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Profile of a farm with integrated soya production, processing and laying hen husbandry

{Tool} Profile of a farm with integrated soya production, processing and laying hen husbandry. [Mein Hof, Mein Weg - Monschein - Hebenstreit.] Creator(s): Ländliches Fortbildungsinstitut Österreich, LFI. Issuing Organisation(s): LFI - Ländliches Fortbildungsinstitut Österreich. OK-Net EcoFeed-selected tool. (2018)

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Document available online at: https://meinhof-meinweg.at/at/monschein-hebenstreit-

Summary in the original language of the document

The website ‘Mein Hof, Mein Weg’ provides a platform for a group of innovative farms from Austria to present themselves to the wider public. One of them is the farming enterprise of Monschein/Hebenstreit (Styria, Austria). The website portrays the farm profile, highlights their motivation to become a pioneer in the Austrian agricultural community and shows by videos how soybean cultivation and processing is integrated into their laying hen farms.

Summary translation

Die Website Mein Hof, Mein Weg" bietet einer Gruppe von innovativen landwirtschaftlichen Betrieben aus Österreich eine Plattform, um sich einer breiten Öffentlichkeit zu präsentieren. Einer davon ist der landwirtschaftliche Betrieb Monschein/Hebenstreit (Steiermark, Österreich). Die Website zeigt ihre Motivation, Pionierarbeit in der österreichischen Landwirtschaft zu leisten und veranschaulicht in Videos, wie Sojaanbau und -verarbeitung in ihre Legehennenhaltung integriert sind.

EPrint Type:Practice tool
What problem does the tool address?:Soybean production is increasing in Europe, but in many regions, local feed processing facilities are lacking. That results in a suboptimum supply to livestock production and limits the chances to exploit business opportunities.
What solution does the tool offer?:The joint enterprise of the families Monschein and Hebenstreit illustrates how small-scale farms can create added value through processing of self-grown soybeans.
Type of Practice Tool:Web
Keywords:animal husbandry, laying hens, layer chickens, poultry, soybeans, feed processing, legumes
Agrovoc keywords:
animal husbandry
layer chickens
feed processing
Subjects: Animal husbandry > Feeding and growth
Food systems > Processing, packaging and transportation
Animal husbandry > Production systems > Poultry
Research affiliation: European Union > Horizon 2020 > OK-Net EcoFeed
European Union > Horizon 2020 > OK-Net EcoFeed > Selected tools
Austria > Other organizations Austria
European Union > Organic Farm Knowledge
Related Links:https://www.lfi.at/, https://meinhof-meinweg.at/at/monschein-hebenstreit-, https://organic-farmknowledge.org/tool/36944, https://www.facebook.com/organicfarmknowledge/photos/a.341364110046066/565681434280998, https://twitter.com/farm_knowledge/status/1207680386685374465
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Deposited By: Forschungsinstitut für biologischen Landbau, FiBL
ID Code:36944
Deposited On:13 Dec 2019 11:39
Last Modified:02 May 2024 10:32
Document Language:German/Deutsch

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