrostichus phyllocnistoides (Narayanan) (Hymenoptera, Eulophidae) in citrus groves. IOBC/ WPRS Bulletin ., 29 (6), pp. 109-112.

Conference paper, poster, etc.

Carrubba, Alessandra; Catalano, Caterina and Militello, Marcello (2009) EFFECTS OF ORGANIC AND CONVENTIONAL N-FERTILIZATION ON QUALITY TRAITS IN CORIANDER (CORIANDRUM SATIVUM L.). In: Sequi, P.; Ferri, D.; Rea, E.; Montemurro, F.; Vonella, Alessandro Vittorio and FORNARO, F. (Eds.) MORE SUSTAINABILITY IN AGRICULTURE: NEW FERTILIZERS AND FERTILIZATION MANAGEMENT, Fertilitas Agrorum, pp. 174-179.

Carrubba, Alessandra; Militello, Marcello and Catalano, Caterina (2009) N USE AND PARTITIONING IN CORIANDER (CORIANDRUM SATIVUM L.) AFTER ORGANIC AND CONVENTIONAL N FERTILIZATION. In: Sequi, P.; Ferri, D.; Montemurro, F.; Vonella, Alessandro Vittorio and Fornaro, F. (Eds.) MORE SUSTAINABILITY IN AGRICULTURE: NEW FERTILIZERS AND FERTILIZATION MANAGEMENT, Fertilitas Agrorum, pp. 345-350.

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