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Items affiliated to " I.6 High fibre feeds for pigs"

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Carlson, D. and Johansen, H.N. (1997) Digestibility of Protein and Energy and Protein Value of Some Roughages for Growing Swine. In: Jørgensen, Henry and Fernández, José A. (Eds.) Proceeding of NJF-seminar No. 274. Energy and Protein Evaluation for Pigs in the Nordic Countries , NJF-rapport, no. 119, pp. 102-105.

Carlson, D.; Lærke, H.N.; Poulsen, H.D. and Jørgensen, Henry (1999) Roughages for Growing Pigs, with Emphasis on Chemical composition, Ingestion and Faecal Digestibility. Acta Agriculturæ Scandinavica. Section A, Animal Science, 49, pp. 129-136.

Jørgensen, Henry; Carlson, D. and Lærke, H.N. (2012) Influence on the ileal and fecal digestibility of forages inclusion in the diet. Journal of Animal Science, 90, pp. 176-178.

Jørgensen, Henry; Lærke, H.N. and Carlson, D. (2012) Influence on the ileal and fecal digestibility of forages inclusion in the diet. In: Book of Abstracts.


Carlson, D.; Johansen, H.N.; Poulsen, H.D. and Jørgensen, Henry (1998) Fordøjelighed og udnyttelse af grovfoder til slagtesvin. In: Hermansen, J.E. (Ed.) FØJO-rapport nr. 1. Forskning i økologisk svineproduktion.. FØJO-rapport, no. 1. , chapter , pp. 13-17.

Lærke, H.N. (1999) Hvad sker der i fordøjelseskanalen med fiberrige fodermidler? In: Jakobsen, K. and Danielsen, Viggo (Eds.) Temamøde vedr. grovfoder og fiberrige fodermidler til svin. , Intern rapport, Danmarks Jordbrugsforskning, no. 117, pp. 21-24.

Lærke, H.N.; Jørgensen, Henry; Poulsen, H.D. and Carlson, D. (1999) Har grovfoder en ernæringsmæssig værdi for slagtesvin. [Do roughages have a nutritional value for growing pigs.] Forskningsnytt om økologisk landbruk i Norden, 1999 (8), pp. 12-14.

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