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Items affiliated to "South Africa"

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Journal paper

Sarneel, Judith M.; Hefting, Mariet M.; Sanden, Taru; van den Hoogen, Johan; Routh, Devin; Adhikari, Bhupendra S.; Alatalo, Juha M.; Aleksanyan, Alla; Althuizen, Inge H.J.; Alsafran, Mohammed H. S. A.; Atkins, Jeff W.; Augusto, Laurent; Aurela, Mika; Azarov, Aleksej V.; Barrio, Isabel C.; Beier, Claus; Bejarano, María D.; Benham, Sue E.; Berg, Björn; Bezler, Nadezhda V.; Björnsdóttir, Katrín; Bolinder, Martin A.; Carbognani, Michele; Cazzolla Gatti, Roberto; Chelli, Stefano; Chistotin, Maxim V.; Christiansen, Casper T.; Courtois, Pascal; Crowther, Thomas W.; Dechoum, Michele S.; Djukic, Ika; Duddigan, Sarah; Egerton- Warburton, Louise M.; Fanin, Nicolas; Fantappiè, Maria; Fares, Silvano; Fernandes, Geraldo W.; Filippova, Nina V.; Fliessbach, Andreas; Fuentes, David and et, al. (2024) Reading tea leaves worldwide: Decoupled drivers of initial litter decomposition mass-loss rate and stabilization. Ecology Letters, 27 (5), pp. 1-14.

Conference paper, poster, etc.

Tittarelli, Fabio; Baiano, S; Trotta, S; Bilotto, M; Ciaccia, Corrado; Testani, Elena and Morra, Luigi (2021) Agronomic performances of organic rocket cultivation in greenhouse: a comparison among intensive (Business as Usual), biodynamic and agroecological systems of production. In: Bautze, Lin; Brock, Christopher; Code, Jonathan; Derkzen, Petra; Fritz, Jürgen; Hach, André; Peschke, Jasmin; Ravenscroft, Neil; Sharmila Dass, Regina; Spengler-Neff, Anet; Swann, Richard; Von Diest, Saskia; Wahl, Verena; Wirz, Johannes; Wright, Julia and Florin, Jean-Michel (Eds.) Growing beyond resilience: 2nd International Conference on Biodynamic Research, Section for Agriculture at the Goetheanum, Dornach, Switzerland (online).


Wright, Julia and Parrott, Nicholas (Eds.) (2021) Subtle agroecologies, farming with the hidden half of nature. Advances in Agroecology. CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, UK.

Auerbach, Raymond (Ed.) (2019) Organic food systems: meeting the needs of Southern Africa. CABI, Boston, USA.

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