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Pasture management - Intensive rotational grazing with the Pitt Käch family in Switzerland

{Tool} Pasture management - Intensive rotational grazing with the Pitt Käch family in Switzerland. [Weidemanagement: Intensive Umtriebsweide auf dem Betrieb von Susanne und Joss Pitt Käch Gampelen/BE.] Creator(s): Alföldi, Thomas. Issuing Organisation(s): FiBL - Research Institute of Organic Agriculture. (2021)

[thumbnail of video.php_y=https_%2F%2Fyoutu.be%2Fw5f47HQed1s] Video (MPEG) - Published Version - English
[thumbnail of video.php_y=https_%2F%2Fyoutu.be%2FVQ4_0OZPVNw] Video (MPEG) - Published Version - German/Deutsch

Summary in the original language of the document

This video shows how to manage pastures so that the cows have good grass throughout the growing season. The farm is set up for fully grazing a herd of Kiwi-Cross with seasonal calving. The Pitt Kaech family in Switzerland takes you on a farm tour, explaining how they manage their pastures on just over 30 hectares with 30 paddocks, where the cows are rotated according to the growth rate of the grass.
The family is organic, but the insights shared are relevant for all farmers looking to optimise their pasture management and increase grazing.

Summary translation

Dieses Video zeigt, wie man Weiden bewirtschaftet, damit die Kühe während der gesamten Vegetationsperiode gutes Gras haben. Der Betrieb ist für die Vollweidehaltung einer Herde Kiwi-Cross mit saisonalem Abkalben eingerichtet.

EPrint Type:Practice tool
Teaser:Optimise pasture management and rotational grazing.
What problem does the tool address?:Rotational grazing is tricky and requires a special set of skills.
What solution does the tool offer?:Measuring grass height, adjusting paddock size and trusting the process, are some of the solutions the Pitt Kaech family in Switzerland offers.
Type of Practice Tool:Video
Keywords:cattle, feeding, grazing
Agrovoc keywords:
Subjects: Animal husbandry > Production systems > Beef cattle
Animal husbandry > Feeding and growth
Research affiliation: Switzerland > FiBL - Research Institute of Organic Agriculture Switzerland > Animal > Cattle
Switzerland > FiBL - Research Institute of Organic Agriculture Switzerland > Animal > Animal welfare & housing > Grassland-based livestock systems
European Union > Organic Farm Knowledge
Horizon Europe or H2020 Grant Agreement Number:772705
Related Links:https://nefertiti-h2020.eu/videos/, https://organic-farmknowledge.org/tool/40258, https://www.facebook.com/organicfarmknowledge/posts/306733211239320, https://twitter.com/farm_knowledge/status/1421079966318481416
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Deposited By: Dietemann, Lauren
ID Code:40258
Deposited On:30 Jul 2021 07:37
Last Modified:02 May 2024 10:31
Document Language:English, German/Deutsch

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