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Drivhusfjøs - kompostkvalitet og driftserfaringer

Friis Pedersen, Susanne and Ebbesvik, Martha (2018) Drivhusfjøs - kompostkvalitet og driftserfaringer. [Compost barn - compost quality and experiences of management.] NORSØK Rapport, no. 11 Vol 3. NORSØK, Tingvoll.

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This report describes a new method for composting and its use for cultivation of plants in greenhouse. The composting is performed in a combined stable and greenhouse directly in the mixture of cow manure and wood chips under the cows – a compost barn. This method is known for example in USA, Israel and Netherlands. In Norway a newly constructed compost barn with 18 sucklercows was followed by four visits and tests during 2017 and 2018. The animal welfare was no issue. The focus was on compost quality for growth media and the plant growth performance. During summertime, when cattle was outdoor, tomatoes, peppers and squash were cultivated. Compost was analysed in the beginning and the end of season. Compost maturity was evaluated by different standards and methods like sprout inhibitions, Solvita®method and sensoric judgment.
The results showed a quite high pH-value without any crucial effect on plant nutrient uptake in the plants. C:N was reasonable for plant cultivation but, it could be better just letting the compost mature for some more time. The temperature in the compost during the composting process was lower than expected. The evaluation of compost maturity indicated stabile and mature compost.
The challenges for cultivation directly in the compost seems achievable. During the first season climate in soil seemed too wet and consequently set of a mosquito plague. During the second season climate in soil seemed too dry and consequently attracted mould. The management of cattle this way is by time and efforts comparable to normal ways stated the farmers.
Some suggestions to improve compost quality was done for instance to add more woodchips from conifers to minimize pH.
Conclusion was that compost barns serving as greenhouses are attractive and could be implemented more in agroecological systems.

Summary translation

Rapporten beskriver en spennende metode for kompostering av talle og dens bruk som dyrkingsmedium til planter i drivhus. Komposteringen skjer direkte i tallen som kyrne oppholder seg på gjennom vinteren. Plantedyrkingen skjer samme sted om sommeren mens kyrne er ute på beite. Drivhusfjøs slik som dette er utprøvd i utlandet og dyrevelferden er godt dokumentert. Det er lite erfaring med drivhusfjøs i Norge og generelt lite beskrevet om plantedyrking direkte i denne komposten. Vi har fulgt et drivhusfjøs i Snåsa med 18 ammekyr og dyrking av ulike planter. Det er tatt prøver av tallen fire ganger. Komposten er analysert for næringsinnhold, pH, tørrstoff, C:N-forhold. Kompostens modenhet er vurdert etter ulike metoder som spiretest med karsefrø, sensorisk bedømming, solding og Solvitametoden®. Registreringer er gjort i 2017 og 2018.
Resultatene viste en relativ høy pH uten at det medførte synlig mangelsymptomer på plantene. C:N- forholdet var bra med tanke på plantedyrking, men ville nok over tid ved rette temperatur bli bedre egnet. Temperaturen i tallen underveis i komposteringen var lavere enn forventet. Sensorisk bedømming, spiretest og Solvita-test indikerte nesten stabil og moden kompost.

EPrint Type:Report
Keywords:Kompost, tallefjøs, dyrkingsmedium Compost, innovation, cultivation
Agrovoc keywords:
Subjects: Soil > Soil quality
Farming Systems
Crop husbandry > Composting and manuring
Farming Systems > Buildings and machinery
Research affiliation: Norway
Norway > NORSØK - Norwegian Centre for Organic Agriculture
Deposited By: Friis Pedersen, Susanne
ID Code:34970
Deposited On:13 Mar 2019 07:27
Last Modified:13 Mar 2019 07:27
Document Language:Norwegian/Norsk
Refereed:Peer-reviewed and accepted

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