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Anon, (2006) Study of the market for organic vegetables. Henry Doubleday Research Association .

{Project} Sustainable organic vegetable systems network. Runs 2003 - 2006. Project Leader(s): Unspecified, , Henry Doubleday Research Association .

Grundy, Dr Andrea (2006) Using weeds to reduce pest insect numbers in organic vegetable crops - a desk study (OF0329). Warwick HRI .

Jackson, A and Lampkin, N (2006) Organic Farm incomes in England and Wales 2004-05(OF 0189). University of Wales, Aberystwyth, Aberystwyth.

Weller, R (2006) The development of organic milk production systems. Institute for Grassland and Environmental Research , Trawscoed.

Pearce, Dr Bruce (2006) Developing a participatory approach to seed production and varietal selection (OF0330). Elm Farm Research Centre .

ADAS (2006) The development of improved guidance on the use of fertility building crops in organic farming (CTE0204). ADAS , Wolverhampton.

Keatinge, R (2005) Organic production in the hills and uplands (OF0319). ADAS Consulting Ltd , Redesdale.

Unspecified, (2003) Alternative, non-animal based nutrient sources, for organic plant raising OF0308. Elm Farm Research Centre .

Unspecified, (2003) Provision of information on organic soft fruit production OF0306. Henry Doubleday Research Association .

Cormack, Bill (2002) Testing the sustainability of stockless arable organic farming on a fertile soil (Extension to OF0 145). ADAS Consulting Ltd , Terrington.

Unspecified, (2004) Varieties of field vegetables and potatoes for organic production and marketing OF0304. National Institute for Agricultural Botany .

Kerr, Simon (1995) Establishment of, and running, a comprehensive organic seed information database and communication network OF0195. National Institute of Agricultural Botany .

Pickett, JA; Wadhams, LJ; Pye, BJ; Smart, LE and Wolfe, M (2000) Studies on exploiting semiochemicals for pest management in organic farming systems OF0188. Institute of Arable Crops Research , Biological Chemistry Division.

Unspecified, (1999) Animal health and welfare in organic livestock sysytems identification of constraints and priorities OF0172. Reading University .

Institute of Rural Sciences, (editor): Lampkin, Dr Nicolas (Ed.) (2001) Factors affecting profitability of organic farms (OF0155). University of Wales Aberystwyth , Institute of Rural Sciences.

Hopkins, Mr Alan (1999) Cultural methods for controlling docks in organically farmed grassland (extension 1998-99) (OFT0115T). Institute of Grassland and Environmental Research .

Anon, (1998) Desk study on the control of weeds in organic arable and horticultural production systems OF0152. Horticulture Research International .

NIAB, (2001) Varieties of Field Vegetables and Potatoes for Organic Production and Marketing (OFO142). National Institute of Agricultural Botany .

Lennartsson, Dr Margi (2000) Conversion to organic field vegetable production OF0126T. Henry Doubleday Research Association .

Fowler, Susan; Lampkin, Nicolas and Midmore, Peter (2000) Economics of organic farming: economic modelling OF0125. University of Wales, Aberystwyth , Institute of Rural Sciences.

Lampkin, Nicolas; Padel, Susanne; Fowler, Sue; Rajah, Kanes; McDougall, Iain; Langstaff, Lesley; O'Regan, Tony and Sharples, Trevor (editor): Lampkin, Nicolas (Ed.) (1997) Constraints on developing organic poultry production OF0128T. University of Wales, Aberystwyth , Institute or Rural Sciences.

Keatinge, Mr Ray (1996) Controlling internal parasites without anthelmintics (a review) OF0132. ADAS .

Unspecified, (1998) Organic milk production: post conversion phase - IGER OF0113. IGER .

Chandler, David (1998) Biological control of leatherjackets using insect pathogens OF0116T. Horticulture Research International .

Scullion, John (1995) Earthworm populations in conventional/organic arable-based systems and their contribution to soil fertility OF0117T. University of Wales, Aberystwyth .

Unwin, Roger; Bell, Barbara; Shepherd, Mark; Webb, John; Keatinge, Ray and Bailey, Steven (1995) The effect of organic farming systems on aspects of the environment - desk study OF0123. ADAS .

Cormack, Dr W F (1998) Organic Arable Systems at ADAS Terrington OF0112. ADAS .

Keatinge, Mr Ray (1998) Organic beef and sheep production in the uplands OF0111. ADAS .

Elliot, Mr J; Keatinge, Mr R; Powell, Mr L and Unwin, Mr R (1995) Finishing store lambs from organic hill and upland farms OF0119. ADAS .

NIAB, (editor): National Institute of Agricultural Botany, (Ed.) (1996) Varieties for Organic Production and Marketing (OF0110). National Institute of Agricultural Botany .

Westley Consulting Ltd., (2004) London Hospital Food Project. Sustain , London Food Link.

Unspecified, (2000) Organic wheat survey (OF0107). ADAS Consulting Ltd .

Haggar, Roger and Padel, Susanne (1996) Conversion to Organic Milk Production (OF0103). Institute of Grassland and Environmental Research , Ty Gwyn.

Young, Dr A G and Rushton, Dr S P (1998) The influence of organic farming on the vegetation composition of upland pasture OF0104. University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne , Department of Agricultural and Environmental Science.

Sumption, Phil (2004) Conversion to Organic Field Vegetable Production (Phase 2). Henry Doubleday Research Association .

Anon, (2002) Modelling manure NPK flows in organic farming systems to minimise nitrate leaching, ammonia volatilization and nitrous oxide emissions (OF0197). ADAS , Gleadthorpe.

Dale, Phillip; Clarke, Belinda; Fontes, Eliana; Martin, Wolfe; Pearce, Bruce and Welsh, James (2001) A review of knowledge of the potential impacts of GMOs on organic agriculture. John Innes Centre .

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