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Anon, (2006) Study of the market for organic vegetables. Henry Doubleday Research Association.

{Project} Sustainable organic vegetable systems network. Runs 2003 - 2006. Project Leader(s): Unspecified, , Henry Doubleday Research Association.

Grundy, Dr Andrea (2006) Using weeds to reduce pest insect numbers in organic vegetable crops - a desk study (OF0329). Warwick HRI.

Jackson, A and Lampkin, N (2006) Organic Farm incomes in England and Wales 2004-05(OF 0189). University of Wales, Aberystwyth, Aberystwyth.

Weller, R (2006) The development of organic milk production systems. Institute for Grassland and Environmental Research, Trawscoed.

Pearce, Dr Bruce (2006) Developing a participatory approach to seed production and varietal selection (OF0330). Elm Farm Research Centre.

ADAS (2006) The development of improved guidance on the use of fertility building crops in organic farming (CTE0204). ADAS , Wolverhampton.

Keatinge, R (2005) Organic production in the hills and uplands (OF0319). ADAS Consulting Ltd, Redesdale.

Unspecified, (2003) Alternative, non-animal based nutrient sources, for organic plant raising OF0308. Elm Farm Research Centre.

Unspecified, (2003) Provision of information on organic soft fruit production OF0306. Henry Doubleday Research Association.

Cormack, Bill (2002) Testing the sustainability of stockless arable organic farming on a fertile soil (Extension to OF0 145). ADAS Consulting Ltd, Terrington.

Unspecified, (2004) Varieties of field vegetables and potatoes for organic production and marketing OF0304. National Institute for Agricultural Botany.

Kerr, Simon (1995) Establishment of, and running, a comprehensive organic seed information database and communication network OF0195. National Institute of Agricultural Botany.

Pickett, JA; Wadhams, LJ; Pye, BJ; Smart, LE and Wolfe, M (2000) Studies on exploiting semiochemicals for pest management in organic farming systems OF0188. Institute of Arable Crops Research, Biological Chemistry Division.

Unspecified, (1999) Animal health and welfare in organic livestock sysytems identification of constraints and priorities OF0172. Reading University.

Institute of Rural Sciences, (editor): Lampkin, Dr Nicolas (Ed.) (2001) Factors affecting profitability of organic farms (OF0155). University of Wales Aberystwyth, Institute of Rural Sciences.

Hopkins, Mr Alan (1999) Cultural methods for controlling docks in organically farmed grassland (extension 1998-99) (OFT0115T). Institute of Grassland and Environmental Research.

Anon, (1998) Desk study on the control of weeds in organic arable and horticultural production systems OF0152. Horticulture Research International.

NIAB, (2001) Varieties of Field Vegetables and Potatoes for Organic Production and Marketing (OFO142). National Institute of Agricultural Botany.

Lennartsson, Dr Margi (2000) Conversion to organic field vegetable production OF0126T. Henry Doubleday Research Association.

Fowler, Susan; Lampkin, Nicolas and Midmore, Peter (2000) Economics of organic farming: economic modelling OF0125. University of Wales, Aberystwyth, Institute of Rural Sciences.

Lampkin, Nicolas; Padel, Susanne; Fowler, Sue; Rajah, Kanes; McDougall, Iain; Langstaff, Lesley; O'Regan, Tony and Sharples, Trevor (editor): Lampkin, Nicolas (Ed.) (1997) Constraints on developing organic poultry production OF0128T. University of Wales, Aberystwyth, Institute or Rural Sciences.

Keatinge, Mr Ray (1996) Controlling internal parasites without anthelmintics (a review) OF0132. ADAS.

Unspecified, (1998) Organic milk production: post conversion phase - IGER OF0113. IGER.

Chandler, David (1998) Biological control of leatherjackets using insect pathogens OF0116T. Horticulture Research International.

Scullion, John (1995) Earthworm populations in conventional/organic arable-based systems and their contribution to soil fertility OF0117T. University of Wales, Aberystwyth.

Unwin, Roger; Bell, Barbara; Shepherd, Mark; Webb, John; Keatinge, Ray and Bailey, Steven (1995) The effect of organic farming systems on aspects of the environment - desk study OF0123. ADAS.

Cormack, Dr W F (1998) Organic Arable Systems at ADAS Terrington OF0112. ADAS.

Keatinge, Mr Ray (1998) Organic beef and sheep production in the uplands OF0111. ADAS.

Elliot, Mr J; Keatinge, Mr R; Powell, Mr L and Unwin, Mr R (1995) Finishing store lambs from organic hill and upland farms OF0119. ADAS.

NIAB, (editor): National Institute of Agricultural Botany, (Ed.) (1996) Varieties for Organic Production and Marketing (OF0110). National Institute of Agricultural Botany.

Westley Consulting Ltd., (2004) London Hospital Food Project. Sustain, London Food Link.

Unspecified, (2000) Organic wheat survey (OF0107). ADAS Consulting Ltd.

Haggar, Roger and Padel, Susanne (1996) Conversion to Organic Milk Production (OF0103). Institute of Grassland and Environmental Research, Ty Gwyn.

Young, Dr A G and Rushton, Dr S P (1998) The influence of organic farming on the vegetation composition of upland pasture OF0104. University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Department of Agricultural and Environmental Science.

Sumption, Phil (2004) Conversion to Organic Field Vegetable Production (Phase 2). Henry Doubleday Research Association.

Anon, (2002) Modelling manure NPK flows in organic farming systems to minimise nitrate leaching, ammonia volatilization and nitrous oxide emissions (OF0197). ADAS, Gleadthorpe.

Dale, Phillip; Clarke, Belinda; Fontes, Eliana; Martin, Wolfe; Pearce, Bruce and Welsh, James (2001) A review of knowledge of the potential impacts of GMOs on organic agriculture. John Innes Centre.

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