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SUREVEG – new diversified cropping systems for vegetables

Kristensen, Hanne Lakkenborg and Ullvén, Karin (2018) SUREVEG – new diversified cropping systems for vegetables. AU, CORE organic COFUND News. Online at https://projects.au.dk/coreorganiccofund/news-and-events/show/artikel/sureveg-new-diversified-cropping-systems-for-vegetables/, accessed on: 5 November 2019.

[thumbnail of Diversified systems_SUREVEG.docx] Microsoft Word - Published Version - English

Document available online at: https://projects.au.dk/coreorganiccofund/news-and-events/show/artikel/sureveg-new-diversified-cropping-systems-for-vegetables/


The first news release on the new project SUREVEG (CORE organic COFUND). SUREVEG is on strip-cropping systems and recycling of waste as the basis for biodiverse and resource-efficient intensive vegetable production.

EPrint Type:Web product
Keywords:SureVeg, nitrogen, vegetables, compost, functional biodiversity, strip-cropping, intercropping
Subjects: Soil > Soil quality
Crop husbandry > Composting and manuring
Food systems > Recycling, balancing and resource management
Soil > Nutrient turnover
Crop husbandry > Production systems > Vegetables
Environmental aspects > Biodiversity and ecosystem services
Research affiliation: European Union > CORE Organic Cofund > SUREVEG
Denmark > ICROFS - International Centre for Research in Organic Food Systems
International Projects > Other funders
Deposited By: Kristensen, Ph.D. Hanne Lakkenborg
ID Code:36706
Deposited On:25 Nov 2019 12:40
Last Modified:10 May 2021 10:09
Document Language:English

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