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Use of somatic cell count as an indicator of colostrum quality

Puppel, Kamila; Gołębiewski, Marcin; Grodkowski, Grzegorz; Solarczyk, Paweł; Kostusiak, Piotr; Klopčič, Maria and Sakowski, Tomasz (2020) Use of somatic cell count as an indicator of colostrum quality. PLOS ONE, 15 (8), e0237615.

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The impact of cow mammary gland diseases on the quality of colostrum is not conclusively defined; research results are conflicting. However, it is widely believed that mastitis lowers the level of immunoglobulins and the quality of the colostrum produced. Therefore, the aim of this study was to determine the influence of somatic cell counts (SCC) on the colostrum immuno-stimulating and chemical components. The experiment was conducted on an experimental organic dairy farm in which a herd of approximately 250 cows was kept in a freestall housing system, with the average performance exceeding 6,000 kg of milk per lactation. Colostrum and milk samples were taken individually from each cow seven times during the experiment: from the first to second day after calving–twice per day, and from the third to fifth day after calving–once per day. Therefore, after preliminary analyses, the cows were divided into two groups based on the cytological quality of their colostrum at the first collection: 1. SCC �400,000 cells/ml (good quality colostrum; GCC– 18 cows), 2. SCC � 400,000 cells/ml (low quality colostrum; LCC– 22 cows). The study found almost double the concentration of immunoglobulins and essential fatty acids in first milking colostrum in the GCC group than in colostrum from the LCC group. In addition, an increase in the concentration of lysozyme in first milking colostrum was associated with a decrease in the concentration of immunoglobulins. In addition, the increase in the level of lysozyme was associated with a decrease in the concentration of immunoglobulins. In conclusion, the SCC of first milking
colostrum can be used as an indicator of colostrum quality.

EPrint Type:Journal paper
Keywords:somatic cell count, colostrum quality
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somatic cell count
Subjects: Animal husbandry > Production systems > Dairy cattle
Animal husbandry > Health and welfare
Research affiliation: European Union > CORE Organic > CORE Organic Cofund > ProYoungStock
Deposited By: SAKOWSKI, Prof. TOMASZ
ID Code:38606
Deposited On:03 Feb 2022 15:11
Last Modified:03 Feb 2022 15:11
Document Language:English
Refereed:Peer-reviewed and accepted

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