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Canali, Stefano; Montemurro, F. and Kristensen, Hanne L. (2018) Yield reduction and stability issues in no-till vegetable systems​. Keynote presentation at:

De Neve, Stefaan; Gebremikael, Mesfin; Kristensen, Hanne L. and Testani, Elena (2018) soilveg project in soil. Keynote presentation at:

Depalo, Laura; Corrado, Ciaccia and Sans, F. Xavier (2018) soilveg project in biodiversity. Keynote presentation at:

Farina, R.; Fuentes, Jorge Alvaro and Persiani​, Alessandro (2018) Influence of ASCs and no-till on energy use and climate change mitigation. Keynote presentation at:

Kristensen, Hanne Lakkenborg (2017) Agro-Environmental Management, Nutrient cycling and Environmental Management Experimental exercises at Årslev Research Centre 26.-27. Sept. 2017. Aarhus University , FOOD.

Kristensen, Hanne Lakkenborg; Hefner, M.; Shanmugam, Sindhuja and Xie, Yue (2019) Any general conclusions to draw on deep roots from the complex effects of cropping systems? Workshop at: Deep Frontier, Copenhagen University, 26. Nov. 2019. [Completed]

Rystedt, Lotte (2017) Promising no-tillage organic systems for vegetable crops. DCA, Aarhus University. Online at http://dca.au.dk/en/current-news/news/show/artikel/dyrkning-i-planterester-giver-mindre-ukrudt/, accessed on: 22 July 2018.

Stefano, Canali (2017) Midterm press release. .

Stefano, Canali and Marta, Di Pierro (2018) SoilVeg final press release. . [Submitted]

Xie, Yue; Sørensen, Jørn Nygaard; Petersen, Karen Koefoed and Kristensen, Hanne Lakkenborg (2018) Stepwise incorporation of white clover (Trifolium repens L.)as fertiliser increases nitrogen fixation and improves nitrogen retention when intercropped with leek (Allium porrum L.). Plant and Soil, 422, pp. 541-554.


Aarhus, University (Ed.) (2018) Dyrkning i planterester gavner udbyttet og agroøkosystemet. DCA Annual report. DCA.

Bundgaard, Stig (2016) Nyt dyrkningssystem: Knæk efterafgrøden med knivtromle og så afgrøde oveni. Landbrugsavisen 14. juni 2016, 2016.

Hermansen, Nina (2017) Dyrkning direkte i planterester giver mindre ukrudt. Magasinet Mark, December 2017, Dec, p. 15.

Hermansen, Nina (2016) Nyt dyrkningssystem til reduceret jordbearbejdning afprøves i Danmark. DCA Newsletter, 3 June 2016, 0-0.

Kristensen, Hanne Lakkenborg (2017) Unpublished leaflet distributed at field visit 30 Oct 2017_SoilVeg_AU-FOOD. Aarhus University , FOOD. [Completed]

Kristensen, Helene (2016) Åbent Hus: Forbedret udnyttelse af jord og ressourcer i økologiske dyrkningssystemer. [Field walk: Improved exploitation of soil and resources in organic cropping systems.] ICROFS, Denmark. Online at http://icrofs.dk/aktuelt/nyheder/nyhed/artikel/aabent-hus-forbedret-udnyttelse-af-jord-og-ressourcer-i-oekologiske-dyrkningssystemer/, accessed on: 2 August 2017.

Nielsen, Stig Feodor (2019) Nye muligheder i øko grønsagssædskifter. Gartnertidende, 11 April 2019, 5, pp. 49-50.

Nielsen, Stig Feodor (2017) DoubleCrop - et intensivt økodyrkningssystem. Gartnertidende, 15 November 2017, 14, pp. 34-35.

Nielsen, Stig Feodor (2017) DoubleCrop - et intensivt økodyrkningssystem. GartneriRådgivningen, GartnerTidendes Nyhedsbrev. Online at https://www.gartnertidende.dk/gronsager/nyheder/2017/doublecrop-et-intensivt-oko-dyrkningssystem#.WxfiaEiFOUk, accessed on: 13 May 2018.

Nielsen, Stig Feodor (2016) Direkte dyrkning i tromlede. Gartnertidende, 2016, 14, pp. 26-27.

Rystedt, Lotte (2017) Dyrkning i planterester giver mindre ukrudt. �kologi & Erhverv, 1 December 2017, 622, p. 12.

Rystedt, Lotte (2017) Dyrkning i planterester giver mindre ukrudt. MASKINBLADET, 21 November 2017, p. 1.

Rystedt, Lotte (2017) Dyrkning i planterester giver mindre ukrudt giver mindre ukrudt. DCA, Aarhus University.

Tersbøl, Michael (2017) Knivtromle i økologisk pløjefri dyrkning. Økologisk Landsforening. Online at http://okologi.dk/oekologi-og-erhverv/nyheder/2017/05/fagligt-talt-oekologi-erhverv-nr-610, accessed on: 2 August 2017.


Canali, Stefano (2015) SOILVEG - Introduzione e gestione di Colture di Servizio Agro-ecologico per migliorare la conservazione del suolo e l’utilizzo delle risorse in sistemi orticoli biologici. Poster at:


Sans Serra, Xavier F (2015) Fertilcrop y Soilveg - Dos nuevos proyectos de investigación en agricultura ecológica al servicio del desarrollo y la innovación del sector. Revista Ae-SEAE, 2015, 21, pp. 26-27.

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