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International Research Association for Organic Food Quality and Health (FQH)

{Organization} International Research Association for Organic Food Quality and Health (FQH).

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Document available online at: http://www.organicfqh.org/index.html


The International Research Association for Organic Food Quality and Health aims to establish a network of research institutions specialized in the background of organic food and its effect on human health.
Interdisciplinary as well as specialised investigations on organic food quality concepts and novel research methods to study the influence of organic food on human health will be promoted.
Through a coordinating secretariat the FQH Association is implementing the following activities:
- implement joint research projects. Combining of resources e.g. by sharing samples for multiple testing as well as staff exchange among institutions to enhance more efficiency and effectiveness.
- evaluate, standardise and validate new methods to asses the quality of organic produce and its impact on human health.
- organise international scientific conferences on organic food quality and health.
- monitor of scientific quality of collective research projects, publications and conferences through a scientific advisory committee.
- entertain active interaction with the organic food business and consumer groups to discuss research questions and results.
- develop and run a website: www.organicfqhresearch.org
- publish reports and articles related and relevant to the subject of organic food quality and health.
- mobilise financial resources for the afore mentioned activities from within and outside the association.
Research topics
1. Development of parameters and methods to differentiate between organic and non-organic products, including the development of quality indices.
2. Identification and/or development of production and processing methods to obtain high quality food products.
3. Determining the influence of organic products on health and disease resistance of human and animals by e.g. :
4. Animal food studies
Epidemiological research, i.e., on diseases in relation to lifestyle and nutrition; Studies of impact on population groups with diminishing resistance to illnesses.
5. Organic food safety

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