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Czaban, Weronika; Clement, Corentin; Han, Eusun; Dresbøll, Dorte Bodin and Thorup-Kristensen, Kristian (2018) The effect of Intercropping on the Deep Root Development and Nutrient Uptake in a Sugar Beet – Chicory Mixture. Poster at: 10th symposium for the international society of root research, Israel, July 2018. [draft]

Dresbøll, Dorte Bodin; Rasmussen, Camilla Ruø and Thorup-Kristensen, Kristensen (2018) Capacity of Deep Rooted Species to Take Up Water and Nutrients from Deep Soil Layers. Poster at: ISRR 2018, Jerusalem, Israel, 8-12/7-2018.

Han, Eusun (2016) The hidden half of the plants for ‘deep-rooted’ organic agriculture. Keynote presentation at: IFOAM Asia Organic Youth Forum, Changzhou, China, 28.10.2016. [Completed]

Han, Eusun; Dresbøll, Dorte Bodin and Thorup-Kristensen, Kristian (2020) Core-labelling technique (CLT): a novel combination of the ingrowth-core method and tracer technique for deep root study. Plant Methods, 16 (1), p. 84.

Han, Eusun; Dresbøll, Dorte Bodin and Thorup-Kristensen, Kristian (2018) Determining deep root activity in arable fields by the core-labelling technique (CLT). Poster at: ISRR-10 Exposing the Hidden Half, Israel, 8-12 July 2018.

Han, Eusun; Havmøller, Lisa; Dresbøll, Dorte Bodin and Thorup-Kristensen, Kristian (2017) Identification of deep-rooting crop species in arable subsoil by the minirhizotron technique. In: Proceedings of the Scientific Track at the Organic World Congress 2017, 1, pp. 6-9.

Liang, Zhi (2019) Organic carbon mineralization and microbiology in subsoil. PhD thesis, Department of Agroecology, Aarhus University . .

Liang, Zhi; Elsgaard, Lars; Nicolaisen, Mette; Lyhne-Kjæbye, Annemette and Olesen, Jørgen E. (2018) Carbon mineralization and microbial activity in agricultural topsoil and subsoil as regulated by root nitrogen and recalcitrant carbon concentrations. Plant and Soil, None, pp. 1-18.

Liang, Zhi; Elsgaard, Lars and Olesen, Jørgen E. (2017) Effect of root litter quality on carbon turnover and soil microbiology in topsoil and subsoil horizons. In: To be decided. [draft]

Liang, Zhi; Olesen, Jørgen E.; Jensen, Johannes L. and Elsgaard, Lars (2018) Nutrient availability affects carbon turnover and microbial physiology differently in topsoil and subsoil under a temperate grassland. Geoderma, 336, pp. 22-30.

Liang, Zhi; Olesen, Jørgen E.; Nørgaard, Trine and Elsgaard, Lars (2020) Extraction and enzymatic assay of glucose in soils with divergent pH, clay and organic carbon contents. Communications in Soil Science and Plant Analysis, 51 (3), pp. 380-391.

Rasmussen, Camilla Ruø; Dresbøll, Dorte Bodin and Thorup-Kristensen, Kristian (2018) Chicory Grows Roots Below 3 m Is That Beneficial under Water Stress? Poster at: ISRR 2018, Jerusalem, Israel, 8-12/7-2018.

Sleiderink, Joost (2020) The role of the deep roots of perennial cereal kernza in a drying climate. Masters thesis, Wageningen University . .


Dresbøll, Dorte Bodin (2017) Rodudviklingens betydning for planternes forsyning med vand og næringsstoffer. [The importance of root development for plant water and nutrient uptake.] Speech at: Plantekongres, Herning kongrescenter, 17-18 januar 2017. [Completed]

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